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Chapter 15 - Third Date!

Elizabeth's POV:

When I recalled about the date with Archer, my mood dropped. I was worried about my issue, meeting with Kaden.

But Archer misunderstood me. He thought I asked for the transfer because I wanted to go away from him. That wasn't the case.

Only if he knew why I was trying to go away. The reason was Kaden.

And it made me desperate to look for jobs. I didn't feel like having breakfast. So, I didn't go to the kitchen.

Changing back into my home wear, I sat on my bed with the laptop. And I started job searching again.

This time my goal was to go somewhere as far as I could.

If I could go to China or Japan, it would be the best.

When it was lunchtime, I got up. My back was paining a bit too.

I was hungry, my stomach was rumbling. But I felt too lazy to cook. My eyes hurt for staring at the computer screen for too long. But it was worth it because, I could apply to five jobs and all these were quite good.

I opened my refrigerator and took out bread, tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise. Cutting the tomatoes into slices, I put them in between two breads with mayonnaise and ate it.

It was definitely the worst choice of food when I had nothing this morning. I should eat something nutritious. But I was feeling lazy and sleepy too.

I woke up pretty early.

I went to the bed and retired my body on it. Various thoughts were poking my brain and made me restless. So, it took some time to fall asleep.




Loud ringing tone of the mobile woke me up from my sleep. I could sleep after trying so long, and who called me now?

My sleep was completely ruined.

Knitting my brows, I opened my eyes and looked at the mobile screen. It was Archer. I took the call.


"Hello, Elizabeth." His gentle voice spoke from the other side. It soothed my ears already. I was feeling irritable and angry because my blissful nap time was ruined by the phone call. But I couldn't stay angry anymore.

"Hello, Sir?" I asked.

"You sound sleepy. Did I just wake you up? I am sorry if I did. You may go back to sleep." He voiced.

Even though he ruined my sleep and after finishing talking with him, I would go back to sleep, right this moment I wanted to hear his voice more.

I didn't know what was wrong with me.

"No, Sir. It's okay. You didn't. Actually I dozed off all of a sudden." I said.

"How are you doing, Elizabeth?" He queried.

"I am doing good, Sir. You?"

"I will be good the day you will start calling me Archer, highness." He uttered.

I couldn't help smiling.

"How are you, Archer?" I asked.

"I think I am fine now. You haven't forgotten about our date tonight. Have you?" He mentioned.

"I remember it, Archer."

"Be ready at five thirty. I will come to pick you up."

"And where are we going this time?" I asked rubbing my eyes.

"Where do you want to go?" He asked back.

"Somewhere quiet and less crowded." I answered yawning.

"Okay, I will pick you up in the time. Bye then." He said.

We hung up.

Stretching my body, I got out of the bed. I needed to take a shower. I headed to the bathroom and stripped before the full length mirror.

A sigh escaped my lips at my own reflection. My skin, hair and nails were so rough. I didn't have time to care for these.

I turned on the shower and stood under the stream of water. I squeezed some shampoo and applied on my scalp, soaped my body and finished bathing.

When I went to rummage my cup broad after shower, I didn't find suitable clothes. I badly needed new clothes. Almost all my clothes were so old and worn-out.

I barely spent any money on myself, all I did was saving. If I left this country, then the savings I did would help me.

Besides, I didn't need new clothes for the date. I didn't want to date Archer in the first place. If he ever felt embarrassed to be with me due to my clothes, then it would work on my favor. He would leave me alone sooner.

I dried my hair and put on a dress. I made myself a glass of watermelon juice and took out some cookies to eat. But that's when the phone rang again. Archer called me.

"Elizabeth, are you ready? I am already here." He said.

"I am coming. Please wait a bit."

I drank the juice in a go and put the cookies inside the box. I ran the comb through my hair, rub some lip gloss on my lips. Taking my purse, I locked the door and got on the elevator.

Coming out of the building, I saw Archer was standing before his Lamborghini. After the embarrassing experience in the last date, he didn't take any chance.

He was handsome as always. Today he was wearing a polo t-shirt and a denim pant with sneakers.

He would look good if he wore barks of the tree.

"Hey!" He smiled at me.

"Hello!" I gave him a small smile in courtesy.

"Let's go then." He guided me inside his car.

He, too, settled on the driving seat, we both secured our seat belts.

"Actually we are going to a show. But the show is different from usual. Hope you will enjoy it." Archer spoke.



After driving for about half an hour, he stopped before a theater house.

Was he interested in theater shows?

I followed him inside, and took our seats.

But soon, the curtains were drawn and the show started. To my surprise, it was nothing like I expected.

It was a historical comedy drama by little children. The drama was entertaining. The little kids included song, dance and even small magical shows in that drama which demonstrated their talent and kids. What I noticed was not a single kid was older than seven or six. Some of them looked like five too.

Some of them even forgot their lines and it was so funny.

"Highness, please listen to me," One of the little actors spoke.

"Great warrior, I will do anything but- I think I forgot my line." Another actor spoke. They were so adorable.

All the audiences burst into laughing.

The drama ended within an hour and I clapped for the little champs as the curtains closed.

"Did you enjoy it?" Archer asked.

"They are amazing. The show is superb. Thank you so much for bringing me." I smiled at Archer. And it was genuine, I didn't force myself. After watching the drama, my mood lightened up. I was feeling a lot better. The worry of Kaden disappeared from my head temporarily.

"You are welcome. These children are from an orphanage. And this is a charity show." Archer mentioned.

"Charity show? For what?" I frowned.

