The four of us

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Four girls or best friends were working in a company called the paranormal. The paranormal company is a company where they investigate houses or places for ghosts, and every month they would give a special mission to the most suitable group. July 5 2017 The group of girls received a special mission to investigate a basement in a abandon house. And that's where it all started. (Sorry if some sentences does not make sense)

Romance / Mystery
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SPECIAL MISSION: investigate a basement.

*beep beep beep*
*Beep beep beep*
*beep bee-*

Lia who was sleeping peacefully was woken up by her alarm clock. She was so angry because the alarm clock has been ringing in her ears for the past 5 hours. She didn't even have time to sleep.

After a couple of minutes. Lia decided to get up and look at the time. She saw it was 2:44 on her phone. "Shit" she cursed she realized she was late for her work.

Lia trew the bed sheets away, ran into the bathroom and does her business. By the time she got out, it was already 2:52. she was in a such a hurry she forgot to do her hair and how to put on her cloths properly. They be look messy as hell.
Lia went down stairs, tripped on a banana peel, got up and rushed to the front door. She Undid the locks, opened the door and ran to her car as fast as she could. Once she got in. Lia drove the car away to the direction of her work.

Lia parked the car in the parking lot and headed for the elevator. Inside the elevator she press the number to go to floor four.

Lia got out of the elevator to see her friend already waiting for her. "Your late, it 3:10 and your LATE!!" One of her friend said. Her name was Tiffany.

Tiffany's POV:

I woke up to the time set by my alarm and took a shower. After I'm done, I went downstairs and ate some leftover food.
I opens my front door and got into my car. I drove the car to the company.

Once I arrived I saw my friends standing there waiting for me. "Hey tif "
"Hi" " lia is not here yet let's wait for her" Me and my friend sat there and waited for lia to get here and she never did. After a couple of more minutes waiting for her we got impatient.

When we were discussing whether we should go without her we heard the elevator door open. There we saw lia loking like she got ran over by a car. I got really mad at her for making us wait here for so long and said " YOUR LATE!, its 3:10 and YOUR LATE!!"

lia's POV:

"OK calm Down tif, I stayed up taking notes on the last mission we did. SO I over slept a lil" I said scratching the back of my head.

"Fine we'll let you go this time, but remember next time we will leave withought you, ok" her friend Anna warned her. " OK jeez"

Me and my friends were discussing on how were going to finish our last mission to getting rid of that gost.

* Group number 104 plz report to the managers office* when we heard that we rushed in the direction of the office.

*knock knock* one of my friend named jasesly knocked on the door. " come in" we heard a really deep girly voice say on the other side of the door.

Jacesly pushed opened the door to see a lil loli sitting on a chair with her feet on the top of the table. " I have a special mission for you guys" we heard the girly voice say. " what's the mission?" I said not knowing what the mission was.
" here is the mission, you are to go and investigate a house's basement. They said that one of their children went down there to get the box of books to read a bedtime story for her lil sister and on that night they never say her again. They also said that they saw a weird drawing of a star with a circle around it. I think you guys are the most suitable at puzzles so I swill sent you on this mission. becareful not to fail me. Now get out!"

We closed the door behind us and was shocked. (This is not the first time we have seen that drawing before. It turns it was not a drawing... It was a SINBOL! But what kind of simbol is it?) They all though.

" A mission to investigate a basement? Huh hmm interesting."

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