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Chapter 31 - Going Away!

Elizabeth’s POV:

My eyes widened in front of the full length mirror of the bathroom.

My neck, collar bone, chest, breasts, stomach, thigh - everywhere was filled with kiss marks.

No matter how much I was in denial, my body was saying otherwise. The countless hickeys reflected how it was all real.

What kinda sex did we have yesterday?

I filled the tub with warm water and sank myself in it.

The warm water started to alleviate my soreness a bit. He must have done this many times.

Life often made us experience unexpected situations. I never thought that Archer and I would do it together. And he even wanted to take it seriously. He didn’t consider this sex as a one-night stand.

He was an out and out different rich guy. And he made me think differently of rich guys.

My head was still hurting.

After wiping my body and drying my hair, I took an aspirin for my headache.

Archer’s POV:

Do you still not care if I say that I am barren? You are a billionaire, you will want an heir, but I can’t give it to you. I can’t give you a fucking family!

Elizabeth’s words were echoing in my head. Pinching between my brows, I clenched my eyes shut. I felt pounding in my ears.

I still couldn’t believe. This is why she resisted so hard?

If I hadn’t been a billionaire heir, she might want to be with me.

Did my wealth make her more insecure and doubtful?

Archer, that’s not the only thing about me. I was betrayed by someone I trusted most. He pushed me to the jaws of hungry animals. I was damaged and abused by people. Don’t get attached with the likes of me.

And what about this? After she cut herself from me, would she continue living a loner life? And what was the reason? She was abused by people and had a rough past.

Whatever happened, why would she live like this? She was the victim, yet she was living like a criminal punishing herself every moment.

Was everything about child? Just because a man or woman can’t have child, does it mean he/she can’t live the life like others or have family?

Or a person should abandon his or her partner after getting to know he/she is infertile? I still could force Elizabeth to stay here and marry her. But that wouldn’t be right. I would always be a criminal to her then.

Forcing someone you can make place in someone’s heart, make her feel one of the deepest emotion called hatred. I didn’t want her to hate me.

She might not be with me, but I wished her to live happily.

Did I just increase the amount of her burden of pain?

The next day,

I got prepared to go to work and descended downstairs for breakfast. A few minutes later, Elizabeth joined me. She took a seat a few chairs away from me.

“Good morning.” She greeted me without looking towards me.

“Good morning.” I greeted back. Elizabeth seemed uncomfortable around me. She pulled the jug and filled her glass with water. Then drank it up. Her movements were tense.

After yesterday, we both didn’t talk. Elizabeth wasn’t ready for whichever happened between us. We decided to part ways. I might look at her once or twice, but she didn’t look at me at all.

A thick silence spread through the room.

I was waiting to be served. Maids were bringing more items to the table. But Elizabeth didn’t wait for them. She took two pancakes on her plate herself and started eating. It seemed like she was in such a hurry to leave.

Yeah, hurry to leave from my presence!

And it agitated me how disinterested she was. Couldn’t she be a bit comfortable even in our last meeting? Did she have to this indifferent!

“How long are you guys going to take to bring the breakfast dishes!” I yelled all of a sudden.

A maid who was carrying a bowl of some hot stew flinched at my voice. She spilled some stew on the floor and created a mess.

My eyes went to Elizabeth only to see her giving me an icy stare, her lips tightly shut.

Closing my eyes, I let out a deep breath. I couldn’t vent my anger, frustration on others. Her fingers gripped her fork hard. She was also getting upset.

I saw the maid standing there. She gulped, fearing to come forward.

“Just bring the dishes quickly. I am running late.” I said in a softer tone this time.

I didn’t eat pancakes, I had some stew with bread.

By the end, Elizabeth finally opened her mouth.

“Archer, I want my personal belongings back. I don’t even know where I am now. Give me back my phone, laptop and clothes. I want to leave tomorrow.” She spoke.

“Okay. You will get everything back a few hours later. If you want to go to the airport, tell one of the maid. Driver is always present here.” I responded.

“Okay.” She nodded.

I stood up from the table and started walking to the foyer. Before I leave, for the one last time, I turned back.

I saw Elizabeth looking at my way. I was watching her from a distance. But something in her grey eyes didn’t go unnoticed.

These seemed like longing and sadness. Was she sad for leaving me? I didn’t want to delude myself any longer and stretch our distress further.

I turned around and walked out. I was hurt, annoyed and frustrated at my fate. And that’s when I realized that money couldn’t bring us everything. There was a thing called happiness which was totally in control of God.

Who were fortune got it from God, and who weren’t they remained thirsty like me.

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