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▪︎Leonel:And you what are those "yah","wa" words?
▪︎Arabella:Ah oh...(rubbing her palms together looking away from his eyes, her face slightly red, she had a feeling he would laugh she won't be surprise anyways)
Why do you want to know anyway?

▪︎Leonel: I'm curious.
▪︎Arabella:Cu...? (sneering and he didn't allow her to finish)
▪︎Leonel:Just spill it (getting impatient)

▪︎Arabella: (sneered, raising the corner of her lips up, he took up his cup and sipped his coffee, ready to be amazed)

I heard them from the Korea movies I see.(he almost choked on his coffee laughing)2nd☆

◇She wasn't surprise at all her brother laughed at her too so it wasn't really new at all. Looking at him laugh woah! He's so adorable look at those white set of teeth, she thought.

▪︎Arabella: What? (feigning ignorance).
(Looked up to her trying so hard to control his emotion,but that silly thing was just so funny)

What? Nothing.

(he finally got a hold of himself and stopped laughing).

◇Finally this girl is crumbling his rocky heart, he couldn't believe it still he just laughed so well after a really long time, his cheeks were kind of stiff allready"he thought".

▪︎Arabella:Woah! look at you
(she let out a gentle laugh)
you look like it was your first time laughing in decades, your face are all red.

(feigning ignorance,taking up his coffee cup looking away from her eyes those ocean blue captivating eye. And why does she have blue eyes, was she European,he wondered)

▪︎Arabella:You of course tsh..(sneered)

(kept his cup on the sauce on the table looking back to her eyes again, those eyes were really enticing, captivating, this girl was real definition of perfection)

you. You have been just sitting there won't you have something?
▪︎Arabella:Me?(pointing to her nose) No way(shaking her hand vigorously)I'm okay.
▪︎Arabella:I...I'm a waitress here. That I almost forgot (in a low voice).

▪︎Leonel:(he chuckled) Don't be silly Arabella right now and right here you are my guest, so get something for yourself, on me.
▪︎Leonel:Go now I insist.
▪︎Arabella:Ok, if you say so (stood up).
▪︎Leonel:And also I need a cake.
▪︎Arabella:Okay? What size? what flavor?
▪︎Leonel:The biggest one you have, you make the choice of the flavor.
▪︎Arabella:Wow! but, you said you dont like...
▪︎Leonel:Just go get it Arabella pa... wait! Don't tell me you also got that "Park" name from a Korea movie too? I have heard those names in south Korea's...
▪︎Arabella:What do you care?

▪︎Leonel:So you did got it...
(he wasn't able to finish laughing out loud, raising his face looking to the ceiling, his eye lids closed tightly, she sat rooted on her seat, he was too adorable, but bring out an x vibe)

◇This girl was really something he couldn't just ignore this
(she sneered looking at him laugh and left to get his&her orders).

◇Woah! Leonel Amoli what is happening to you all of a sudden you are really loosing it. (pressuring his cheeks but he couldn't help but smile still,rubbing his wet hands together)
And what are you about to do now Leonel are you forgetting what people see you as? A devil, a devil's! Woah your rocky heart are finally melting, "he thought".


She came with a big chocolate mixed with strawberry cake, you could see how heavy it was from how she carried it and a strawberry ice cream for herself.

▪︎Arabella:Here is your order, Sir.
▪︎Leonel:You sturbbon...I told you, you could call me Leonel.

(she realized her mistake and offered a close mouthed smile appearing cute)
▪︎Arabella:Sorry Leonel.
▪︎Arabella: Here's your orders Leonel
▪︎Leonel: That's for you, take it.
▪︎Arabella:S...Leonel? (widened her eyes in shock)
▪︎Leonel:What? (looked up to her) You said it yourself, I didn't like sweets and how will you expect me to eat all that.
(looked to it with disgust in his eyes and looked back to her smiling) take it, don't reject it it will hurt my pride.
(this was really the first time he gave out a gift to a girl, but he handsomely reward his staffs).

▪︎Arabella:No way I wasn't going to reject it...

(he looked to her deep almond eyes as it portray somany emotions)

...this is my favorite, thank you Leonel

(he looked at her almond eyes as it portrayed so many emotions still)

I'm so happy I got to satisfy you my lady
(she let out a gentle laugh closing her mouth with her hands) enjoy your dessert.

(he looked at it with disgust again)

what's the sum total of everything?

▪︎Arabella:What!? You are leaving allready?
▪︎Leonel: (he stood up and smirked)Wow! Someone is missing me allready.
▪︎Arabella:Hey! (definitely missing him).
▪︎Leonel: Sorry love I got business to attend to.

◇She wanted to tell him to stop calling her love but, she just couldn't when it comes to this guy she just turn soft, he really has done something to her allready, she just felt butterflies in her stomach, "she thought"

▪︎Leonel: ...I wanted to just have coffee I didn't know my stay would extend to this.

◇He has been boasting being cute all along let me try it now,"she thought still"

▪︎Arabella:You were just captivated, huh?(stretched her hands taking the credit card he was giving her).

▪︎Leonel:(scoffs, denying the fact) Take a look at this woman.

(she chuckled and he was debited).

Okay then
(wanted to walk away she held him back on his wrist, he looked to his wrist he was just caught off-guard, he looked to her face she was smiling brightly, he felt his heart melting, he saw the flutter pink on her cheeks too) Leonel thank you for today I really had fun.

▪︎Leonel:My pleasure and there is no need to atone for my shirt I know it's allready facing the sun by now.
▪︎Arabella:(chuckled) l was not planning to atone for it any longer anyways.
▪︎Leonel:I see
(nodding his head. He had expected her to to creased her brows or asked about the meaning of the word and words so far but, thos girl have been calm and understood, he knew now this girl wasn't an ordinary girl, he won't run any background check on her like he always does he will wait for her to open up to him someday if they meet again)

▪︎Arabella: (she let him go, feeling sad she was missing him allready) mmm

▪︎Leonel:See you around, you can go on a date with me if you want.
(strolling away his hands in his pockets)
▪︎Arabella: I'll love to
(turned to him grinning).
▪︎Leonel: (he stoped on his track. He turned around and grinned he wasn't expecting this the quick response) Here
(bringing out his phone) give me your phone number and then look forward to it.
I'm not a stranger.

(drew closer taking the phone from him,flutter of pink on her cheeks, he grinned still as she took the phone and input her phone number and he took it back and saved it)
▪︎Leonel:I'll call you. bye for now.

(walking away waving to her without looking back to her).
▪︎Arabella:Bye.(waving to him grinning like an idiot)

(smiling brightly, flutter pink on her cheeks).

◇(Grinning) Everything about him/her was perfect,"they thought".

Arabella:What does he do? Wa! Why did I forget the most important question?

(hit her head talking to herself).

◇ She then stepped out, leaned on the door frame, she blushed looking at him, even his steps are cute, "she thought", looking at him and looked back to the table looking at the cake she blushed, can we finish this alone? "asking herself"(turned on her phone calling Annabelle).

She will be exited to hear the news, she called her...


YAH (Korea) meaning HEY!

It was the first time leonel bought a gift for someone to be specific girls except his employees, when he reward them mightily. He was smart enough to buy the right stuff which was what the girl likes.

Arabella was making achievements that she didn't even see herself, the girl was really crumbling his rocky heart, Leonel who was the proud type who loved the title Sir, Mr., CEO, Boss, President. Asked to be called by his name from the beautiful girl Arabella

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The stars☆ signified the achievements she made but, the further stars ahead will show where the prohibited love was situated..
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