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Chapter 11 - The Story Of Heartbreak!

Third person's POV:


"This should be enough. Take this and hope we will never see each other again, Elizabeth."

Nathan spoke holding a two million dollar check before Elizabeth. With a shaky hand, Elizabeth took it and scrutinized the check.

Two and six zeroes after that. She still couldn’t believe that Nathan was paying her money to end the relation, to get her away from his life.

He was paying her for everything had happened between them.

"J-just l-like that?" Elizabeth's voice didn’t come out clear.

"What? Speak clearly." Nathan scrunched his forehead in irritation.

"T-two million? I-is that all? Our love worth only this much to you?" Elizabeth's voice quivered. She was holding back her tears, her vision blurred.

"You think two million isn't sufficient? You need more? Just tell me how much more you need. Elizabeth, you have showed your true color. My mom always used to say the right thing. Cheap girls like you can be nothing more than a gold digger. Whenever they find one opportunity to get rich men like us, they never let it go." Nathan spoke contorting his face.

It was like a hard punch on her heart. She couldn’t believe what was she hearing, what she was watching. Her nerves and organs might be deceiving her.

Or the whole thing was a nightmare. A cruel nightmare. She wished it desperately.

But Nathan's remark ignited rage within her. She wasn’t pathetic, not when she didn’t do anything wrong.

"Nathan, have you told your mother that it was his son who actually pursued a cheap girl like me like a mad dog? Begging me to give in?" Elizabeth asked. She wouldn’t take his insults and humiliations silently, she would strike back.

She wasn’t a pushover.

Nathan's jaws clenched, he glared at her. His handsome feature contorted in a ugly way.

"Fuck you, Elizabeth! You are so stupid that couldn't even understand that I was never serious about you. You were just a whim of me. Your virginity was a bonus; I got bored with long-legged supermodels, so tried you for a while. Nothing more. How did you even think that someone like me can seriously be serious about you? Someone who is an orphan, has no family, friends or social status." Nathan declared.

This time Elizabeth couldn’t control her tears anymore.

"You are a bastard!" Tears rolled down her cheeks, this was too much. No matter how much strong she was trying to appear, she couldn’t. The facade of her strength finally crumbled.

"Elizabeth, I am over you. Take this check as my payment. If you want more, contact my assistant. Don't bother me in the future anymore. But if you dare to mess with me, I will make sure you have to leave this city and don't get a job anywhere in this country. You have to live the rest of your life by whoring yourself. Mind it." Saying, Nathan left.

Elizabeth's head was spinning. The last two sentences Nathan said was ringing inside her ear.

You have to live the rest of your life by whoring yourself. Mind it.

She took a few deep breaths to calm herself down.

Her chest was hurting excruciatingly. Her heart was being torn in pain. She clenched her fist.

The check she was holding, it got crumpled now.

"God! Why? What was my mistake?" She fell on her knees.


Elizabeth could remember the day like tomorrow.

She opened the first drawer of her dresser and took out the check of two million. Once crumpled check was flattened with care. It was a reminder of her pain, humiliation and heartbreak she had experienced by loving someone.

It was the reward of her nativity, trust and devotion.

It wasn’t that she was very much willing to start a relationship in the past. She wasn’t the one to initiate the romantic advances first.

She always used to be quiet, absorbed in her own world. Nathan pursued her for a long time, for almost one year. Finally, the resistance of Elizabeth melted away before his persistence, and she gave in.

She had always been so nervous about relationships. After starting the relationship, Nathan was infatuated with her. He made her feel like the queen of his world, he was so loving towards her.

Elizabeth soon found herself devoted to him, to that relationship. She gave him the precious thing she wanted to give it to the person she would be married to. Her virginity.

But soon the dream like loving relationship turned into something worse than a nightmare.

Elizabeth knew that nowadays virginity was not a big deal. Many boys and girls lost their virginity while they were still in high school. But as a person, Elizabeth always thought the only person to get her virginity would be her lover turned husband.

She was a stupid to think love was a real thing to exist. Love is a delusion and only fools believe in that.

She never wanted to go that far with Nathan. She was unwilling at first to have a physical relationship.

But Nathan always manipulated her, he emotionally blackmailed her. She couldn’t understand what to do, she didn’t want to hurt him.

"Fucking bastard!" Elizabeth cursed. Her face contorted in bitter and deep hatred.

She couldn’t forget it. She would never be able to forget it. And she wouldn’t forgive the person even if she died.


She prayed to God for the person to get his Karma.

If Archer was thinking to do the same thing to her, then it was useless. This time she wouldn’t be fooled.

She wouldn’t give Archer the opportunity to get close to her, she wouldn't let him inside her personal space. She would resist him harder.

She determined.


Elizabeth's POV:

The next day,

"Sir, this is the final draft of the apartment." I said putting the pendrive on the table. Archer took it and connected to the laptop.

"This is ready to go." Archer said checking the design.

"Okay, Sir." I nodded.

I was coming out of his room, but he stopped me.

"Elizabeth, it's lunchtime. Lets eat together."

I turned to him and smiled. "Sir, I was going to have lunch in the cafeteria. I have already promised my colleagues that I would be eating with them today. So, I have to go, and please enjoy your lunch." I replied politely and exited his room.

His face filled with gloom and disappointment, didn’t get unnoticeably by me. But I didn’t care.

Why would I?

I headed straight to the cafeteria and got my lunch.


A/N: THIS chapter doesn’t cover Elizabeth's past completely. Rather, it is a tiny peep of her past.

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