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Chapter 10 - I Still Shed Tears For Him!

Elizabeth's POV:

Entering my apartment, I hurried inside the bathroom. Taking a warm shower, I dried my body and did my hygiene. Then I came to my bed and lay down. The mattress was so fluffy, comfortable.

Today's date was record-breaking embarrassing. Even God might not want us to date. This is why our date turned into disaster each time.

I thought.

Who knew maybe God is trying to show you how caring Archer is since you are too unwilling to see someone's good side. You have become an ice queen lately. My subconscious mentioned.

I didn’t want to know what I had become. But I couldn’t deny the fact that I found Archer caring. I didn't see even a hint of anger on his face neither he seemed to be embarrassed because of me today. Rather, he acted so calm and mature; he even gave me his jacket to cover up.

If his actions were genuine then he was a caring person. Any woman destined to him would be lucky. He was so understanding, patient, caring.

That woman can be you! Who knows?

I laughed. Sometimes my mind spoke nonsense.

But what if it was just a pretense? Then it would be another story.

Archer and I could never be one. I could only admire someone like him from afar. But I couldn’t be in his life. Because people like him didn’t exist in reality. Up close the ugliness of human character gets intense, vivid. I didn’t believe in love or relationship anymore.

The trust had been long broken. I had lost the ability to trust anymore. I could see, but I didn’t want to feel anything. I didn’t want to relive the past, experience the same sort of agony. Once being stupid was enough. I barely could get myself together.

I just wanted a peaceful, quiet life now. Once I could be stable enough, I wanted to start my own little designing firm and work independently. I wanted a home of my own, I would adopt a baby whom I would love and cherish just like my own child. That's all I needed.

I didn’t need or neither had I wanted a man in life anymore.

Archer carried me all the way from the fair to outside. It was undoubtedly one of the most loving and sexiest gestures between lovers. Had I been a teenager, I would swoon over it a thousand times.

Girls like us couldn't be anything more than a temporary whim to people like Archer. I had already tasted the reality not to build a castle in the air.

Sighing, I closed my eyes. I should rest as much as I could. Tomorrow was Monday and I would be a long day.

A loud ring of my mobile startled me. Irritated, I took the call, but was still feeling tired to open my eyes.

"Hello, who's this?" I asked in a lazy voice.

"It’s me, Archer. How are you feeling?" The familiar deep voice made my eyes snap open.

How was I feeling? I was ashamed, mortified.

The embarrassing event was replaying inside my head and before my eyes again.

"I am okay now. Thank you for asking." I replied.

"Glad to hear it. Elizabeth. I am truly sorry that because of me; you had to experience this." Archer said.

What to say now?

"It's okay." I bit my lips, and then uttered again, "Sir, it's embarrassing for me. I am feeling good. Please don't mention this incident again."

"Oh! Sure. I was worried about you. I didn’t notice that I was being insensitive." He responded.

"And you haven’t my number saved in your phone?" He questioned. His sounded genuinely hurt this time. And somehow it made me feel a bit guilty.

"No, I have your number saved. Actually, I was taking rest and my eyes were closed. I didn’t notice the caller ID." I answered.

"I would be happy if I could hear my name from your mouth, instead of 'who's this' or 'Sir'." His demand was childish. I was silent.

"So, will you call me by name the next time?" He queried.

"Um. Y-yes." I replied. What the hell! I should have said no.

"Okay, then take a lot of rest. Bye."

An idea popped in my head.

"Don't hang up please! Archer, are you really sorry for today?" I inquired.

"Yes. Do you have any doubt, Elizabeth? Why would I want to make you feel embarrassed intentionally?" Archer quizzed.

"If you grant me a wish, I will believe." I mentioned.

"Name it."

"Please, leave me alone from now on. Forget about the dates with me. Just treat me like a normal employee." I said.

"That's what I can't do. No matter from which angle I look at you, you are always special to me. I can't leave you alone. Rather, I am thinking how I can spend time with you 24/7. You better be prepared for it. And tell me something else, I will try."

"What!" I exclaimed.

"24/7? Are you joking or gone nuts?" I quivered, suddenly feeling nervous.

"I don't joke about things like this. And of course, mentally I am a hundred percent healthy. I am really thinking of a thousand ways to keep you with me 24/7. And you are that special to me."

