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Chapter 17 - Monster!

Warning: This chapter contains sensitive content (attempt to rape) which may trigger some readers. If you are uncomfortable, please avoid it. Rape is a grave crime and the author doesn't encourage such heinous act ever!

Elizabeth's POV:

I had to follow Archer when he went to the land site for their new project. I tried my best to stick with Archer all the time and avoid Kaden in every way possible.

But he was a bastard. He was intentionally trying to get close to me like a leech. But during Archer's presence, he didn't dare doing anything to me. When Archer got an important phone call and went a bit far away to talk, Kaden didn't waste a minute to find me.

"Will you still act like you don't know me?" He asked.

"Do I really know you, Mr. Woods?" I spoke through my clenched teeth.

"I don't know why you are so proud, why do you play so hard to get. After Nathan dumped you, what good is left in your life? You do a small job, live in a dingy apartment alone and lead a boring life. If you warm my bed, I would at least fulfill all your materialistic needs." Kaden spoke.

His words rendered me speechless!

"You are despicable and shameless!" My face contorted in utter disgust.

He laughed.

"Like I said, if you come to me willingly, I will be happy and generous. I may fulfill your materialistic needs too. But if you don't come to me willingly, I will still find a way to bring you and make your legs open for me. I paid a lot of money to have you, Elizabeth. I have my right on your body. You will open your legs for me, either willingly writhing under me in pleasure or unwillingly, gagged, bound and beaten. Choice is yours. I think you still haven't forgotten what happened years ago." He threatened.

"I would be willing if I were you." He said.

I closed my eyes, the memory of that day replayed in my head.

I was tricked by someone I trusted blindly and entered the devils' den. My body was injured, but at least I could come out of there with dignity.

My knees shook up. It was the greatest betrayal.

"I am sorry for making you wait, Mr. Woods. I hope you don't mind." I heard Archer's voice. He returned after talking. A relieved sigh left my mouth.

"Not at all. It's totally fine." Kaden said his sugar coated words.

"I was getting along with Ms. Sanders very well. She is indeed a capable designer; I look forward to work with her. She agreed to work for my penthouse." He spoke.

"Really?" Archer asked, his tone was full of disbelief.

"What! When? I wouldn't!" I exclaimed. I shook my head, looking at Archer.

What the fuck Kaden was saying? I would never want to work with him.

"Ms. Sanders, you are embarrassing me. You just agreed to design my penthouse. We even discussed the amount. But now you are saying no. If you are hesitating because of your boss, then I can assure you that you don't need to be. Mr. Johnson is an open-minded man. He wouldn't mind it if I am just borrowing a good employee of him for a few days." Kaden mentioned.

"Mr. Johnson, you won't mind it. Will you?" Kaden asked Archer.

I had no words.

Archer opened his mouth. "I don't decide for my employee. If she wants to work with you, I will not say anything. If she refuses to work with you, I won't say anything either. She is free to decide. I will not influence her decision." Archer stated.

"If she really denies now, I have nothing to say. I don't want to force someone to work with me when the person is from another company. It's a shame!" Kaden said faking dejection.

I smiled.

"Working for your penthouse will increase my workload a lot. If you misunderstood, I am sorry. But I can't work for you, Mr. Woods. Let's forget this topic. Besides, there are many better designers than me in our company." I forced out a polite smile.

Kaden didn't have anything to say anymore.

As the job was done, I returned with Archer.

During the car ride, Archer suddenly asked me something.

"You don't like Mr. Woods very much. Do you?"

"He is a business partner of yours, you are my boss. Is it really important if I like him or not?" I asked back.

He nodded.

"Normally, I don't take day off. But in the next three days, I have to be somewhere, and I wouldn't be able to come. If any of our ongoing projects needs me tomorrow, you have to go there on my behalf and inspect things for me. You will report me via phone. And if the issues are small, you don't have to inform me. Tomorrow is an important day for me; I don't want to be interrupted if not something very urgent." He informed.

Archer was a workaholic man. Even in Sundays, he worked in his home. So, what was so important tomorrow that he took an entire day off?

"Are you going somewhere, Sir?" The question slipped my lips.

"I have to deal with something very important." He answered.

"Okay, Sir."


The next day,

As Archer wasn't in office except taking appointments for him, I didn't have much to do. I came home one hour earlier. I bought groceries in my way home.

I entered my house and took a shower. Then I started cooking.

Humming a song, I was stirring my pasta sauce in the sauce pan. I made meatball spaghetti after a long time.

My cell phone rang when I was about to take a bite. Frowning in annoyance, I got up and checked the phone.

But it was from bastard Kaden. I cut the call and returned to the dining table. Meat was expensive and I was hungry. I didn't let his call ruin my mood and appetite.

I devoured the meatball spaghetti and headed to the bed.

Another beep sound took my attention. It was from Kaden again. A text.

You have gotten braver. Is that what you think? Let me prove you how wrong you are. You are still powerless as you were. Listen when I am asking you nicely. You don't have any idea how much I like blood, sweat and tears.


The mobile dropped from my hand. He was crazy, degenerate.

How long would I continue living in fear?

I decided to reply back.

