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Chapter 24 - Not a slut!

Warning: Slight Mature Content Ahead

Elizabeth's POV:

My body trembled again when I felt soft finger tips of Archer wiping my tears.

"I won't hurt you. Never!" He spoke.

I opened my eyes and looked at him. The former anger subsided a lot. And now he looked the same handsome and charming guy that could bring any woman to her knees.

"I will never hurt you." He stated and I hoped he wouldn’t. Whatever could I do more than this anyway?

I let my all resistance go, lay under him powerless and immobile. I wouldn’t struggle or move, he could do anything he wanted.

This way it would hurt less, it would be over soon.

A deep breath came out of my mouth.

Archer leaned down and kissed my cheeks, then his soft lips moved to my jaw and finally making it's way to my neck.

He placed kisses after kisses on my neck and his hand touched my breasts. He softly squeezed them, but I didn’t move.

Archer sat beside me and took off his t-shirt, his ripped chest and abdomen were exposed.

"Elizabeth, are you sure? I really don't want to force myself on you!" He asked putting his index finger under my chin.

I nodded.

He grabbed my thighs and pulled me closer to him. He spread my legs and I squeaked in surprise. I was completely naked, my core was exposed to him.

He cupped my center and my body flinched.

I felt him parting my slit and sliding a finger inside me. I was dry and it hurt when he tried to dig deeper.

"You liar! Weren’t you saying that you have a lot of experience with men? Why are you so tight and dry as fuck? When was the last time you had been with a man?" Archer's seething voice made me startled. He glared at me.

I stared back at him and blinked in confusion.

What did it have to be with my experience with men? He could do whatever he wanted and let me go.

"Fucking answer me!" He roared. I flinched again.

And for a second, it seemed that the bed shook up from the intensity of his yelling.

What did I do now?

What made him so angry?

"Answer me, Elizabeth? When you last were with a man? How many years ago?" He gripped my chin now.

"A long ago, more than 4 years ago." I answered, gulping in fear.

And the anger from his face disappeared instantly, his face became normal.

"That's great. I like it more that way." He muttered himself.

"Don't worry darling, I am not going to hurt you." He said, running his palm over my hair.

He smiled and it looked really genuine.

His eyes didn’t seem malicious or hostile or even angry. It was warm and soft.

He went back to the previous position.

He grabbed my both thighs open wide and dipped his head in between my legs.

I expected him to encroach me forcefully, giving me pain while his eyes would be filled with sinister pleasure.

But nothing happened of that sort.

I felt his tongue entering my slit again and his finger pad slowly rubbing my bud. His tongue dipped deeper.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" A moan escaped my mouth.

I couldn’t understand what was happening.

I was sure all I had to do was lying there motionless, biting my lip in pain.

But why his touches weren’t rough and painful? It should be give me pain, agony.

Instead I felt myself loosening up, slickness forming slowly.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Another moan was released from my mouth when his fingers started to rub my bud harder.

I could feel my nipples hardening as pleasure ran through my body again.

I bit my lower lip, but it wasn’t from pain. I felt my walls throbbing, pleasure getting more hard to control. I tried to swallow my moans, but I couldn’t. I tried not to move. Byt couldn’t succeed in this either. His overly skillful tongue didn’t let me.

My hips moved up down, grinding against his mouth faster.

"Nooooo!" I uttered, but it came out incoherent.

Even my vocal cords couldn’t function properly now. My brain was getting empty slowly.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Another lewd rebellious moan evaded from my mouth.

My hands fisted his hair in desperation, core clenched in need.

"Stoopppp!" I tried to say.

But he didn’t stop, rather he increased the speed of tonguing my inside and rubbed my clit in a circular motion now, lightly pinching the sensitive bud every now and then.

Whenever he pinched my clit, my body would shake up against the bed.

The pleasure might be guilty but my body didn’t know it. I found myself moving my hips, grinding my core against his mouth harder as he tongue fucked me.

It seemed like nothing less than a real sex. Rather, it was more blissful. My body never felt such passion ever before. So, now when it got it, it just dived into the passion, the fervor without reasons.

My breathing quickened, my walls tightened more and with a scream, I hit my climax still clutching his hair.

After so many years, I had an orgasm and it was so intense. My bones started aching.

I was panting and felt him licking my juices. I lay there for a few minutes, it took me some minutes to get back to the reality. The orgasm took me almost to the sky for. And Archer also sat beside me.

"Mmm, delicious." He remarked, looking at me as he just tasted my essence. I didn’t dare saying anything.

Slowly strength got back to my limbs and I came to my sense. My braincells began functioning again. I was able to think again.

What just happened? What did I just do?

Archer was after my body. But I also behaved like a wonton woman having no control over myself and came on his mouth.

I was even moaning like a slut.

As the memories replayed in my head, I couldn’t take it anymore. Shame hit me like a big chunk of stone.

How could I do this?

Guilt overtook me and curling into a ball to another side, I broke into tears.

I wanted to die.

"Elizabeth, what's wrong? Did I hurt you?" I heard Archer's concerned voice, his fingers tapping on my shoulders.

"Why do you care if I am hurt or not. Fucking do whatever you want to do with me and let me go as soon as possible." I said between my cries.

A voice replayed in my head.

You are a slut, Elizabeth. Or else why would you choose someone like Nathan? Why would you sleep with him?

"I am not a slut! I am not a slut! I am not a slut!" I chanted desperately with closed eyes, covering my ear with both palms, trying not to hear the those voices. Those were burning memories of my humiliations, my disgrace, my pain.

"I am not supposed to feel this. I can not!" I cried.

"I am not a sluttt!" I wailed.

"What the fuck!" Archer removed my hands off my ear. His jaws were clenched tightly.

He was looking utterly pissed.

"Just taking pleasure from someone doesn’t make you a slut." He said through his rapid breathing.

He turned his head, leaving the bed.

I turned to him and sat up.

"Archer, whatever you want from me please be over with it tonight. I am not a slut and I don't want to do this again. Satiate the lust you have for me and let me go. Please." I implored through tears, joining my both hands together.

Archer clenched his jaw and gritted, "If you think I want you just for a few fucks, then you know nothing about me. Get dressed and maids will be here with dinner. Eat that like a good girl."

"Then will you let me go?" I questioned him as hope peeped in my mind.

"Never!." He spoke going towards the door. He crushed my hopes.

I got my clothes and started to put these on again.

When I thought he was gone, he wasn’t gone actually. He entered the room again. Standing by the door frame he said, "And remember one thing, I will surely fuck you and fuck you a lot. But Archer Johnson never fucks an unwilling woman. When I will fuck you, you will be the one to beg for more."

With that, he left.

Never in thousand years, it would happen. I wouldn’t be a rich man's slut or mistress.


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