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Chapter 20 - Disappeared!

Elizabeth's POV:

I entered my hotel room and locked it. Then slumped against the couch.

I slept the whole time of my journey. Still, my body and mind, both were exhausted. I was being pulverized by stress and terror.

I willed my limbs to move with a great deal of difficulty and went to the bathroom. After getting fresh, I lay on the bed. Even though I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep, sleep snatched away my consciousness.

I slept again and slept for almost a good four hours. I slept like a dead person. Only wish I had, if I could really be dead during this slumber.

I wasn’t this fortunate. I woke up to face the horrible reality of mine.

Looking at the room, I recalled that I was staying at a hotel. I literally fled London from my country.

I was running from not only Kaden, Robin. Now the list added another name.

It was Archer.

Another wolf disguised in sheep's clothing. They all were influential billionaires, they were determined to have me, ruin me.

What an incredible bad luck I had!

The irony and incredibility brought tears in my eyes. At first, they used to be tears of anger. But now all the anger seeped out of me. I cry in misery, distress.

All I wanted to live. I didn’t want luxury. I wanted to live a life of a human, with respect. But later I got to know I was no human, I was just a body to use, a piece of meat to them.

Wiping my tears, I drank some water. Crying wouldn’t help me. I needed to move. Taking my mobile, then I recalled that I had no SIM card in it. I threw the card yesterday. I opened my laptop, I booked another airplane ticket for Canada.

The ticket was in my hand.

I was about to go to Canada. I didn’t have that much money, so I could stay without work for a long time. Moreover, I had to spend money like crazy for travelling too. I urgently needed a job.

I ordered some food through room service and after having them, I went out to get a new SIM. I inserted the SIM on my mobile and uninstalled all the apps, I used to use- Facebook, WhatsApp, Wattpad etc.

It was a good thing that I wasn’t very active on social networking sites. I returned the hotel room and got on job hunting.

I started searching and applied for many jobs. Not only Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia too. I would move to wherever I would get a job now and then apply for a long term work visa permit.

I wasn’t a criminal, still I had to live like a homeless. From this experience, I realized one thing. I should have started another work myself beside my job. So that I had another source of income even though when I didn’t have the job.

Coming at such a point, where I couldn't trust anyone or rely on anyone, I remembered my father very much.

My mother died when I was born. I lived with my father till I was six. One day, while returning home from school with my dad, the car crashed. Both of us were injured, but dad was fatally injured. We both were taken to the hospital. He died one day after, and I was discharged at 8th day of my hospital.

My mother was an orphan, she didn’t have any relative, after my father's death, the hospital and police department tried contacting them. I had some uncles and aunts.

My great uncle visited reluctantly, but no one wanted to take me in, give me shelter. My uncle told the orphanage, he had great difficulty in his family, he couldn’t take me. It would affect my mental health. He would rather try to send me monthly allowance instead.

He sent money once, but after that he never sent any money. The orphanage authority tried to reach him, but he moved away from his previous address, even changed his number.


As I landed from the airplane, in the Toronto Pearson International Airport, the cold wind hit my body. I was getting goosebumps. I should have brought some sweaters or jackets with me.

I took a taxi and headed to a hotel. It wasn’t very expensive or cheap. It provided good service at a reasonable price. I was spending money sparingly.


Archer's POV:

If my father could, he would even announce the news of my marriage without consulting with me. My sister, Amelia's husband, John, was hospitalized for his kneecap reconstruction surgery, my mother was already worried sick. I had come to Melbourne to see John. He needed blood and there was a scarcity of blood during his surgery. I even donated him blood, fortunately my blood type matched with him.

How could my father do such a thing? Without discussing with me?

It pissed me off.

But when I saw the news on the internet, I knew I was fucked. Even if I arranged a press conference and declined my engagement with Leslie Davis, it was going to leave a nasty stain.

I called one of my trusted worker and told him to call all the online tabloids to remove the news. I prayed that Elizabeth didn’t see that. I didn’t want her to misunderstand me.

I was so angry, so stressed and so in hurry that, when Elizabeth called me yesterday, I didn’t even talk to her properly. I hang up on her rudely.

I didn’t want her to know about this engagement at all. I took my mobile and tried calling Elizabeth, but her number was unreachable a few hours ago.

I tried her number a few hours later, but it was unreachable again. I called my company and wanted her. But she didn’t go to the company today.

Strange! Elizabeth hardly took any leave.

What happened all of a sudden? Did anything bad happen to her? Is that why she called me yesterday?

Or it was about something other. Unease filled my mind. Judging the time when she called me, it was close to midnight.

I tried calling her again many times after that, but she was still unreachable.

I pushed my father, and he called the Davie family in front of me and called off this engagement. My brother-in-law was getting well after his surgery. Everything was fine, but I still couldn’t get Elizabeth's news. It had me worried, I told my father to call a press conference and express publicly that I was never engaged with Leslie Davis, it was just a misunderstanding.

I was worried for Elizabeth, so I consigned my dad with the duty of press conference and left for USA.

I reached next day, still couldn’t reach Elizabeth. She didn’t come to the company again. I didn’t delay, I went straight to her apartment.

And to my surprise, I found it locked.

Where the fuck was she?


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