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Captured By The Possessive Billionaire (Before titled as 'Destined To The Billionaire Who Mended Me') Can someone love again if the heart is broken? Can someone trust again if the trust is broken? Elizabeth is a beautiful girl who built ice walls around her heart to save herself. She hates the word 'love'. Will she ever try to forget her past and give her life a chance again if someone comes into her? Or she will let her past just control her life? Archer is a billionaire businessman. He is reputed for his short temper and stubbornness. What Elizabeth will do when Archer tries to break the ice of her frozen heart? Will she give him a chance or reject him? But even if she doesn't give him a chance, is Archer someone to back off accepting rejection? Or he will take what he wants anyway? Poor Elizabeth is both confused and scared. Because finally she realizes she can't run from Archer anymore.

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Chapter 1 - Fired!

Elizabeth’s POV:

“As I told you yesterday, today our new CEO is joining. Everyone please quickly gather in the seminar room. He is going to say something.” Our chief operating officer, Melinda Mcbrown spoke.

I didn’t say anything. I followed everyone in the seminar room.

We waited for the CEO, to welcome him.

A few moments later, a tall, handsome suited man entered the room with five or four people.

So, he was the CEO.

“Good morning and thank you everyone. Today, I am joining as the CEO of this company. I think it’s my responsibly to get introduced with my employees. I am Archer Johnson. Although we are a famous company, I heard of some technical internal problems about this company. It couldn’t affect the production fortunately but I want to make this problems to disappear forever. I hope we will all work harder to ameliorate this company.” He spoke in the microphone.

Everyone clapped.

He was taking, but his face was expressionless. Not a single smile or anything.

How good looking he was, he carried a very unfriendly and powerful aura. He might not look like a thug but someone would think twice before talking to him. His whole being spoke power.

He was an ice prince, the male version of the ice princess.

“Our company promises salary increase, bonus and other facilities depending on your performance. But I must add one thing too; the company is a family where every person is treated and valued fairly. If anyone tries to backstab the company, he/she will be responsible for consequences and it would be very horrendous. I hate betrayers and I will make sure the betrayers get the worst punishment ever. I will make sure that person’s career is over and he/she can’t live in this country.” He stated raking his eyes over us. His facial features hardened as he spoke these words.

Some of us gulped, some had their eyes widened in shock. Buy none spoke anything.

This direct threatening was unexpected from the newly joined boss.

A moment ago, he looked expressionless, but now he was looking like he would commit a murder.

He must haven’t liked our silence. His left brow arched in displeasure.

“Hope I am clear.” He said.

Everyone nodded. He nodded as well, his facial features softened.

“Then I think we all should go back to our works. Have a nice day,” Saying, he dismissed everyone and walked out of the seminar room.

The moment, he left the seminar room, everyone started whispering.

“Goodness! He’s so hottt!”

“So sexy!”

“He looked like a brute!”

“Scared the shit outta me!”

Heard so many whispers. We all went back to our places.

I sat inside my cubicle and resumed my work.

A few minutes later, our chief assistant architect came to me.

“Lizzy, you have to submit the design by today. The new CEO is urging to see the designs.” He spoke.

“But I just started them yesterday. I need at least one more day. I can’t submit these today.” I said. He must have gone crazy. How can someone design a luxury apartment by two days?

“I know Lizzy. It’s almost impossible. You aren’t superhuman either. But you wouldn’t say these if you saw the temper of the new CEO. So if you want to save your head as well as mine, do your best.” He whispered the last two sentence before rushing.

What to do? I continued my work, didn’t even go for lunch.

“Lizzy, aren’t you coming with us? We are going to the nearby Japanese restaurant to eat ramen today.” Said, Dora, one of my colleagues.

“Thank you, Dora. But I can’t go today. I have so much things to do. You guys move on,” I told her. Smiling apologetically, Dora walked out with others.

I worked for four hours, then our assistant chief architect came again.

“Are you done, Lizzy?” He asked.

“Sir, I tried my best but still couldn’t finish completely. Some parts still need working.” I said.

“Lizzy however it’s done, take it to the CEO. He is asking for it. And also take all the designs you have done so far in this company. He is evaluating the employee performance. I think soon he will fire some of us. Good luck.” He mentioned before leaving.

This was like dropping a bomb on me. What would I do if they fired me now?

I needed this job. I had to work so hard to get this job. I couldn’t lose it.

However, if they fired me from the job, I had nothing to do. Sighing big, I compiled all the files of my previous designs in the pen-drive and walked towards the elevator.

I reached at the 9th floor where CEO’s office was and headed to his room. I knocked his door and he stared at me through the transparent glass door. The door was opened automatically and I walked inside.

“Sir, I am Elizabeth Sanders, a junior interior designer of this company. Here’s the design you have asked for.” I kept the pen drive on his desk. He looked at me.

It wasn’t any simple stare, he looked at me from head to toe. Suddenly, I felt so self-conscious.

“Okay, you may leave!” He said taking the pen-drive.

I thought it was necessary to tell him that I couldn’t finish the design.

“Why are you still here? Do you want to say something?” He asked without taking his eyes off the laptop screen.

“Um. Sir. Actually, I wanted to say that I couldn’t finish today’s design. If I could get a little more time, I would finish it. Actually the deadline was tomorrow.” I spoke in an unsure, timid voice, hoping he wouldn’t fire me.

“Okay. I will see that. Now, you are excused.” He dismissed me. I exited his office.

My back was aching for sitting up so long in the chair. I wanted to go home and eat something as soon as possible.

“Hey, Lizzy! Are you leaving now?” Someone called me from behind. It was Nick Todd, one of my colleagues from finance department.

“Yes.” I said.

“Would you like having coffee with me?” He asked, his eyes hopeful. The guy liked me.

But I had to disappoint him. I never wanted to give anyone hope, didn’t wanted any hope either.

“Nick, that would be nice. But I am feeling tired today. I am afraid I can’t do it today. I want to go home early.” I said.

“Oh. Okay. Would you like me to drop you?” He offered.

“It’s so nice of you, but you don’t have to. I will take a taxi. Bye.” Saying, I walked to the elevator without giving him any chance to say more.

I came out of the building and took a taxi to my studio apartment. I took a quick shower and heated the leftover pasta. I wolfed down on the food.

I tidied my studio apartment and lay on the bed for resting. I was so fucking tired.


The next day, I reached the company but my chief told me that CEO wants to see me.

“Sir, do have any idea why he called me?” I couldn’t help asking him. I was feeling scared that he might fire me.

“I don’t have idea. Don’t be do scared. He is scary but still good luck.” Chief said.

I went to CEO’s room and knocked. The door was opened automatically.

“Sir, you wanted to see me?” I asked. My palms were sweaty due to my nervousness.

He didn’t even look at me. Keeping his eyes fixed on the laptop, he said, “Yes, Ms. Sanders. You don’t have to work here as an interior designer.” He stated.

Even though I mentally prepared to hear something like this; when he said it, I couldn’t control myself. Tears pooled in my eyes.

I had been working so hard, never slacked off. Then why did they fire me? It was unfair. Without caring that I was still standing before him, I wiped my tears.

“Okay, Sir.” Nodding, I turned to leave. I had to search for new jobs soon. Who would give me job so quickly? How would I pay my rent? Thinking these, I walked towards the door.

“Ms. Sanders! Where are you going? I am not done with you.”

I stopped in my tracks hearing him.

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