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Chapter 2 - Homemade Food!

I turned my head to look at my boss.

"Ms. Sanders! What kinda rude manner is this! I am still not done with you. How can you leave? Come here!" He gave me a hard look, raising his brow. His jaws clenched in anger.

I walked towards him.

But his hard facial feature softened when he looked at me closely.

"You are crying? Why?" His eyes widened for a second. But soon he hid the surprise; his face became expressionless again.

"Sir, you just fired me. Nowadays finding a new job would be so difficult for me. Sorry that I cried. It might be unprofessional." I spoke in a saddened voice.

He stated at me for a second in disbelief. Then he let out a laugh.

He was so handsome and now that he laughed flashing his white teeth, he didn’t look like any ice prince anymore. He looked like a handsome warm hearted person.

I didn’t notice how his smile mesmerised me.

Lizzy, you dumb girl. You are thinking nonsense. Think about your job. What if this handsome man fire you?

He looked always so serious; suddenly watching him laughing like this I couldn't understand what was going on.

I blinked a few times.

"I haven’t fired you. Don't jump into conclusion so quickly. So, you can stop crying now. I don't like crybabies. What I wanted to say is, you won't work only as an interior designer anymore. For now work as my personal assistant too. You will be doing designing for the company too but with that you will be my personal assistant till the project is on." He announced.

"B-but, Sir. I never worked as a personal assistant before. I don't think I can-" But he cut me in the middle.

"Don't worry, my secretary will teach you everything. And don't worry, I will pay you double than you got paid as a designer. But still I need a capable assistant who is well knowledged in interior designing. I don't have much time for you. Go to my secretary and learn whatever she tells you. See you later," Saying, he resumed working, gesturing me to leave with his left hand.

For a second, I stood there like a statue. It was unexpected.

"Are you going to stand here like a doll?" He said lifting his head.

"I am going, Sir." I turned on my heel then he spoke, "Ms. Sanders,"

I stopped and looked at him.

"Don't cry every now and then. Tears make your face ugly. Now leave," He said, without looking at me. His remark confused me.

I find his secretary who used to sit at the room next to him, he used to manage phone calls for him, managed his schedules.

His secretary was a lady in her early thirties.

"Hello, I am Elizabeth Sanders. Mr. Johnson asked me to find you." I smiled at her.

She returned me the smile sweetly.

"Oh then you are the Personal Assistant. Nice to meet you. I am Sarah Jones." She said.

"Same here, Sarah."

"You have to learn managing phone calls, schedules, taking notes during meeting, everything I do." She said.

"You are quiting? Why?" I asked.

"I am quitting because I am pregnant. My first pregnancy was rough. My hubby didn’t want to take anymore bsbies. But I insisted for this one. So, he told me that I must stay home until I give birth. He worries for me a lot." She shyly said the last part.

"Congratulations. Your husband must love you a lot."

An emptiness engulfed me all of a sudden. But I composed myself and she guided me how to do things.

"You are so smart. You got it so quickly." She said.

"Nothing like that. I just listened carefully."

"No. I can understand why Mr. Johnson chose you to be personal assistant. You are so smart. He needed an intelligent assistant who could help him not only managing things but also with the designing parts. I heard that you are an excellent interior designer. And this project is very important for our company, so this why Sir chose you." Sarah responded.

Whatever wishing her luck, I left. I went to my cubicle to collect my things.

The next day,

My cabin was next to Mr. Johnson's. I had to manage phone calls, his schedules, keep notes, appointments. After that he told me to continue making designs.

"Sir, how can I finish this design? I am attending other things as well." I said.

"I am giving you six days to finish this. But still you have to finish it. Don’t worry, I will be paying you double of your current salary." He spoke.

How could I make him understand money wasn’t all. Could I handle so much pressure?

However, I started my work as his Personal assistant. Before lunch, I managed more than sixty calls. And set fifteen appointments.

I was doing designs as well after attending calls. When it was lunch time.

I went to my boss's cabin to ask about lunch.

"Sir, what would you like for lunch?" I asked him.

"You don’t need to think about it." He said.

"Sir, are you going to eat outside?" I asked.

"I don't go out during lunch. I stay in my office. I don't like wasting time. And as my assistant, you won’t go out either." He spoke.

"But Sir-" I tried to say.

"No buts, go back to work."

What kinda statement is that? He stays hungry? And he wouldn’t even let me eat either?

Obnoxious! I went to my cabin disappointed. After ten minutes later, Mr. Johnson called me to his cabin and told me to sit on the couch. I went to the couch and sat.

A boy entered his cabin with lunch boxes and put them on the table near the couches. Mr. Johnson walked to the couch and sat next to me. Instinctively, I moved away from him.

Mr. Johnson took a box and started eating. He ate his food very quickly but I didn’t understand what to do?

While I was contemplating what should I do with the box? Should I open it and eat it? But he didn’t say anything. He didn’t even let ne buy lunch.

"Ms. Sanders. You haven’t touched your food yet?" He turned his head to me?"

"Sir, is it for me?" I asked.

"Yeah. It's your food. Finish it and get back to work. Everyday, you don't have to go out to get my lunch." He said chewing his food.

I opened the box and a delicious aroma hit my nostril. It was a healthy combo fruit salad, chicken, steamed rice and boiled vegetables.

Normally, restaurants didn’t sell this type of healthy combo nowadays. The food was excellent.

"Sir, if you don't mind, may I know from which restaurant you have got this? It’s delicious. I want to try out their other foods too from that place. It's kinda similar to my mother's cooking." I said chewing a piece of kiwi.

"You can't buy." He spoke flatly.

"Oh. It may be very expensive?" I was almost done with my food. It was so tasty, I ate quickly.

"Because it's not from restaurant. It’s from my house. My mother cooked this." He spoke making my jaw drop.

I looked at him with widened eyes.

"Mrs. Johnson cooked this. Wow!" I smiled.

This was why this tasted so delicious and similar. My boss looked at me for some moments.

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