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Chapter 22 - Determination!

Elizabeth's POV:

My body was swaying. It felt like I was in a swing. Someone was pushing me. It was strange.

I fluttered my eyelids open and found myself in Archer's arms. He was carrying me up through the stairs. I was afraid he might drop me. My arms instinctively wrapped around his neck tightly.

I turned my head to look around the surrounding. My eyes landed on the transparent yet shiny glass treads of the lower part of the staircase as he kept on climbing farther, also the frameless glass railings. I could see a glimpse of the foyer. There was a wall decorations with small hexagonal mirrors and a floor to ceiling window.

It was a villa, it was not his penthouse.

But both of his houses were designed in contemporary style. It was minimalistic and elegant.

The villa seemed quite big, he walked through the landing hallway of the second floor. My eyes met many white closed doors, before he entered a huge room carrying me.

The huge bed had my eyes widened. It was even larger than the emperor size bed. At the right side there was a huge floor to ceiling sliding door leading to a beautiful balcony.

Archer put me on a round couch.

"Where am I now?" I asked.

"California." He answered.

"Why I am here?" I queried.

"Because I want you to be here." He answered and then started unbuttoning his shirt.

"W-what the hell are you doing?" I yelled.

He took off his shirt, revealing his hard chiseled chest and abs.

"Undressing?" He replied flatly.

"W-why? H-hoe dare you?" I stammered in fear. My palms got sweaty.

"Why what? After coming home from outside what a decent person does? He gets fresh. That's what I am going to do. Don’t hurt your head by overthinking." Saying, he entered the bathroom. I sighed in relief.

I landed my feet on the floor and stood up. I needed to look for my escape route.

The room was not just big, it was practically enormous. It was huge like a open field. Why in the world someone need such room for a single person?

One third population of California could peacefully accommodate here.

I fell each of my footsteps with caution, observing the room carefully. Near the bed, there were several scented candle holders beside the bonsai tree on a wooden stool. At the left side there was a table lamp and a book shelf attached to the wall.

And a ball chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The silk comforter, bedsheet and pillows, everything about the bed seemed it would be super comfortable to lay on. The room was luxurious, but every corner had the touch of elegance and opulence. But there was no exaggerated splendor.

I went to the balcony and it was also big. There were two chairs set at the center and various small plants around the glass balustrade. The balcony faced the beautiful garden outside. And the swimming pool.

The deep voice startled me. I turned around with a jump.

"Don't tell me you are already thinking about escaping?" Archer said. He just came out of the bathroom, his hairs were still wet and he was wearing nothing but a towel from his waist to below knees. Water droplets still dotted his masculine chest and curved abs. I turned my head, seeing him half naked.

"I-I w-wasn't t-thinking of escaping." I replied, feeling unconformable around him.

"Good. Because if you try, you won't succeed. This place is well secured with trained security guards. Not a single person can enter or leave without my permission." He told me.

I shot him a pleading look.

"Why are you doing this to me? What did I do to you?" I queried.

"You have no idea what you have done to me. You made me crazy." He answered, clenching his jaw.

"Huh?" I blinked a few times in confusion.

Without a further sentence, he turned around and entered the closet. He was engaged, he had a fiancee yet he kidnapped me to take advantage of me. What did he think of himself that just because he had money, he could do any willfulness?

I stomped inside the room, stood in front of the closet waiting for him. He came out changing into a t-shirt and trouser.

Archer opened the closet door, faced me.

"Why do you actually want from me? You are intercepting in my personal life. Does your fiancee know that you are messing here with another woman?" I glared at him.

At first his eyes widened. He gulped hearing me. Then spoke, "You misunderstood me. The news was a mistake. I am not engaged to anybody."

"Stop lying to me. It's useless. I hate rich people like you who are after women's bodies." I spat.

He clenched his jaw and came towards me. Wrapping his arms around my shoulders, he spun me and slammed me against the wall.

I gasped in surprise. He caged me with his body, with one knee in between my legs and his both arms around me on the wall.

His face was two inches apart from mine, his warm breath was fanning my face. His eyes were filled with anger.

"You know nothing about me. You don't even know what I am capable of doing. Just because you saw the gentleman Archer it doesn’t mean that I can't be a rogue and act like one. Are you sure you will be able to handle that? You are here, in my place. Don't forget that and anger me." He described.

With this he left the room without giving me a glance. I never thought Archer could do something like this. I swallowed hard, my heart was throbbing so hard.

Sliding through the wall, my body slumped on the floor. Why everyone wanted to play with me, with my life?

They wanted me for my body, they didn’t want my heart. I was just a object of lust to them, nothing else. They didn’t care about my feelings, they didn’t care even if I bled, care about my pain anything, all they wanted to sate their lust and violate me. There was no one to protecting me, there was nowhere I could escape. Archer found me within a week.

I wonder if they found my corpse, would they still violate it?

I brought my knees to my chest and broke into sobs. I didn’t want to live at this point of my life. I should just die.

Losing the track of time, I sat there, crying.


A unfamiliar female voice caught my attention. I looked up to see a woman standing there. She was wearing a maid outfit.

"Um. Ma'am. Actually-" She fidgeted with her fingers, clearly uncomfortable finding me at this disheveled state. I was already ill, lost weight and now I had been crying over an hour.

Even I was feeling awkward now.

"Ma'am, what would you like to eat? You haven’t eaten anything since you got here." She spoke.

I stood up and observed her. She looked younger than me.

I wiped my cheeks and the first thing that came from my mouth was, "I have been kidnapped. Please, help me. I want to get out of here."

Her eyes went big for a second, clearly surprised at my statement. Then she replied, "Ma'am, Sir told me to get you food."

I sighed, why did I even expect? I was a stupid like ever. Why would she help me? She was an employee on Archer's payroll.

"I am not hungry." Saying, I made my way towards the bathroom. I felt stressed. I wanted to wash up, get fresh and lie down again.

After finishing my business, I stood before the sink mirror to wash my face. My eyes were puffy, nose was red.

How long I would escape and keep on crying? What's the use of struggling when I couldn’t protect my dignity. Wasn’t it my body which Archer is after?

Let's give him what he wanted and got him out of my life forever. A new determination won me over.


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