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Chapter 3 - Tying & Untying Hair!

Elizabeth's POV:

It has been twenty days; I was working as his assistant and designer. It was tough as hell. He was overly strict.

For some days, I noticed some changes in him. I often caught him staring me. Sometimes, he averted his eyes when I looked at him and sometimes he didn’t look away.

Today, I was sitting inside his car with him. We were going to a company for a business meeting.

I was checking the notes and all the necessary things for the presentation before handing them to him.

But my attention got back to him when he called me.

"Ms. Sanders,"

"Yes, Sir. Do you need anything? I was checking the presentation slide for final time." I told him.

"Yes. Don’t keep your hair untied like this. It may be distracting for me and for people in the meeting." He said.

"Excuse me!" I asked. It was the last thing I expected to hear from him.

"Your hairs, tie them up. Now." He gestured to tie my hairs.

I tied my hairs in a loose messy bun.

We reached the company and joined the business meeting. After the meeting was done, we were returning back. Our company successfully signed a deal with them.

"Ms. Sanders, your hairs are too beautiful to be tied up. Untie them," Spoke Mr. Johnson making me frown.

"But Sir you told me that these are distracting to you." I asked in confusion.

He looked at me with his icy blue eyes.

"Yep. Sure they are. Very distracting. I don't want other men to stare at your hairs. But when you are only with me, I would love to get distracted by you." He gave me a mysterious smile.

My jaw dropped. Could he mean?

No he wouldn’t mean something like that!

"What do you mean, Sir?" I questioned.

"Nothing, untie your hairs for me, Elizabeth." He stated and his voice sounded a little demanding. But I couldn’t understand what to do. It was so fucking awkward.

"Why would I unti-" Before I could finish the sentence, with a swift tug, he untied my hairs. My hairs fell cascading all over my shoulder. Hr eyed my hair and I didn’t if I was seeing it right. I saw admiration in those blue orbs.

With a satisfied smile, he looked at his iPad screen.

I wanted to ask what was wrong with him. Why was he acting like this all of a sudden?

"Sir, may I ask you something?" I queried.


"Are you feeling sick or is something wrong? Or have you might take any wrong medicine? You are acting strange." I asked blinking a few times.

"I am fine, Ms. Sanders. Thanks for your concern," He said.

"Really?" I mumbled.

He eyed me and snickered.


After returning to the company, I headed to my cabin. I completed the design that I was given. Before final submission, I wanted to show that to Mr. Johnson.

But I needed to go to the washroom. I went to the ladies room. I was done and coming out that's when saw my colleague Riley was retouching her makeup and reapplying the red lipstick. She wore a pretty short and plunge neckline tight dress today.

I was washing my hands standing beside her, then she suddenly spoke, "Hey, Lizzy. What's up?"

"Hey!" Said to her.

"How lucky you are, Lizzy." She uttered.

"Why?" I asked putting my hand under the hand drying machine.

"Now, you are the hot hunk CEO's PA. You get to spend all day with him. I am so jealous of you. How did you do it? Have you let him get inside your pants already?" She remarked.

I glared at her. I felt like slapping her.

"Riley, I am his PA just for this new project. I am still a designer and still have to design the interior. He gave me a separate working space. Don't misinterpret things." I stated.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah. Sure. I wondered why he would choose him when more experienced designers were there too. Sorry." Saying, she walked out.

I took a deep breath. Some people were shit.

However, I went back to my cabin then my boss called me. I went to his cabin to see Riley was standing there leaning on his desk. Her cleavage was uncovered there for him to watch.

Mr. Johnson while was checking a file and pointing out mistakes. He didn’t look at her even once.

He was only a few pages through the file. He didn’t finish checking out, but he lifted his head and looked straight at Riley.

"This file is full of mistakes." He glared at Riley.

"Boss, I am sorry. I couldn’t understand this part. So, I thought I would come to show you first." She purred in her nasal voice. She licked her lips.

"Do you think the multi-billion company is some kinda joke? Or your playground? You can't do this type of simple work. I think I have to Revaluate the employee performance. Now take this damn file and do it again from scratch by today!" He brurst, slamming the file on the table.

Riley flinched at his harshness.

She took the file and turned to leave then Mr. Johnson said, "Miss Jenkins it's an office. Try to wear decent clothes and respect the office decorum. Don't forget you come here to work not to seduce your boss. Now Go!"

Riley's eyes widened in shock, her face reddened in shame. She ran out of the room.

Even I was shocked.

But Mr. Johnson seemed to notice me now.

"Oh. Ms. Sanders why are you standing there silently? I called you to fix a meeting with Fixyber Incorporation Ltd. And also what about the reports I wanted from the finance department."

"Sir, I will fix the meeting and a while ago, the head finance officer said they need some more time." I replied.

"Okay, bring me a coffee, without any sugar." He said.

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