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Chapter 25 - Trauma!

Archer' POV:

Something had happened to her, for sure. She was hurt and there I saw a pure hunted, traumatized look in her eyes.

She thought feeling pleasure from a man's touch was disgusting and considered it as a sinful, forbidden act.

According to her, every man was evil and was after women's bodies. She asked me to fuck her tonight and let her go.

But fucking her when she was unwilling, it wasn’t in my principles. And I didn’t just want her body. Her body was something I wanted, with her everything. A woman is not about just about her body. A warm hole to fuck.

She is much more. Her heart, soul, mind every thing is interconnected. If only body was enough then why people look for a human company? A sex doll should suffice. I saw nowadays sex doll companies were making good money, they were even adding more features to their toys.

Elizabeth was dignified and strong. Her willpower, gracefulness made me respect her, her beauty attracted me and her spontaneity made me crave for her. She was someone I wanted all along.

Someone who would be beautiful enough, but not to be swayed easily by money, will have her own opinion and courage, independent and lastly compassionate. Someone who would have the spine to oppose me if needed, and have the courage to challenge me.

I wanted Elizabeth, not just her body, but her heart and willingness too. I wouldn’t lie, saying I didn’t want to fuck her.

I did, I really. It took me the power of a saint to suppress my desire and get out of that bed. She was so beautiful. And sexy.

Her body had right amount of flesh and fat in right places, not much, not any less. Soft and smooth.

I felt like fucking her until we both lose our senses. I surely would do it soon. When she would let me do her willingly and surrender herself to me.

I would fuck her more than a zillion times and fill her flat stomach with my babies. I envisioned a family with her. I didn’t have any evil intention with her or didn’t want to disgrace her.

She was anything but a cheap fuck to me.

But her condition told me she wasn’t ready to accept me in soon. She was scared of me. No, I think, she was scared of every fucking single man.

The kind of resistance she showed, it wasn’t normal even for an unwilling woman. I saw her fear and trauma in those eyes.


Already I was hard seeing her. She was beautiful, didn’t expect her little body to hide such delicious curves under her clothes.

I let out a breath. It was getting difficult. How could I break the ice of her heart?

I thought and thought. And reached to an opinion.

She might be raped.

This is why she has such an intense antipathy towards men.

How to cure it? I didn’t want her to live a life full of traumas. I didn’t find any problem if she was raped before. I would help her to heal. I would heal her.

Girls nowadays sleep with many of guys before marriage, have many one-night stands with strangers too. And if I talk about guys, the number will be uncountable. People never talk about them. Then someone having a bad memory in which she didn’t have the power, she shouldn’t live in that trauma.

I tried to sleep, but couldn’t. I didn’t have insomnia or anything. The look of fear and tears in her eyes didn’t let me sleep.

Out of impulse, I did a shameful thing to her. I literally forced her.


Elizabeth's POV:

I couldn’t get enough sleep last night. Archer kidnapped me and brought me here, he was keeping me here without my will.

Like an idiot, I pushed his limit, provoked him to fuck me, so he would let me go.

It was true. I challenged him. Archer didn’t pounce on me first, rather I was stupid to think that I could do this with him. I thought having sex would be easy. Wasn’t it mean penetration of male genital inside a woman's body until both of them get off?

It should be simple.

But I forgot that I wasn’t over the past trauma yet. The trauma of pain, humiliation, self-loathing and lastly overwhelming distress.

After almost four years, I let any man touch me for the first time. I thought Archer would fuck me quick, and let me leave. But it didn’t happen. He wasn’t rough.

He pleasured me, washing my body with currents of ecstasy. After that I realized how wrong it was, I just acted like a whore.

The same whore they described me to be. I wiped my tears. I was confused, couldn’t understand anything.

Archer definitely wanted to have sex with me. I saw the lust in his eyes. Why didn’t he have sex with me and get over with it when I offered myself to him?

Why didn’t he let me be free?

I didn’t want to do anything to do with it.

If you think I want you just for a few fucks, then you know nothing about me.

What did he mean by that?

What was his intention for me?

Why did he just leave without doing anything?

A maid knocked on the door.

"May I come in, Ma'am?" She asked.

"Come in," I spoke lazily. She entered carrying a bunch of clothes.

"Ma'am, here's your clothes. Should I place them inside the closet?" She questioned.

"Do whatever you want." I told her without any care. She frowned in confusion, then nodded. She placed them inside the closet.

"Ma'am, would you like me to bring your breakfast?" She queried again.

"No, not yet. I want to sleep a bit more." I spoke, turning my back to her.

The body was already tired, weak and the lack of sleep and the nerve-racking events from the last night had taken a toll on me. Though I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep, my eyelids closed up.




"Ma'am, you have been sleeping for so long. You need to wake up!"

My slumber broke by some loud voice. Furrowing my brows. Instinctively my both palms covered my ears to prevent the sound from reaching my ears. But it was futile, because the sound got louder to the point it felt grating.

Groaning, I half-opened my eyes. Thankfully the light didn’t burn my eyes.

I saw not just one but two women standing by the bed, trying to get me up. They both had their maid outfits on. Their attempt was successful.

"What?" I grumbled. Both seemed unprepared to respond to my reaction.

"Ma'am, sorry for waking you up. But it's late, past 12 pm. You didn’t have breakfast before, you need to eat something." One of them spoke.

I felt bad behaving in that way. But I was feeling irritated due to lack of sleep, the stress, and everything. I wanted to keep on sleeping.

But my stomach was empty. I yawned.

"Ma'am, please have something light at least. Or else you will feel weak later." The other maid said.

I nodded.


Both of them smiled and left the room. I was wondering why I still didn’t get to see Archer again. Last night he looked super pissed and mad.

Why didn’t he come to me yet? Was he planning something more sinister to punish me?

My heart beat faster thinking about possible incidents. But I pushed those thoughts away from my head and headed to the bathroom. I took a shower with cold water and came out.

I was still in the bath towel. I noticed the pile of clothes on the bed, all of them were from expensive brands.

Most of these were comfortable home wear like pajama set, undergarments, some casual tops, pants and a few dresses.

I choose a full sleeve pajama set. I didn’t know if Archer was the one to bring these clothes, but I was relieved that he didn’t show any perverted streak yet, he was allowing me to wear usual clothes.

After I was done dressing up, the maids brought food for me. It was chicken, vegetable chowder, rice and fruit salad. Except the chowder, I returned everything.

After eating, I was feeling better. I was expecting to see Archer again. But he didn’t come to my room.


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