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26 - Little Date!

Elizabrth's POV:

This place was huge. I was literally lost inside this enormous mansion.

I didn’t know where to go, look for Archer.

"Hey!" I called a maid, who was hurrying down the stairs. She halted and looked at me.

"Can you tell me where's Archer?" I queried.

Her eyes widened for a nanosecond, after she recovered from her shock. No one addressed him like this, I assumed.

She said, "Ma'am, I work in the kitchen section. I am sorry, I don't know where Sir Archer is."


She got down through the stairs. Where to get Archer? Which way should I go?

"Ma'am, do you need anything?" Someone spoke behind me. I turned back to see it was the same maid who served me breakfast this morning.

"Oh, yeah. I am looking for Archer. Where is he?" I asked.

"Ma'am, you want to meet him? Don't get me wrong, but I will suggest you not to find him now. He is preoccupied with someone." She responded.

"Preoccupied?" I frowned.

"Yeah, he is in a date with someone very important." She smiled.


I couldn’t believe it. He kidnapped me, was keeping me here against my will, while he was in a date with another woman.

Bloody man whore! I will kill him.

"When will he return here?" I questioned, grinding my teeth.

"He never left, Ma'am. He is busy with his date in this place. This morning his little date arrived and since then he is occupied. I don't think the little lady will be done soon." She smiled again.

"Where is he? With his date?" I shot her an icy glare.

"The last time he was in the garden, now he must be in his study." She spoke.

"How to go there?"

"This way, then turn left." She answered, gesturing towards the hallway.

"But you shouldn’t go there becau-" She was about to say something more, but I didn’t let her finish.

"Thanks for telling me where he is. I didn’t ask for your further opinion."

I rushed to the way. I met a few other maids, and they showed me the way to his study.

The door of his study wasn't locked. I pushed it open and stormed inside.

And there was Archer. But the sight wasn’t what I imagined it to be. He was sitting on the carpet on his arms and knees, and a little girl was seated on his back. He wore a human saddle over his shirt, and the little girl held onto it tightly.

The little girl was so beautiful, she looked almost like an angel. The little version of Disney princess Eliza. She wouldn’t be older than three.

Her smile would win anyone’s heart. But this wasn’t why I was here. I needed answer.

It seemed like Archer noticed my sudden arrival, but the little kid didn’t.

"Go again, my horse!" She spoke, looking at Archer.

I stood there, but couldn’t understand what to do.

Where was the woman that he was dating? If I could, I would slap Archer right now! I was literally shaking in rage. But the only reason I controlled myself because there was a child there.

I stood there, resting my both hands on both sides of my waist, awaiting him to stand up and talk to me.

"How about you have some dessert now? You must be hungry, princess. And after eating, we will play again, yes darling?" Archer said to the child.

"Okay." The girl nodded.

He carefully got her down on the floor from his back first and then stood up himself. He called a maid. He kissed the child on her forehead and ordered the maid to take her out of the study room so we both could talk.

The kid glanced at me once and gave me a sweet smile. I didn’t know who she was, but I returned her another smile. My heart melted at the beautiful smile.

As soon as we were alone, I went to Archer and caught his shirt collar.

"How fucking dare you? You think you have money, power. So you can do whatever you want! Huh!" I screamed.

His eyebrows rose and eyes widened. I could tell that my behavior was the farthest thing he expected this morning.

"Elizabeth, release my collar. Let's talk civilly." He spoke. I released his collar with a shove on his chest.

"Talk civilly? You are the one who is acting like a barbarian! Like a manwhore!" I snapped. I was breathing hard, I could say that my nostrils flared.

"You are trying to forcefully get in my life, you kidnapped me, keeping me here against my will. And now you are asking me to talk civilly? Huh! Fuck you!" I gritted, balling my fist.

"I had a feeling that you were just like every one else, a womanizer and a rich fuckboy. But I never thought you will bring another woman here at the same time while keeping me against my will. You surpass all lines of shamelessness!" I was yelling so loud that it grated my own throat.

His brows knitted together at my words.

"What! Another woman? What are you talking about?" He asked.

The imprint of surprise on his face baffled me. How could someone act so good? He should get at least an Academy Award for his acting.

"Stop pretending! You know what I am talking about. Where is your date, who kept you occupied this whole morning? Did you hide her already? Was she able to give you what you couldn’t get from me, huh? If yes, then congratulations! Let me go now! Why keeping an unwilling woman?" I glowered.

The surprised look on his face faded, and he glared back at me.