"There are many children who are born with rare genetic complications or complicated diseases. Many parents don't want to take responsibilities of them and these children end up being abandoned. This orphanage normally takes kids with birth disabilities or diseases. The orphanage itself arranges treatment for many children. Many of the children got completely well by their care and treatment. But sometimes the treatment is very expensive and the orphanage alone can't afford it. In that situation, they organize charity shows like this. And all the children you saw today, they are all recovered. Once, they too, used to be sick." Archer said.

My mouth opened wide. I was speechless.

"Parents abandon their kids just because they are sick, they are afraid of the responsibilities?" I uttered.

I didn't know when tears welled up at the corners of my eyes.

"How can parents become so cruel?" I whispered.

I wiped my eyes before the tears could slip.

"Don't cry, sweetie. The world isn't as beautiful as it seems. The ugliness is hidden underneath each layer." He uttered in a soft tone.

"The show is over. Let's grab something to eat." I nodded at his statement. We both headed out of the theater house.

Getting inside his car, something made me curious.

"Can I donate some money for this orphanage if I want?" I asked him.

"Of course, you can. Each year I donate money for this orphanage. You can go to their website and donate money or even go to them directly." He responded.


I might have little, but I wanted to do something for them. If my money could save the life of a child, then it was enough.

Archer stopped his car in front of an upscale Chinese restaurant.

I sighed. He started showing off.

"I know you must be thinking that I am here to show off. But believe me, that's not the reason. I am here because this recently I discovered that this restaurant sells amazing dumplings. I thought we should try this together. Because my grandmother told me if couples have a good meal together, their love grows deeper." He remarked.

I internally laughed.

"Let's go then."

We walked inside the two storey restaurant building. The interior was classy, calm and soothing.

Archer got a VIP room for us.

After ordering the food and wine, we started chatting. But most of the questions were asked by Archer. What was my favorite season, favorite place, my favorite food, my hobby etc.

Then the food arrived. We started eating and true to his word, the food was delicious to another level. I never had this tasty dumplings before, the Peking duck was so succulent inside with crispy skin outside, the chili crab was so unique.

I didn't have anything today at all and the food was palatable. Before coming here, I saw a great show and wouldn't lie that I was having a good time. My mood was lifted, and I could eat much more.

"Elizabeth, is the food good?" He asked.

I nodded.

He smiled, "I told you."

He stabbed a sweet and sour prawn and put it inside his mouth and moaned in delight.

"It's too good."

I was trying seafood noodles, that's when he spoke up, "Elizabeth, when you said about transfer, why did you say this? Am I treating you that bad?"

His tone was soft this time and eyes looked hurt. The way he reacted in the office when I mentioned the transfer, it was nothing like that. He wanted to have a frank chat.

"No! That's not the case." I argued.


It was about Kaden. If I told him about Kaden, then I would have to reveal my past as well. But I wasn't ready to share my past with anyone. I was getting tensed.

I needed to calm down. I barely drank before, but I stretched my hand for the wine glass and drank it in a go.

"I have my own reasons, problems. Sir. But believe me you are never the reason." I affirmed.

"Isn't there any way for me to help you?" He asked.

"If you grant me a transfer somewhere far, in any of your branch, this will be the best help, Sir." I answered.

The softness of his eyes disappeared. His lips clenched shut.

Then he opened his mouth, "I can help you anyway you want me to, except granting you a transfer. I am not letting you leave me. When, I said you are mine I wasn't playing with you." He announced.

What was he saying again?

The nervous I feel, it started to grow. I reached the empty glass and poured myself wine again.

"You can't be serious, Sir. Why would a person from your status will like me? It's too sweet to be real. And I don't dare dream of it." I responded.

The wound Nathan caused me was still fresh in my heart. My heart was still broken. I couldn't afford to get hurt again.

I finished the content of the glass.

"You didn't believe me; this is why you are saying this."

"Is there any reason I should believe you?" I reasoned.

"No. But whatever you think, you will be mine. You will marry me." He asserted staring at my eyes.

"You will forcefully marry me?" I questioned in disbelief.

"If I wanted, I could have done it already. But I respect women, Elizabeth. I would never forcefully marry you. I will make you fall for me, and then we will get married." He described. His tone was reeking confidence and eyes were blazing with determination.

"I am a good person, Elizabeth. I will never try to force you. You are free to do anything you wish. But-" He stopped.

"Trying to run or getting away from me is off limits. If I ever get to know you are planning to run, I may become a bad man for you." He warned, his eyes shone with a menacing glow.

I gulped. He looked entirely different. Sinister, dominant and vicious. The complete opposite to the gentle Archer. So determined to get his way.

I was scared of this determination of his, somehow I didn't trust myself. What if I really fell for him?

I drank another glass of wine. The nervousness overwhelmed my senses.

"Hey, are you okay? Maybe you are drinking too much. You will get drunk." Archer's voice called me out.

"No. I am f-fine." I slurred.

"Don't leave, Elizabeth. Don't you want to be a successful interior designer? Your works, skills are being recognized. Kaden Woods, the managing director of TYD technologies wants to recruit you. Better opportunities will come, don't leave." He mentioned.

As soon as he mentioned, Kaden, panic hit me. The food I was eating, got stuck in my throat. I coughed hard, and drank water.

"I am sorry." I slurred as I felt better.

"It's okay." Before he could say something else, I poured myself another glass of wine and drank in a go.

After finishing the glass, I noticed that Archer was staring at me. His eyes were full of disbelief and doubt.

"Are you okay? You are drinking a lot. Will you be alright?" He asked.

"I am completely fine." I let out a giggle.


I nodded, trying to hold the fork, but it slipped.

"Why are you laughing?" I heard him asking.

"All of a sudden I can see two Archers sitting at this table." I laughed again.

"God! I should have stopped her! She is drunk!" I heard him saying, before passing out resting my head against the chair.


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