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Chapter 21 - Taken!

Elizabeth's POV:

I was 4.50 am when I slept last night. I felt aching at the left side of my head and around my left eye after opening my eyes.

11.48 am.

No wonder it was so late, almost lunch time. I sat on the bed and dialed the room service for light brunch.

Dragging my feet out of the bed, I entered the bathroom. After freshening up, I came out and the room service knocked at the door.

I let the service girl enter and she left putting the brunch. Everything felt bitter in my tongue. I regretted ordering so much food. Putting the toast in my mouth, I swallowed it down with water.

I couldn’t eat even half of what was given. Putting the tray away, I opened my laptop and started my job hunting again.

Four days passed this way. At the fifth day, I got an email from a company. They needed to hire an interior designer urgently for a short project. It was an well known company of Toronto.

It was a four month project. They would extend the contract if the performance was excellent.

I didn’t like short time jobs. But beggars can't be choosers. I was spending a lot of money, I needed to make up a little. Something was still better than nothing.

I decided to go for the interview.


The next day,

I was in great amount of stress and anxiety. I couldn’t eat much, didn’t have the appetite. Moreover last night I couldn’t sleep at all.

I had nightmares of the events that happened with Kaden, Robin years ago and also a few days ago when Kaden tried to break in my apartment. I even skipped yesterday's dinner and breakfast this morning. I had light coughing and body felt sluggish. I felt a bit nauseous too.

I heard a knock at the door.

"Who's it?" I coughed.

There was another knock.

I went to the door and opened it.

It was Archer. My eyes widened and I attempted to close it, but he pushed the door causing it to open widely. I stumbled a few steps back.

Thank God he didn't use brute force like Kaden or else I might get hurt like that day.

He entered the room, and took a glance around the room. Then his eyes got fixed on me.

"How did you find me?" I asked.

"I have my ways, Elizabeth. And that's not important how I found you. But tell me why are you here? You didn’t pick up my calls, or didn’t even inform the company about this sudden tour of yours. Why?" He asked.

I didn’t say anything. It was not a tour, I never intended to go back again.

"Let it be, when are you planning to go back? Aren’t you afraid of your pay cuts? I am not gonna pay you for doing nothing." Archer queried.

What's the use of staying silence? He was right. He was my employer and a businessman. I opened my mouth.

"I don't plan on going back there, Sir. I will send my resignation tomorrow. You don't need to pay me anything. Just don't tell anyone where I am staying." I asserted.

"So, you have planned to leave the job, leave the country and settle down here?" He asked. I didn’t say anything. He didn’t have any right to know about my personal life or decisions.

Why would I share my plans with him? With a deceiving cheater like him?

"How dare you! How fucking dare you that you think you can leave without telling me anything?! He yelled all of a sudden.

I was so startled, I jumped in reaction.

The calm expression he was wearing for so long, it ruptured. His eyes glared at me, he clenched his teeth together.

I took another step back, trying to keep a safe distance from him. The close proximity between us was scaring me. He reminded me Kaden. My heart started beating faster.

"Please, Archer, I don't want any money or anything. Please go away from here." I uttered. My voice trembled a bit.

"Haven’t I told you trying to leave me was off limits? Still, you tried to live me. Why? Do you want me to be bad for you?" He asked me.
His tone went unexpectedly cold. It was so cold that it sent chills through my bones.

"Please, go from here, I don't want to have anything to do with you. Please just go! I don’t want to have anything to do With you!" I panicked, my voice was shaking a lot.

"I can't leave, not without you. I have been a good man, Elizabeth. All I wanted was your love, but you are adamant on making me a bad guy. Then so it be. But I am not changing my words, when I said, you are mine, you will be mine." He laughed saying the last part.

And it was scary.

"Just leave me alone, Archer! You will get many better girls than me!" I cried.

"But I love you. I want you. Not any other girl. I need you. And you will be going with me." He smiled.

"No! I would never go with you! Leave before I call the security!" I shrilled.

"I own 29% share of this hotel, unexpectedly. They wouldn’t do anything to me." Saying that, Archer went to the door.

I thought he was going to leave. But to my horror, three men in black suit entered the room. They were over 6 feet in height and had huge body.

"W-who are they? T-tell t-them to leave" I stuttered.

"They mean no harm, they are here to help me. You can relax." Archer said.

But I knew they had ill intention. I ran to the bed, to take my mobile. I needed to call the police now.

Before I could dial, it was snatched away from my hand from one of the black suited man. And the other two captured my hands.

Oh God! How did they come here so early? And why they were so strong? Were they monsters?

"Are you ready to come back with me, Elizabeth?" He asked. My heart paced faster.

I shook my head.

"No, I won’t. Please let me go. I beg you!" I desperately pleaded.

"I don't give up on the person I think of my own, Elizabeth. Sorry." He replied.

He gestured those men something. In panic, I started throwing my legs at them, trying to kick them. But they dodged my kicks, I struggled harder.

One of them caught my both wrists and another one held my legs tightly, limiting all the movement.

What were they gonna do to me?

Are they going to rape me?

"Please, noooooo!" I screamed in terror, but the third one standing before me, covered my mouth silencing my voice.

I fought harder, trying to wriggle away from their grip, but no outcome, it only made them tighten their brute hold on me.

For a second, it felt like I would suffocate to death by them. Tears of pain, helplessness burned my vision.

"Be careful with her! Don't hurt her. There must not be put a single scratch on her body!" I heard Archer ordering them in a strict voice.

Archer came closer to me. The man who was covering my mouth, gave him some kind of bottle from his pocket. Archer took it and brought napkin out of his own pocket.

His blue eyes which once were warm and comforting, they seemed chilling cold and predatory. His jaws were clenched together.

He opened the lid of that bottle which seemed to contain some liquid, he soaked the napkin with the liquid. Then giving the bottle back to the man, he brought the napkin to my nose.

I shook my head vigorously, but he used his left hand to fist my hairs to keep my face at place and pressed the napkin against my nostrils. I tried to hold back my breathing, but how long? My lungs protested, I couldn’t help inhaling. The strange smell entered my system. I felt my vision going blurry at first, then it became dark. My body turned numb and I lost my consciousness.


Archer's POV:

"You three, leave her." I ordered the bodyguards to release Elizabeth. I didn’t like another man touching my woman.

I picked her up in my arms as they released her. Elizabeth felt awfully light, even lighter than a few days ago. And her body felt unpleasantly hot.

"Tell the driver to prepare the car, I am going to the private airport now." I told them.

Elizabeth's head fell back, I craned my neck and touched my forehead with hers. Her body wasn’t just simply hot, she had a high fever.

"Fuck! I wouldn’t have chloroformed you if not for your being so much stubborn." I mumbled.

You have high fever still you didn’t bother to take care of yourself. What have you done to yourself in these days to turn into a skin to bone?

I thought.

I carried her in my arms and came out of the hotel room.


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