"Are you done with your nonsense? What woman? What date? What the hell are you talking about?" He gritted. His cheekbone jut out.

"What woman? The woman you were so busy with, being her date today. Don't lie, even your servants saw her. Stop pretending!" I huffed.

"My servants? Who told you? Tell me?" He demanded. He took a deep breath.

"Why? So you could fire the poor maid for speaking the truth? I won’t." I replied.

"If one of them said I was with some woman today, it was a lie. And I wouldn’t let it pass. How dare she? I want to ask her why did she lie? If you don’t tell me who she is, then I will fire not only that maid, I will fire all the maids. Tell me, are you ready to let others suffer for her?" He chided.

"You are the worst!" I retorted.

"You are forcing me to behave this way." He remarked.

Archer called all the maids and stood them before me. I had to show him the maid who told me about his date.

"She told me." I gestured towards the particular maid. Archer told all the maids to leave except her.

"You told her that I had a date today? How dare you to lie to her?" Archer raged, glaring at her. He was so angry, his jaws clenched shut and there formed perpendicular wrinkles in between his brows.

And the maid, she was literally sweating in fear.

"Sir, I don't know what I said wrong. Ma'am was looking for you, and I told her that you were preoccupied with your little date. As I know it's true, Miss Chloe has come, and I assumed like every time you will spend the whole day with her this time too. I told Ma'am not to find you because Miss Chloe often cried hard if you didn’t give her time. I never said anything else." She stated.

"You didn’t mention any woman?" Archer asked.

"No, Sir. I swear by God. I work here, you are my employer, why would I lie about you?" She said.

Archer turned to me now.

"Is she speaking truth? She is saying she never mentioned anything about any woman." He asked, looking at my eyes.

I nodded slowly, recalling her words.

She really didn’t mention any woman. She said he was preoccupied with his little date.

"But she mentioned your little date. Said that she is very important to you, she arrived this morning just to meet you. She wouldn’t be done with you soon." I described.

Then suddenly it hit my realization. She wasn’t talking about the little girl, was she?

"I apologize to both of you, but I meant Miss Chloe. I never wanted to create a rift in between you two." The lady remarked.

"Chloe?" I stared at Archer.

He closed his eyes and let out an annoyed groan. Then he turned to the maid.

"You leave this room. From today, you are assigned to work in the garden, never dare to set foot inside this house. I am feeling like firing you, but am not doing it. Just get the hell out of my sight, you stupid maid!" Archer yelled at the maid.

She ran out of the room in tears.

Then Archer turned his gaze back to me.

"Chloe is my niece, the little girl you have seen with me. If that stupid maid said and meant I was preoccupied with someone important, it was indeed true. Chloe is important to me. She lives in Australia with her parents. Whenever my sister comes to the states, she stays at my parents' place. And whenever they are here, Chloe always comes here every weekend. She is very fond of me and plays with me the whole day, she likes her uncle a lot. My sister had a rough pregnancy. She got seriously ill after Chloe's birth, and my brother-in-law was also busy with work. After Chloe was born, I was so happy, my mother and I spent more time with her than her own father and mother taking care of her. So, Chloe has a deep attachment with me." Archer explained.

"The maid told you about my little date, and you were so desperate to prove me a casanova, you didn’t even bother understanding her words completely. You assumed what you wanted to believe." Archer stated.

The more he spoke, the more embarrassed I felt.

Not only embarrassed, guilty as well. I shouted at him, spoke downgrading words when in reality he was with his little niece, spending time with her.

I lowered my head in shame. I couldn’t look him into the eyes.

"I am sorry." I uttered. I felt horrible.

"What? What did you say?" Archer asked, raising a brow.

"I am sincerely sorry." I looked up, at him. He nodded in acknowledgement.

For a few minutes, we both were silent, looking at each other. I didn’t know what to say next. It was an awkward and uncomfortable silence.

Archer's eyes moved to the study table from me.

"I am sorry, as well, for my behavior last night." He admitted.

He didn’t maintain eye contact with me deliberately.

"I didn’t know what came over me last night. But it won’t happen again. Believe me, I, never in my life forced any girl." He asserted, running his fingers through his hair.

Woah! I didn’t see this coming, this apology was a surprise. I thought all rich men were cocky, downright arrogant to acknowledge their mistake or crime.

For now, I accepted his apology. But being near Archer seemed uncomfortable now. I didn’t wait there anymore, I headed to my room. I needed time to get my head straight.


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