"And why am I so special to you?" I queried in disbelief.

"Even I am trying to figure it out. When you aren’t around me, I still can see you everywhere, but unfortunately even when I stand just before your eyes, you can't see me." Archer described.

"Sir, goodnight." I hang up on him. He was a stubborn man. I didn’t have time to listen to his bullshit. I laid back and closed my eyes. His words were all I could think.

24/7? Was he for real? Was he thinking of a thousand ways to keep me with him? And he could see me whenever I wasn’t around? What the hell! My heart again started moving faster. But why I was special to him?
I couldn’t help smiling as I remembered this afternoon. It might be embarrassing later on, but it was one of the best afternoons in the last three years. If I wasn’t wrong, it was the first time I laughed so freely with someone. And also unknowingly, I let my guard down around a man, I enjoyed the moment.

The smile which bloomed on my lips faded as the bitter memory of the past peeped in.

Biting my lips, I clenched my eyes shut. Still my heart ached for that person. I was pathetic or else I would never shed tears for him, for the betrayal.

His betrayal was engraved deep in my broken heart like shards of sharp broken glasses which caused constant bleeding and agony.


Archer's POV:


She was so stubborn and tenacious to get rid of me. But why?

To think what made me interested in her, I wondered.

Was it her beauty?

Or something else?

Sure she was beautiful, but definitely it wasn’t only the beauty.

I had been with many beautiful women before her.

There's something inside her which just pulled me towards her from the very first day. I was her employer, her boss. I couldn’t just let it be shown at my very face. I tried to act indifferent, tried to keep distance from her in my own way but failed.

She cried thinking I fired her. But actually, I needed someone efficient like her as my assistant. Her designs were unique, and I believed that it would be great if she worked for our new hotel. That’s why I gave her extra responsibilities.

She was a responsible, skilled employee. But I couldn’t mix her with others. She was always so distant, so aloof. She appeared to be near, but I could feel that she built an ice world around herself.

I wanted to break the walls and get inside her heart.

Sometimes she looked elsewhere and sighed. Her beautiful feature shaded with unknown melancholia, emptiness. I didn’t know why, but I felt a small twinge inside my heart looking her like this.

Unknowingly, my heart beat around her faster.

Her beautiful grey eyes seemed to hold a long story. The story of her own, which I wanted to read so badly and be a part of it.

I didn’t know why, but I wanted to see a smile on that beautiful face. Happiness on those eyes. It was her eyes which actually intrigued me first. But later, I got fascinated by her entire being. Her beauty and personality, both were having me enamored.

I wanted to erase the gloom from her eyes and turn it into a spark of happiness.

I just wanted her to smile. I wanted her eyes fixed at me and smile.

She has been working in the company for two years but never had she done hangout with any male. Every time a male colleague invited her for a date or meal, she turned him down. She kept herself away from men and avoided every event which had extra male association.

I had got a file about her. My investigator brought every possible information about her which he found out. She moved to this city three years ago.

She was currently single. She lived alone in a small two-room apartment she brought one year ago.

Some of her female colleagues already made passes on me. Seducing the boss could give them many extra advantages. But Elizabeth wasn’t like this. She was always so reserved and for my liking she was being too distant. She tried her best to make as little talk she could do with me. Deep inside I wanted her to talk to me more. I observed her for days and that's when I realized that I could trust her. She wasn’t any shallow woman.

I liked her.

And I would make her mine. Surprisingly, she refused my proposal at the first mention. No girl would go this extent to avoid a date with someone. The height of her creativity and tenacity not only surprised me, but also humored me. But it would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a bit insulted. I felt angry too, but I got no right to complain. I was the one who proposed her. She had the right to refuse and even after that I kinda forced her to go on a second date with me.

How much she resisted at first, but I could feel her enjoying today's date. For some moments, it seemed like she let the carefree, spontaneous teenage self of her come out. Why couldn’t she just be herself? Why couldn’t she smile without caring for the world?

In that smile I felt myself drowning, my control slipping.

But today I really felt bad for her. And I realized one thing. She might act tough and distant, but she needed someone to protect her. I would be the one to protect her.

She literally broke into tears when she saw she got her period. I knew that girls got period, but she didn’t need to get panicked like this. I was there; I would protect her from that no matter what. She would be with me always from now on.

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