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Chapter 13 - Fear of The Past!

Elizabeth's POV:

I was shaking.

The fucking cold water was streaming on me, but I felt nothing.

I was numb.

I thought the cold water would soothe my anxiety, but it did nothing.

I returned home by a cab and entered the bathroom directly. I didn’t even change my clothes.

Turning on the shower, I sat on the bathroom floor.

I tried not to cry. I promised to myself, not to cry again. But I failed every time.

I never thought the past would come again, to destroy the present I was trying to build desperately bit by bit. Wasn’t I broken enough?

Didn’t these people break me enough to get done with me?
Then why still they showed interest in me? Breaking someone's trust, destroying someone's life, playing with dignity — all these were mere games to them. They did these for their cheap amusement.

I turned off the shower and stood up. Taking off the soaked clothes, I wiped myself dry and came to my room wrapped in a towel.

I was feeling restless, scared and suffocated.

The mobile kept on vibrating. I unlocked it and 15 missed calls flashed on the screen. All of them were from Archer. But I felt too tired to call back.

I needed to sleep. Changing into a big T-shirt and a panty, I slipped inside my comforter in hopes of getting some rest.

I woke up a few hours later. My body felt still lethargic.

Getting out of my bed, I washed my face and made some quick pasta.

While eating food, I remembered what happened today. I was dreading going to company tomorrow. I didn’t want to encounter him again.

But judging the fact that Archer's company was going to sign a deal with his, he would visit our company more often from now on. And as Archer's assistant, I would have to accompany him everywhere. There's no way I could avoid meeting him.

I thought after everything they had done to me, they lost their interest. But I was wrong. I saw the same type of hunger, the same type of greed and lust in his eyes today that I saw at that time, few years ago.

His eyes shone with sadistic gleam. And what if he told others about me too?

Would they come for me as well?

I had left the city only so they couldn’t find me. I thought they forgot about me. But I think I had underestimated them.

What should I do? Should I quit this job and get a new one in another company?

But what's the use?

He already knew I was in this state.

Or should I leave this state?

Maybe I was thinking too much? I didn’t know.

How could billionaires like them chase someone like me? They would find their new targets.

I tried to convince myself. But no matter what whenever I closed my eyes, I remembered his words.

But I am sure I will get you work for me soon. I don't want to lose you without having a taste.

I would observe him. If he tried to bother me, I would leave this city.

The next day,

As soon as I reached the company, I was called by Archer to meet him. I rushed to his cabin. He was checking a file.

"Good morning, Sir. Do you need something?" I asked and he looked up.

"Elizabeth, are you feeling alright today? Yesterday you were unwell." He asked back. His tone was concerned.

"Yes, Sir. I am good. Thank you for asking, and I am sorry for the mistakes I did yesterday." I apologized.

"I should have granted you a leave yesterday actually. But at that time I couldn’t find anyone prepared for the meeting. I am sorry, Elizabeth." He stated.

And I hardly could believe my ears. He was apologizing to me? When a person got rich, they grew attitude.

But multi-billionaire Archer Johnson was apologizing to me when it wasn’t his mistake in the first place.

I acted cold and distant with him recently to avoid him. And now I felt bad.

"Sir, I understand." I mumbled.

"Elizabeth, I think whatever you said before was right. I have burdened you with more responsibilities than you can handle. From now on, I will keep it in mind. And you may leave today, rest at your home. It will not affect your salary." He remarked.

And now I felt like shit. Why he was so good to me.

"Sir, I am fine. I can work." I spoke.

"I insist you to go home and take good rest, Elizabeth." He emphasized.

"Okay, Sir. If you say so." I nodded. I was exiting his room, but he called me.

"Elizabeth?" He called out.

I turned to him, "Yes, Sir?"

"You and Mr. Woods, do you guys already know each other beforehand?" He queried.

I felt myself visibly getting pale.

Should I lie or speak the truth?

Lying wasn’t any solution. Because lying would only make me a sinner, a criminal what I wasn’t.

"Yes, Sir. But not in a pleasant way." I replied lowering my head.

"Not in a pleasant way? What do you mean?"

"Sir, I have already answered you truthfully. And I will request can you not to ask about him anymore. But why are you asking me this suddenly?"

"You seemed strange yesterday after meeting him." Archer spoke.

"It's nothing, Sir. Again, thanks for your concern."

"Elizabeth, I want to inform you another thing. You have been avoiding me, and I am also bearing with it. But you can't avoid me forever. I claimed you as mine. If you keep on escaping, I will have to capture you myself." He asserted.

The softness his eyes felt some minutes ago, it was gone.

His face was hard and eyes were glazing in determination.

My heart beat accelerated.

"What do you mean, Sir? I have told you already that I am not interested."

"And I have told you that you are mine. Go home, have a good rest. We will continue our date when you will feel better. A company car will drop you off. Good day." He dismissed me.

I was annoyed, aggravated. How could he decide for me?

"Sir, you can't decide for me. I said no!"

"You are breaking your own words, Elizabeth. You agreed to go on five dates with me. If you can't keep your words, how can you blame me?" He raised a brow.

"Date! Date! Date! Date! And date! Is that all you think? Don't you have a company to run? Why are you deadest on dating me? There are plenty of better women out there!" I huffed in anger.

Archer's eyes widened for a second, later he chuckled.

"I don't have a company to run. I have several companies which I run. I have my priorities settled. And it's up to me whom I will date, it's not for you to decide. All you have to do is, fulfil your promise. Go on the remaining dates with me."

"Okay, I will! But after the date, you would leave me alone." I demanded.

"Let the time decide what we will do then." He smiled. And his pearl like teeth shone.

He was playing with my head. No matter how much I felt angry, I couldn’t even curse at him. He was still a gentleman. And what he was saying was true. I really gave him my words. How could I back away now?

"You are twisting words."

"Elizabeth, is the next Saturday fine with you? We can go on a date that day." He said completely ignoring me.

"Yeah. Do whatever you like." I grumbled.

"I am leaving then." I stomped out of his cabin.

He really granted me a leave. A company car dropped me home.

I was going inside my building, but the driver was following me. He had a bag in his hand.

"Excuse me, but where are you going?" I asked him.

"I am following you to your apartment, Miss. To carry this up." He answered gesturing to his bag.

"What is this?" I asked pointing to the bag.

"It's fruits. Sir, ordered me to buy this for you." He replied.

"But I don't need it. I didn’t ask him. I can't take him." I quickly protested.

"Miss, I am just following order. If I take it back, I will get in trouble. Please, let me carry this to your apartment." He requested.

I nodded with a sigh. He carried the bag to my door step and left.

I entered my apartment and opened the bag. There were different kind of fruits, nutritional soups, juices inside the bag.


I didn’t expect him to be this much considerate.

I opened a bottle of grape juice and drank it. It was superb.

Changing into my home wear, I freshened up. I cooked some chicken sandwich for lunch and mushroom rice for dinner. Except for cooking, I spent the whole day resting.

At night, I was almost asleep, but my ringtone woke me up.

"Hello? Who is this?" I asked in a groggy voice as I picked up.

"Four years had been passed, but your voice is beautiful as ever! You have gotten prettier, Elizabeth. Much prettier." Someone spoke.

I knew this voice. He was mocking me.

"Kaden? What do you want? Why have you called me?" I gritted my teeth.


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