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She called her friend Annabelle as they got connected:

▪︎Annabelle: ...Woah he's so sweet, I can see you like him allready.

▪︎Arabella: Wa! I'm not that easy.

▪︎Annabelle: I know anyways, but hearing the way you talk about him I can definitely sense the feelings without looking at your eyes allready Arabella.

▪︎Arabella: Yah! You...!
▪Annabelle:(Chuckled) Whatever, don't forget to bring the cake home.
▪︎Arabella: Why would I? speechless huh?(they both erupted into laughter).
▪︎Annabelle:Hey! Will you give some to your boss? It's way big.
▪︎Arabella: Of course I would if he cares for some.
▪︎Annabelle: Mm
▪︎Arabella:How's your stunning boss doing over there?

▪︎Annabelle: He's great! (blushing) he laughed today because of me. I'll give you the full gist later at home everybody was surprised, I too was more surprised, they thought we were going out allready.
▪︎Arabella: Really I can't wait. How does he laughs? How does it by chance sounds? How is his set of teeth?
▪︎Annabelle:Perfect my heart melted anyways leave the others till evening. Have you heard from Mrs...?
▪︎Arabella:(didn't let her finish) yeah
▪︎Annabelle: And my godson?
▪︎Arabella: He's allready asleep
▪︎Annabelle:Woah thank goodness
(they both laughed).

◇Leon was the kind of kid that couldn't sleep when babysitted by a stranger except Arabella and Annabelle and now gradually getting used to Mrs Damle (Annabelle step Aunt).
▪︎Arabella: Make sure you come in early today resist your bosses charms don't work late to admire the freak.
▪︎Annabelle:Arabella! (her face reddened, she could kill for that guy, he was her crush)
▪︎Arabella: Sorry lover girl see you in the evening.
▪︎Annabelle:Yeah bye best

*The 4th Date at the bar counter *

◇By this time Arabella and Leonel have gone on serval dates allready knew themselves better allready madly in love with each other and not saying anything yet.
But Leonel used signs to prove and show to her he truly loved her: Buying her expensive presents, going out..

Her second date with Leonel Amoli was memorable at the amusement park.
She wont forget how leonel was that day when he played the games he looked completely stupid and cute too he knew nothing at the amusement park.
The ferris wheel was more memorable, that was where they had their first kiss, he was too erotic and he kiss so well.

Thank God nobody was at the amusement park that day to see how he looked he bought the park for that moment.
He kind of behave weird, he covered up even if it was hot, he wears sun glasses and go on dates in VIP boots only.
Who was he?
Why does he looks Familiar?

Leonel did stuff he never did in his entire life this girl really changed him into a better person☆.

He couldn't help still to smile when he remembered her which made his staffs and employees and higher ups shocked at the sudden change of their boss.
He answered to their greetings now like he never did before, he uses the lobby at most times now. He reary uses his personal elevator now. Which made the girls who reary saw their handsome boss, see how ravishing he is.

They were stunned at the sudden about-face.
He interacted now, he laughed, he smiled, they couldn't help but be surprised to see the boss who was always stingy with smiles and laughs do it freely. It made them fall in love with him more he was now more perfect, but recently they found out the reason for his sudden change.

When a really gorgeous lady came in the hotel wearing a sundress off her shoulders that only reached to her thighs, with a sun glass on and a leather boot, guarded with leonel guards, with a purse that was only two in the world that the reigning star goddess kahlen had and she then had the other the girls in the room noticed. Gorgeous was an understatement of how she looked
Everything about her redefined perfection in the eyes of all that were present, all gawked at her with admiration and lust.

"She wasn't popular at all but she was this pretty maybe she lived in the shadows", some said and to some she looked familiar but couldn't just remember where.

They watched as she walked in majestic steps, swaying her hips from side to side seductively onto their bosses office with the smile he received her and kissed her on the cheek, their aloof devilish boss was romantic too, huh?
They couldn't help but gossip about the pretty young lady she was perfect then the rumors of him gay, aloof and devilish then died down.

*The 4th Date*

At the wine bar counter they sat.
At the next seat close to him sat the woman he had grew to love.

Her hair laid on her back beautifully, she put on a red lip stick with a skirt that only reached to her thighs and a blouse she opened few of her buttons, showing off a bit of cleavage. Appearing erotic.

To just drive you insane.

It makes you want to tear it open and see the stuff hidden in there.
What was really in there?

He narrated his story when he was a kid the ups and downs including his father then.

After explaining the side of her story too about her family, Leonel couldn't believe It as her story her as an orphan?
He was stunned, she looked so perfect...

▪︎Arabella:... My family died because of me.

(tears in her eyes threatening to fall she blinked it away believing in her logic still)

◇Leonel was confused he has never been in a situation like this before what could or would he say or do to ease the tense environment right now he was confused and found something to say, "he thought"

▪︎Leonel: Think about it this way then, had been you were still with them still you would have definitely died in that plane crash too along with them.

▪︎Arabella:You don't get it (shaking her head) do you? (gulped her wine)

◇"That definitely came out wrong", he thought

▪︎Arabella: My family traveled to south Korea because of me leonel, they wanted me to come back to my senses, they did that as a punishment still, they seized my phone, laptop, cars and freeze my credit card to come back to my lost senses still.
They knew I couldn't stay without them and they knew I can't also stay without them(family) for so long.
So when they saw I was coping they decided to travel to the place I wanted to go with them half my life south Korea, they knew the news would get to me.
They used the plane my dad bought recently after the five he had allready and died in it on their way coming back

(then the tears threatening to fall fell from her eyes he didn't notice).

I knew my brother would have boast about being in that plane first, feeling the AC first

(she smiled hurting as tears fell from her eyes she poured herself as bottle and gulped them in one go, she sniffed and cleaned her nostrils with her wrist)

▪︎Leonel: That's enough you have allready drunk enough

(tried to take the glass from her hands, she pushed it away as she gulped down the rest of her drink in the cup)
▪︎Arabella: You ought to accompany me drink not stop me.
▪︎Leonel: Oh really.
(cleared his throat, looking to his wine cup).

◇An awkward silence now fell between them. Leonel said nothing to her completely lost, now he regretted asking the question from her past.

Little did he know it will be this complicated and painful, he just stared at the beautiful woman sitting beside him.

Though her long beautiful buff hair covered her face, he knew quite well she was hurting but he didn't know what to do to comfort her then he heard her sniffed and cleaned her nostrils with her wrist and a part of her face red he leaned forward and took the hair at her side that were covering her face and tucked it behind her ear he was caught off guard. "She don't cry."
He was completely shocked as different emotions read in their eyes.
She then looked at him embarrassed her face crimson red...
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