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Chapter 23 - Fear!

Elizabeth's POV:

I didn’t know what to wear. I took a shower and put on an oversized t-shirt and a cargo short. Those definitely belonged to Archer. The t-shirt reached to my thighs and the short came to my calf. The clothes were pretty comfortable I must say.

I borrowed these from his closet. I didn’t have my bag or any cloth. Only God knew what he did with my passport and suitcase.

I propagated myself mentally. When he would return, I would offer him what he wanted and in return he would have to let me go and never bother me again.

I had a feeling that soon Archer would come to this room. I waited for him with my rapidly palpitating heart. Even with the nicely air-conditioning, I was sweating.

After an hour, the sound of the door harshly being slammed shut startled me. I turned my head at the door and found Archer standing there.

He approached me near the end of the bed with long strides. His brows were knitted together and face was hard.

He looked pissed.

Sitting on the bed, I backed away from him. Wasn’t I being so brave to face him sometime ago?

Where did my courage fly away to?

"I heard from the maid that you skipped your lunch. You were sick, you had a fever yesterday. Can I know the reason of your apathy towards food?" He asked, crossing his arms before his chest.

"I don't want food. I want my freedom." I conceded.

"Oh, yeah? And how is it going to happen?" He shot me a challenging look. I straightened my back, thrusting my chest up. It was a feeble attempt to display my valor.

"I will give you what you want from me and in exchange you will let me go. You won't pester me again." I asserted.

"And what do you think I want from you?" He questioned, raising a brow.

I gulped. My heart started hammering against my ribs hard, it seemed it would fly out anytime breaking the cage of those bones.

"What else can be other than my body?" I spat, venom laced with each and every words.

"So, you think I just want your body?" He inquired.

"If not then why a rich brat like you will chase a mediocre girl like me?" I answered his question with another question.

Archer's eyes hardened hearing me and he clenched his fist. His jaw tightened.

He seemed angry. Why would he be angry? It's not like I was lying. The truth must have hurt him.

"It seems that you have gathered enough experience from bedding rich people like me. You are well aware what I want from you." He gritted his teeth.

I glared at him. Did he just say I was a slut? I kept on sleeping with rich men? I didn’t do this ever. I starved myself, slept on a shelter home, but still didn’t sell myself ever.

"If you are that eager to offer me, who am I to refuse?" He spoke.

"Undress!" He instructed, pulling his t-shirt through his head. I took a few deep breaths.

I rubbed my both palms on the fabric of the cargo shorts I was wearing to wipe my sweat.

My hands gripped the hem of the t-shirt, pulling it over my head.

Finally, it was happening. It was happening with me again. I took the top off my body and found his piercing gaze on me. I gripped the t-shirt in a heap and held it before my chest, to cover myself.

I felt helpless, I felt uncomfortable. My breathing grew hard.

My throat became dry from the fear. But I needed to do it. As long as I could do it, it would be over.

"Your pant too." He urged.

Swallowing hard, I reached for the ribbon of the pant and slid it out of my body. The cold air of the A/C chilled my skin. I felt goosebumps all over my body. I couldn’t understand if it was from fear or the cold air of the A/C did the trick.

Archer was staring at me, his eyes were dark but hunger and lust was gleaming inside those orbs.

My heart was slamming against my ribcage so hard that it hurt my chest.

Getting on the bed, he crawled towards me. To me, it seemed like a game when a tiger catches it's prey.

More the proximity, the erratic drumming of my chest intensified, resulting my heart go on a rampage. My legs were in such a position, one folded over the other, not showing my core directly to him.

Instinctively, I tried to cover my chest with left arm and my lower part with right hand. It was a futile attempt though. I pushed myself away from him but he caught my ankle and pulled me towards him.

"Ahhhhh!" A scream left my lips.

"You surrendered yourself to me, why are you screaming now?" He raised a brow.

"Don't tell me a girl who has enough experience with a lot of rich men is suddenly feeling scared to be with a single rich man on his bed?" He taunted, his lip turned up in a smirk.

I bit my lip, tears threatened to come out of my eyes. He was implying that I was a slut.

Grabbing my arm, he yanked me towards him, smashing his lips with mine. The kiss wasn't loving, tender or even lustful. It was downright painful.

He wanted to hurt me. And was hurting me.

His teeth bit on my lips, I threw my arms at him to push him, but he was stronger. He grabbed my both wrists with one hand and grabbed my hair in a tight fist, with the other free hand while still kissing the life out of me.

He pushed me on the bed, on my back, hovering over me. I wriggled under him, but couldn’t move. He set his knees either side of my thighs, limiting my movements.

Out of desperation, I bit down his lip hard. He grumbled, releasing me.

"You wanted this Elizabeth! You suggested this, I didn’t tell you to get on the bed with me! Then why are you acting like this?!" He hissed, through clenched teeth.

He was right. I wanted this to get over as soon as possible. I didn’t like the game of cat and mouse. Because in the end, I knew I would be defeated anyway.

I braced myself, attempting to loosen my body to him. But the tension didn’t seem to cease.

He was going to hurt me like them.

Again. Tears started to percolate from the nook of my eyes, leaving wet trails on my both cheeks. I didn’t dare to look at his blue eyes, even a second ago those resembled fireballs.

Biting my lips, I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to cry, but the stubborn tears didn’t listen. They were adamant on showing my languish.

His eyes darkened already in lust.


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