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Chapter 16 - Who Is Nathan!

Third person's POV:


"Elizabeth?" Archer called her.

Elizabeth's brows creased.

"Annoying alarm clock! You even started talking like a human now." She muttered.

Archer couldn't suppress his laugh. She was so drunk that thought the alarm clock was calling her.

"Let me sleep. I have much time left for office." She mumbled.

What should I do? Archer thought.

Elizabeth was heavily drunk. She only had a few glasses of wine.

They were eating so peacefully. He saw her enjoying her time with him- both at the theater and at the restaurant. They started chatting, all of a sudden when he mentioned her transfer, she went pale. She was nervous all of a sudden. He could see her through.

She was drinking to dodge the topic, to avoid the topic. But Archer couldn't imagine that she would go this drunk.

It was him with her. What if she was with another man instead of him?

Very few men would be able to control themselves around her. She was so beautiful, irresistible.

Some might try taking advantage of her.

The mere thought angered him. How she could be so careless?

He paid the bill and went to Elizabeth. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he made her stand up. Elizabeth mumbled something inaudible and resting her head on his chest and leaning against him.

Elizabeth literally put all the weight of her body on him, but Archer didn't find it hard as she was very light for her age. Elizabeth's footing stumbled a few times, when she was made to walk. But being a patient guy, Archer gently took her out of the restaurant and got her settled inside his car.

He drove his car and stopped in front of Elizabeth's apartment.

"Elizabeth, open your eyes. You have arrived." He said patting her cheeks.

Elizabeth pouted, still her eyes were closed. But she didn't make any attempt to get down. Archer sighed.

"Where is your house key?" Archer asked. Elizabeth was drunk, in a daze. Her conscious was slipping and coming back.

"P-purs-se" She slurred, and it came out almost incomprehensible. But thankfully, he could decipher it.

He took her purse from her lap, but hesitated to open it. He never thought he would have to open a girl's purse and the girl was whom he wanted to date.

He opened the purse and found her mobile, some dollars, a bank card and the key of her apartment. He took the key out and saw the apartment number engraved on the Key.


He unbuckled her seat belt and got her outside the car, that's when Elizabeth did something unexpected.

She coughed out loudly at first. Then she threw up everything she ate on herself and him.

Archer's shirt was ruined, and quickly he took it off. Elizabeth's dress was ruined as well, and instantly it needed to be taken off and washed.

But how could he do that. Besides, if he took her to her apartment, it was almost impossible for her to take a bath and wash herself judging the fact that she was so drunk.

She would have to remain dirty like this until she got sober.

Archer found it very repulsing, and so he changed his plan. He got Elizabeth back inside his car, started his engine and drove to his own penthouse.

He took her inside his penthouse and called a maid servant. He asked her to take Elizabeth to the bathroom and carefully wash her body. Then he entered the bathroom to take a shower himself.

Ten minutes later, the maid came to him.

"Sir, I have given her a bath, and she is all washed up. I threw away her clothes. What should I put her on?" The maid asked.

Archer thought for a while. He gave her one of his shirts and pants.

"Put these on her for now." Archer instructed. The maid took the clothes.

"And what about her clothes, Sir? These are dirty. She threw up on them." She mentioned.

"Don't need to wash them. Just throw them away. And you don't need to worry about that, I will arrange her clothes." Archer spoke.

The maid nodded and went back to Elizabeth.

Archer called one of his employees and asked him to buy clothes for Elizabeth and send them to his penthouse.

That employee was quick to perform his task.

He called one of her staffs to wash his car as well.

He went to the room where Elizabeth was. She was lying on a bed. Her eyes were closed, but occasionally she was uttering some inaudible words.

She was in a state which was a strange mixture of drunkenness, daze and sleepiness. Her hairs were lying disheveled on the pillow.

Her newly showered face looked incredibly young. She looked like a high school student.

He was about to go but all of a sudden she laughed out loud. Archer turned back to see she was laughing in her sleep.

He went to her.

"Gimme the chocolate cake. Big one." She said licking her lips.

Archer couldn't help laughing. She was eating in her half asleep state.


"Sister Gret!"

"Too sweet!"

Elizabeth was muttering nonsense. While other people would find it utterly irritating, to Archer it seemed funny and adorable. Elizabeth, the girl who built an ice wall around herself, how she was as a person? Was there still a bubbly, carefree, little girl hiding deep inside her cold exterior? He wondered.

He was amused; he pulled the comforter over her body. He turned the light off and walked to the door to leave.

"Ahhhh! Leave me!"

"Don't! Noooo!"

"Please, don't do this to me! Nathan! Ahhhh!" Elizabeth's unclear cry reached Archer's ear.

Archer turned the light on and sprinted to her in alarm.

Elizabeth was drunk and half asleep, she was blabbering. But now it didn't seem like she was uttering nonsense. Her voice seemed pain stricken, her forehead was sweaty, brows knitted together, and she fisted the comforter tightly.

"Just let go of me! Ahhhh! For God's sake!" Her voice trembled.

Archer tried calling her, "Elizabeth! You are okay?"

Her lips quivered, but she didn't open her eyes.

"Elizabeth?" He called her once again.

"For which sin of mine you are punishing me this much, Nathan?" Elizabeth breathed.

"Why did you break my heart?"

Archer's eyes widened hearing this.

Who is Nathan? Was there anyone in her life named Nathan?

Did he break her heart?

Is that why she is rejecting me and doesn't give me a chance at all to prove my sincerity?

He thought.

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