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Chapter 28 - Let Him See Her Heart!

Archer's POV:

A loud female giggle startled me as I entered my room.

My brows raised upward in suspicion as my eyes searched for the source of the noise.

Then again I heard the same sound.


"You silly man!" Again the same laughter. I looked all over the room, but didn’t find anyone. But my feet followed the direction of the sound and stopped going to the other side of the bed.

I couldn’t understand whether to laugh or cry, because the sight presented before me wasn’t something expected.

Elizabeth was laughing, lying on the floor, holding an open bottle of wine close to her chest. And some wine also stained the shirt she was wearing. That means she already finished that bottle.

Her eyes were half closed, she was uttering half-coherent words and laughing. I was upset and returned home deliberately late because I needed time for myself to face Elizabeth. Her constant refusal was beginning to send me close to exasperation. If I stayed there, I might do something to her that I would regret later. But what the hell was she was doing? Getting mad drunk at my room?

I went to her and knelt beside her.

"Hey, Elizabeth? What are you doing?" I asked. But she didn’t answer me first.

"Elizabeth!" I patted her cheeks. She opened her eyes and blinked a few times in confusion. But soon the confusion faded.

Her grey eyes filled with recognition and a smile played on her lips.

"A-archhheeerrrr!" Came out her slurred word.

"You c-came? W-why did y-you come j-just now? I h-have been w-waiting f-for so l-long." She spoke. She held my wrist and got on sitting position. But she couldn’t keep on sitting, her body was wavering. I wrapped my arms around her shoulder, so she didn’t collapse on the floor and get hurt.

"I have s-something t-to say t-to you!" She uttered.

"What?" I raised a brow at her.

"Sit b-beside me. Here." She pouted, gesturing beside her. Sitting on the floor wearing was damn hard. But her adorable pout and puppy eyes were even harder to resist. I let out a big sigh and somehow sat beside her on the floor, wearing my Armani pant.

As soon as I got on the floor, wrapping her both arms around my neck, Elizabeth hopped on my lap. Her body was swaying, she drank herself to almost insanity. She leaned her body weight against me. Her face was so close to mine.

She might not be in her sense, but her mere touch was enough to make my inner man react. My body being so closed to the very woman it craved, responded instantly. I felt tightness in my pant. I gulped, feeling her soft body against mine.

"Elizabeth you need to go to your room. Let's talk tomorrow." I said. Being near her was dangerous.

"N-noo! I w-won't." She slurred.

"A-archerrr, y-you are a f-fooollll." She giggled. I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Y-you must be t-thinking w-why. I-I'm telling y-you. If n-not-t then y-you w-wouldnt like som-meone like m-meh." She spoke.

"You deserve better. I am n-not g-good enough f-for y-you." She continued.

I clenched my eyes shut. She again started the same shit, and I was feeling myself to go angry. I let out a sigh to control my anger. Would she stop refusing me if I fucked her here and made her mine?

But my rampant reverie was broken when I heard her cries. She hid her face in my chest and broke into sobs.

I felt her body trembling, tears soaking my suit jacket.

"I d-don't live l-like this. I too w-want to l-lobe. Y-you k-know it h-hurts me. I, too, want a f-family." She cried.

"A-archerrr, y-you seem l-like a g-good man. I want to f-fall in love with y-you. To b-be your family. B-but I can't. It fucking hurts me!" She lamented.

The words she was uttering now were straight from her heart. Her drunken self was ridiculously honest, which she might regret later. I didn’t want to take advantage of her vulnerability, but I needed answers. And I chose to be a bad person once in my life.

I cupped her face and made her look at me. Her face was flushed, tip of her nose was blood-red. Tears were rolling down her both cheeks like a waterfall.

"Baby, stop crying." I said, wiping her tears.

"You can. You obviously can. Who says that you can't? We both can be a family, a happy one. I won't let you get hurt anymore. I will make our own family with you. Why do you keep on saying that you can't?" I asked.

"B-because t-they hurt me a lot-t, they ruined me forever. No-one will love me anymore. He t-told me that I was p-pitiful, no one will love me a-anymore. I am u-unwanted to all." She cried with hiccups.

My skin froze as the realization of her words slowly got though me. My eyes stilled on her teary grey orbs, and the hurt that glanced back at me was anecdotal. It was so intense, that my heart nearly felt like it was being ripped out. Once I thought she was hurt by someone named Nathan. I had no idea that more others were involved too.

As the surprise dissolved, fury took its place. My fists clenched automatically.

What the fuck happened to her? What the fuck they did to her? Was she raped?

Whoever those bastards to hurt her? My precious woman?

And why wasn’t I there to protect her from those vultures?

I didn’t know if Elizabeth would be with me or not, but I would hunt them down whoever hurt her. If I could drain every last drop of happiness from the world, then I would pour it in her life. Or even could sacrifice my own life for her happiness.

Strange! From when she became someone so important to me?

I wrapped my arms around her waist. She sobbed silently in my arms as I held her.

"You aren’t unwanted. I want you. I like you." I assured her. She lifted her face and stared at me.

"Do you d-despise me t-too now?" She blinked her eyelids. Her eyelashes were soaked with tears.

"Noo! Fucking no! I Iove you!" I yelled. I didn’t want her to feel disgusted of herself just because of her past. It wasn’t her fault.

My feelings for her wouldn’t change a bit.

"Really?" Elizabeth inquired in her broken voice.

I nodded.

"Then make love to me."


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