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Chapter 18 - All Men Are The Same!

Elizabeth's POV:

I reached the kitchen, and Kaden followed me. I took the sharp kitchen scissor and hold before me.

"Don't come near me! Or I will-" I threatened him. I was scared of death. How could I kill him? My hands were shaking.

"Or you will what? Kill me?" Kaden burst into laughter.

"You and me, we both know you can't do that. Now drop the scissor, come here. I am done warming up. I want to get to the main event; I want to fuck you now!" He asserted.

"Your life will be better if you let me fuck you. I can arrange a better apartment for you to live, a better job. All you have to do is please me and sometimes my friends. That's all. It's a good deal. Come on." He continued.

My heart was moving so fast, I felt it would come out. My palms were sweating from fear.

Knees were shaking. How could I save myself.

An idea popped in my head as I looked at my stove. I cut the wire of gas cylinder and took the match box in my hand. I took out a match stick.

"Kaden, you saw what I did just now. This room is filled with gas and soon all the other rooms will be too. If you don't leave my house within ten seconds, I will make fire with this match and both of us will die in explosion."

"You must be kidding me! Drop the match box." He yelled.

"Am I kidding you? Really? Let me try then." Saying, I pretended to make a fire.

"No! Stop right there! I am leaving!" He shrilled.

"Get lost of my house." I ordered.

He didn't say anything; he headed to the door and went out.

"We aren't done. I always get whatever I want, Elizabeth. I will remember this well." Saying, he left.

I closed my door, locked it. The match box fell on the floor from my hand. My body slumped on the floor, sliding agsinst the door.

My hands and feet were shaking. I couldn't believe what just happened to me.

Kaden will come for me again. Not only him, Robin also. I was not merely an object of lust for them anymore.

I wounded their egos. They wouldn't sit peacefully until they could crush my dignity into nothing and satisfy their male egos.

How could I save myself from them? Would Archer help me? He said he liked me, promised me that he would protect me.

Desperation took me over.

I quickly ran inside my bedroom and took my mobile. I dialed him many times, but his phone was unreachable.

Should I call the police?

But there was no guarantee that police will help me. Everything could be bought by money.

Ethics, loyalty, dignity. The security guards of this apartment let him enter. Would they help me to collect evidence against him?

I repaired the gas cylinder and headed to my bedroom. My forehand was showllen, there was a huge bump on it.

I took out some ice and pressed it against my forehead. My cheeks had handprints from his slap.

My lip was cut. I sighed.

What kind of nasty life I had? Anyone who wanted could come and trample over me?

I heard about karma, heard about retribution. Why people like Nathan, Kaden, Robin didn't get their karma?

Why I had to be tortured by them again and again?

I couldn't sleep a wink. When it was 7.30, I tried calling Archer again.

This time he received the phone.

"Hello, Elizabeth? Why are you calling me so many times?" This was the first thing he said. His tone seemed annoyed.

"Um, Archer. Actually it's very important. So, I called you." I spoke.

"Very important? What happened to the company?" He asked.

"If it's that important you should have called me yesterday within office hours. Now tell me," He said.

"Actually, it's important. But it's not related to company or work." I said.

"Elizabeth, are you kidding me? I told you I would be busy and not to bother me if not something urgent about company. And you called me so many times when it's not even related to work!" He rebuked.

"I will hear you out when I will return. Till then please don't bother me at all, Elizabeth. Take care of yourself. Bye." Saying, he hung up.

The hope that emerged in my heart, that dissolved within a second. My heart sank in disappointment.

Archer didn't have time for me. Like hell he would help me!

Elizabeth, he might be very busy. Give him some time to return. He might not disappoint you.

My mind said.

It might also be right. He hardly took day off. It might be very important for him. I didn't know his concern. Should I judge him without knowing anything?

I should wait until he return and tell tell him everything about Kaden? He might help me out.

I was exhausted; I didn't know when I fell asleep. The sleep lasted not more than two hours; I woke up from the loud ringing.

It was from none other than Kaden. I cut the call and blocked the number.

I suddenly saw a news on a popular news portal.

Hotel Chain King and fashion tycoon are going to tie a knot together!

There were picture of Archer and a woman.

I read the whole article. And summary of the news was like that- Hotel chain King multi billion heir Archer Johnson is engaged with Leslie Davis, the one and only heiress of Davis Fashion Company. Yesterday, they got engaged together in the presence of their both families. Soon, they would get married, and hopefully their companies would merge together bringing both business families more success and fortune.


I couldn't help but laugh. Is this why he was so busy?

He flirted with me, expressed his feelings for me, promised to love me, cherish me. All were lies.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha" Another humorless laughter broke out of me. My eyes teared up as I realized the irony of my life.

I believed that Archer would help me; he would protect me from Kaden. But who I was kidding?

Archer was also just like Nathan. He was also just trying to get inside my pant, nothing else. It was a good thing, that his lies were revealed a long before I could develop any feelings for him.

Men were all the same. None of them were good. Standing up, I opened my laptop and quickly booked an air ticket.

I took out my mobile SIM card and flushed it in the toilet.

I took my duffel bag and filled it with a few pair of clothes, underwear, my laptop, charger, mobile, passport and most necessary documents. Changing into a shirt and pant, I left my apartment.


The airplane finally took off, my eyes felt heavy. I fell asleep. A few hours later when I opened my eyes, my stomach was rumbling. The bearded elderly man sitting next to me gave a strange look, he was reading a book.

My stomach must have rumbled a bit too loudly. I gave him an awkward smile, he didn't return it, rather focused reading the book again.

I called an air hostess and requested her to give me something to eat. I ate and fell asleep again. I passed the whole journey by sleeping. I was assured that no one could harm me here, at least the for time I was in the air plane. It would be nice if the plane crushed. I could die peacefully with no one knowing about my whereabouts.

But fate didn't act according to me. After a journey of 10 hours, the plane landed on the London Heathrow Airport and from there I headed directly to a hotel. I couldn't stay here long, my plan was to move to Canada and look for a job there. If I got a good job, I would settle down there.


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