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Chapter 14 - Transfer!

Elizabeth's POV:

"Kaden, what do you want?" I gripped my mobile in anger.

"Hmm. What I want? It's a good question. I want everything I paid for but couldn’t have." He spoke.

"Do you have any idea how big of a big loss project you have been?" He remarked.

"Elizabeth, I am from a family of great businessmen. And a true business never accept loss. You know what I mean, right?"

"What does it mean?" I whispered. My voice didn’t came out loud, I was scared.

"It means I am not through with you!"

"Listen, I have no time for your bullshit. What's there for you to be through with me. You were never my friend or lover or any relative. You were just an accountance though all thanks to the bastard Nathan. You guys did whatever you wanted to do years ago. But not anymore. I am not the same weak Elizabeth. So, don't you dare bothering me again." I warned.

I heard him letting out a laughter. I clenched my jaw. If I could I would beat him black and blue.

"Not anymore? Why? Have you grown two heads in your shoulder or learned how to fly? Or you have gotten any guardian angel to protect you? Huh!" He mocked.

But suddenly his voice turned cold as ice, "Nothing has changed. I will be done with you after getting what I have paid for. You were nothing in the past, nothing now and will be nothing in the future too except being our toy. So, whatever you say, be careful. I have the power to destroy you completely. When I get you, I may use your mouth in every colorful way possible and it will be soon." He hissed.

My chest shook up.

His tone turned light again.

"It is just a gentle reminder who I am and what you owe me. We will meet soon, Elizabeth. Bye then." Saying he cut the call.

I dropped the mobile on the bed. My hands and feet were cold, fingers were trembling.

A loud cry left my mouth.

I lost my parents in an accident. I had to grow up alone. Wasn’t I in enough misery already?

God, why did you send someone like Nathan in my life? Why did you make me meet him and love him?

He not only broke my heart, he left nothing remnant of my dignity. I was in extreme emotional, mental and physical trauma.

I escaped here to survive. I started a new life from scratch. Then why did you send my past demons back to my present?

If you hate me that much why don't you take my life? What had I done to deserve so much pain?

I cried my eyes out. I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but I fell asleep crying.

The next day, I went to the company. I started doing my work. I attended ten calls already and fixed appointments for Archer. His schedule was filled for next three days.

After that, I started designing and that's when Archer called me to his room for coffee.

I made a cup of coffee for him and headed to his room. He was busy as always - typing something on his laptop.

"Good morning, Sir. Here's your coffee." Saying, I placed the cup on his desk.

He lifted his eyes off the laptop screen and looked at me. He stretched his hand to take the cup but raised a brow at me.

"What happen to you? Why your eyes are so puffy? Are you sick?" He said taking the cup.

I cried all night, that's why. I thought.

"No, Sir. I am alright. It's nothing." I responded.

"But you don't look alright to me." He remarked taking a sip from the cup.

"Sir, may I ask you something?" I spoke.


"Sir, you have several companies and several projects running on different countries including some countries of Asia." I mentioned.

"Yeah, so what?" He asked and took another sip.

"Is it possible to transfer me somewhere else? Somewhere far?" I questioned.

He knitted his brows together. His nostrils flared.

"Why? Does working under me seem so bad that you are asking for a transfer? And that's too somewhere far so you don't have to see me ever? Am I treating you unfairly or harassing you?!" He shot at me. He got angry.

I shook my head.

"No, Sir. I didn’t mean that. I just wanted to get transferred for some personal reason. It has nothing to do with you. Moreover-" I was stopped in the middle.

"Stop right there. You have said enough and I too, listened enough. You may go back to your room, Elizabeth. I won't transfer you anytime soon. Get back to your work." Saying, he slammed the cup on the table.

My heart sank in disappointment. I didn’t mean that. I was stressed, worried sick with my own problem. I was scared what Kaden might do next. That's why I asked for a transfer. But my boss didn't even give me a chance to explain. Rather, he misunderstood me, he seemed genuinely angry.

I returned to my office room. I didn’t feel having lunch. So, I spent the entire lunch break working.

After finishing all the tasks, I went home at 5.30 pm.

I took a shower and cooked some noodles. While eating, I thought about Kaden and Archer.

Kaden made it clear when he called me yesterday that he wasn’t going to leave me alone. And I was apprehending what if he told the other person about me as well?

What would I do if both of them start to chase me again?

They had resources, they had money, power. I was no match to them.

I was alone. There's no one I could rely on except myself.

I should leave this city.

Archer didn’t even let me say clearly. He assumed things himself. He wouldn’t let me transfer either. Only if he knew why I was trying to leave!

I had to find a job elsewhere. If possible, I would leave US and move to other country.

After leaving the plate on the kitchen sink, I headed to my bedroom.

I turned my laptop on and began searching jobs in other countries. I used my CV and online portfolio and applied for five jobs. I would keep on searching jobs until I got a good one.

I would do whatever it took to leave this city.

I slept early setting the alarm at 6 o'clock. I woke up with the loud sound of alarm.

I headed to the bathroom to got fresh. I finished my morning routine and came out brushing my teeth.

Wearing the office blows, I was combing my hair but suddenly my eyes went to the calender hanging on the wall.

Shit! Today was Saturday. How could I forget it?

I could sleep some more.

This reminded me that today I had a date with Archer.

Now what the date would be like? The previous two dates were disaster. Hope it would be normal.


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