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◇...Leonel raised his hand to wipe the tears that has fallen from her eyes,

she looked at him and he looked into her eyes her hair still tucked at the back of her ear.

▪︎Arabella: You! I'm not crying.

(he removed his hands looking at her eyes and mouth wide open, surprised)

something just entered my eyes.

(cleaned her eyes and sniffed and cleaned her nostrils with her wrist)

...only weak girls cry, I'm not weak, I'm beautiful, successful and a happy woman.

(then she erupted into laughter after she said this then she raised her eyes to the lights so the tears threatening to fall out will go back in, she sniffed and closed her nostrils with her wrist, she poured more wine into her glass and raised it towards leonel)

▪︎Arabella: A toast hmm for being strong...

◇Without waiting for leonel response, she drank her wine in one gulp.

She looked utterly broken looking at her eyes he saw she was extremely hurt, sad and crushed that he felt his heartache for her.

He saw her shoulders slumped in defeat he saw the woman who was always happy, playful and cute in so much pain, barely looking into her eyes gave her away he could see all the pains and warth buried in her then at that moment he promised to protect her, keep her safe and love her and say it soon so he can't loose her, he looked at the woman besides him and sighed out loud.


▪︎ Leonel: ...You startled me earlier, you dont cry, you never cry, you are always cheerful.

▪︎Arabella: Hey! that wasn't tears, I didn't cry you! (she sniffed, exhausted after crying a while ago)

▪︎Leonel: Really?

(widened his eyes looking at her she looked to him and smiled and looked back to the road)

▪︎Arabella: (smiling still and chuckled)

I startled myself eairlier too, I don't cry, only weak girls cry and it also hurts my pride to cry so I dont do it.

My parents never made us cry, but when I remember them...
my brother I just can't help to not be the strong person I've always been, they did everything to make us happy they didn't make or see us cry they were definitely the best they were my strength and weakness.

▪︎Leonel: (looked to her eyes holding onto her hands and looked back to the road driving, his heart crushing, he didn't know what to say he prayed this worked)

Don't worry love. I'm here now love, from now on I will concentrate on you, making you happy, spoiling you and loving you Miss Arabella park.

▪︎Arabella: (her face lighted with a gentle loving smile ) that you have allready started doing, but how do you plan on doing that after all the rumors I've heard: Aloof, devil's son, devil in skin, gay? (he looked to her eyes widened)

I dont believe that one anyways

(they laughed)

▪︎Leonel: You'll see I'll try (looking into her eyes)
▪︎Arabella:Okay then I want to really see the day you will try, I don't want to die yet concentrate on the road Driver.

(he turned to the road both laughing out loud).

▪︎Leonel: Yes miss (laughing).

◇This girl has finally changed him into a human now.
She was back to her normal self again he liked her more at her funny playful self.
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