You can't scare me like this. I will report you to police, I will inform Mr. Johnson. Stop harassing me if you know what's good for you.

I sent a reply.

Police? You informed the police last time too. Could they help you! And your boss doesn't care about a small employee like you; he is busy with her fiancée.

It's indeed true. When Kaden tried to rape me last time, I went to the police station. But the sheriff didn't help me. He rather threatened to lock me up in the crime of slandering a reputed businessman.

But what about Archer? His fiancee? Kaden must be lying. I wouldn't believe him.

Archer told me that he liked me. If I told him about Kaden, he might help me. He would definitely help me. I hoped it desperately.

After eating, I was washing the dishes, that's when the doorbell rang.

Wiping my hands with the towel, I headed to the door. The bell rang again.

"Who's it?" I asked, but no answer. Rather, it rang for the third time. Couldn't the person talk?

"Who are you ringing the bell without talk-" I opened the door, annoyed.

I didn't expect seeing the person who was standing there. It was Kaden. He was glaring at me.

I was about to close the door, but he kicked the door so hard that the door chain was broken from the hinge from the force and the door was opened fully, hitting me on the forehead in the process.

It was so sudden and quick that I couldn't register what to do. I didn't even get the time to back away. I got hit hard and fell on the floor on my back.

My eyes narrowly escaped from the hit, my head was spinning. Forehead was throbbing intensely.

I heard a click, that's when I opened my eyes at looked before me. Kaden entered and locked the door. His lips turned into a sinister smirk.

I touched my forehead with my palm and a sticky liquid stained my fingers. I was bleeding.

"You haven't changed a bit, Elizabeth. Still as feisty as ever. Why don't you understand your struggling does nothing but rile me up? You end up bleeding which makes me more turned on." He spoke.

"Tsk tsk tsk." He mocked me.

"Why are you here? How dare you!" I gritted.

"You were never unattainable to me. I can always come here, do whatever I want. Elizabeth, nothing has changed." He spoke.

"Get out! Or I will call the security!"

"The same security who put a blind eye of my arrival after getting some fresh cash from me? Are you sure?" He said, leaning down to me.

"Oh, still naive as fuck! It makes me want to fuck you so bad. Right now!" He sneered, holding my chin up. I slapped his hand away, but he grabbed my wrist.

All of a sudden, he hovered over me. Pushing me roughly on the floor, he got on top of me.

I was already hurt, couldn't muster up the force to shove him off me. I struggled.

"Why the fuck don't you let me go? Isn't there any girl out there beside me!" I shrieked.

"What did you think? It was easy? I would let you go just like that? No! Nathan took me a million from me for you." He replied.

"We had a deal." He revealed.

"What deal?" I asked in disbelief.

"He took million from me and Robin respectively. I even signed a business deal with him, all because of you. We wanted you, from the very moment you and Nathan were together. But he was such possessive as fuck at first. After you got dumped up, I tried to contact you, but you have always ignored me. I told Nathan about it. He promised us to get you, but in return he wanted money and business benefits. We granted his wish and he fulfilled his part. He got you for us."

"But unfortunately you slipped away last time. Don't worry, this time there would be no such thing, doll." He jeered.

"How could he decide for me? I am a human being. I am a free person. Who are you to decide for me? To force me?!" I yelled.

"Sounds nice. But for us, you are nothing but a body. And I want to have your body until I am satisfied. If you had given yourself to me willingly, no such predicament would occur." He stated. The nonchalance in his voice had me horrified.

He was talking about forcing me, and he was speaking in such a way that forcing a human being was normal. They were immoral, sick and wicked from the very soul.

His rough hands were squeezing my breasts, twisting my nipples painfully over the top.

"Ahhh! Stop!" I cried, tears filled my eyes. His smile seemed to widen at my distress, at my pain. I wanted to wipe the evil smirk from his face, I wanted to scratch his face until it bled, claw his flesh until there's no flesh was left there.

An animalistic urge of revenge seized my senses. I stretched my hand to push him, to claw his face. But he caught my both wrists and held them above my head. I thrashed against him, but he was a lot more powerful than me.

He subdued all my attempts. His knees pressed my knees on the floor, I hardly could move them.

He hiked my top, leaned his head down and grabbed my right breast. His teeth painfully bit the skin of my neck.

Panic shook my core when I felt him pulling my pajama pant down.

"Kaden, please, I beg you. Don't do it." I cried.

"It's too late to beg now, doll." He winked.

"No! No! No!" I struggled with my all. Lifting my head, I headbutted him hard on his chest.

He let out a groan, but instantly backhanded me. I felt blood in the corner of my lips. My head was paining; I saw his image blurry for a few seconds.

"You can't just learn. Right? Okay, let me teach you!" He hissed. He was about to unbuckle his denim pant. I took the opportunity and kneed him in between his legs.

"Fucking whore!" He grunted, holding his penis. I rolled away from him and tried to enter my bedroom.

But he grabbed my hair and pulled me roughly towards him.

"You still think I will let you leave?" He spoke in a frightening tone. His eyes were red, and he was scaring me to the core.

He slapped me again, I fell on the floor, but I somehow reached the kitchen. I had only one way left to save myself from this monster.

Killing myself.


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