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Chapter 19 - Almost Got Sold!

Archer's POV:

"How could you do such a thing without talking to me, dad?!" I couldn’t help yelling.

"Don't you raise your voice at me, young man." My father glared at me.

"Then, don't you also try to throw your unreasonable decisions at me, old man!" I glared back.

My father was dumbfounded. His jaw almost dropped on the floor. I never used such tone with my father.

"We had been asking you about marriage for so long. When I was at your age, I had already a son. You are not getting any younger, yet apathetic to your marriage. I had to step in." My father defended himself.

"It's ridiculous! I never said I wouldn’t marry, I am just 30. I had enough time left to get married. Marriage is not a business deal to me, like you guys." I protested.

"I didn’t do anything wrong. Davis family is billionaire, their daughter is excellent. She is beautiful, talented, elegant, a total package. Any guy who would marry her would be lucky. They would even help the family with their wealth, to grow their business." He stated.

That's when it clicked to me why my father was so eager to get me married.

"I will pass. And it disappoints me and hurts my self-esteem a lot after knowing that you believe, I, your son needs backing from others to grow in the business." I asserted.

"Don't forget dad, it was me who started working in the company since 22, and I made our business this big, it's me. I already proved my worth enough what I can do or not. You better call off the engagement with Davis family." I said, walking to the door.

"I can't do that!" Dad yelled.

"Why not!" I creased my brows.

"I gave them my words that Johnson group and Davis company would start a new business venture. They would be investing 50% in this project."

"So you literally sold me off? Your son?!" I couldn’t believe my ears.

"Shame on you! Dad! How could you? Why would you do something like that without discussing with me? Is our company in the verge of bankruptcy? It's my life you are betting on, it's the company which I made this big with my hardwork! Who gives you the right to decide for me? Ruin my life?!" I screamed in rage.

"You are calling off this engagement within 24 hours, or I will resign from your company." Letting him know, I strode out of his study.

As I got out of his study, I spotted my mother standing out.

"Mom," I went to her.

"Archer, dear, who is the lucky girl?" Mom asked, making me speechless.

"What are you talking about?" I asked back.

"You know what I am talking about." Mom said.

"Okay. There's someone, but how do you know this?"

"Motherly instinct. Let's come with me. Let's hear about my son's love life," Mom smiled.

The relationship between me and my mom was awesome. Mom was super cool.

She was my friend. She could tell me what's going inside me just having a look at me.

Mom used to send lunch to my office whenever she stayed in the USA. Now she was in Australia with my sister. I had to come here, because my father was also here. Davis family was a billionaire family who originated from Australia.


"So, you are crazy for her, but she doesn’t like you yet?" Mom asked as I told her about my situation with Elizabeth.

"I am still pursing her. She will like me soon. I am confident." I spoke.

"Actually I am curious how the girl is, she doesn’t like you. My son is handsome, rich, smart, caring. Any woman would fall for you instantly." Mom remarked.

"Mom, she isn't like any other women. She knew being with me could give her money, riches, status. But she isn't materialistic like other women. She is a beautiful, upright lady, mom." I said.

"Why did dad announce my marriage all of a sudden?"

"The deal your dad is going to sign with Davis isn’t bad. Besides, Mr. Davis agreed to give you 12% of their company share after marriage. That's why your dad agreed. He even discussed giving them 5% of our company share, but I was against it. You know how short-sighted the man is. Impulsive!" Mom uttered in annoyance.

"It's a good business deal, but I am not interested in this. We have enough, mom. We will not take money in our coffins. Why ruining our love because of money? I don't want to live my entire life in regret marrying a stranger, ignoring my loved one. It's punishing myself." I told her.

"You are right. I am with you. Focus on getting the girl and get married quickly. I want a grandson. Ella wants a brother to play with too." Mom spoke.

I laughed. Her words gave me so much strength.

"Soon mom. I want to give you many grandsons and granddaughters. I will make a football team with her." I said.

Mom slapped my head playfully. But the smile of her face faded, the skin of her forehead crinkled.

"You are head over heels for her. Oh dear! I am afraid that you may get hurt in the end." My mom let her apprehension out.

I could realize mom's worry. She was thinking I might be heartbroken from the rejection again. But she didn’t know that, I had been rejected enough. It's not like I held any grudge against Elizabeth for rejecting me. She had the choice to say no. I admired her for being such a strong-willed woman.

But my desire, my craving, the need for her were becoming overwhelming. I wouldn’t let myself be heartbroken. I would snatch my own happiness myself if it needed to make her mine.

"No, mom. I am Archer Johnson. I will not get hurt. She will be mine soon." I commented.

"I wish you luck, but don’t do something that hurts her. She is a woman, you know how to respect one. I am proud of you for that." Mom reminded me.

"I know, mom."


I tried calling Elizabeth. Last time, when she called, I couldn’t talk to her.

I was busy settling the matters here. My father almost signed a partnership deal with Davis if it wasn’t for me. I had to rush here to stop everything.

But he announced my engagement with Davis family. I had to come to Australia to my elder sister. Her husband was hospitalized. I didn’t know if Elizabeth knew about my engagement or how she would react to this. How could I even make her realize this was all a misunderstanding, and I was never a part of it.

I had been so stressed and worried that I couldn’t get time to talk to her. I had been detached from company for the longest period of time in my life after joining.

Now, when I tried talking to her, her number was unreachable.

I tried calling her office land phone number, but she didn’t pick up. I called someone in the company, and they told me Elizabeth didn’t come.

It was strange. She wasn’t someone to skip the office or slack off.

Hope she was doing okay.


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