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Chapter 32 - Parting Ways!

Elizabeth's POV:

Unknowingly, a sigh heaved out of my chest as I saw Archer’s retreating figure. I didn’t like him, let alone moving him. Then why an emptiness engulfed my heart?

Events with Archer made me realize again that how happiness was an untouchable dream to me.

I stood up from the chair and, leaving the dining space, I climbed up the staircase. I was waiting for Archer to return me my things.

There was nothing I could do without them. I began roaming inside. I went to the pool area and dipping my feet in the water, I sat down by the edge of the pool. The bright rays of sun reflected on the pool, making the transparent water glimmer. But it didn’t calm me down.

The huge mansion suddenly seemed melancholic. I returned to my room and let my body collapse on the bed.

Is child really that important? Is the worth of a woman determined by her ability alone of giving birth?

Hadn’t I met with Nathan, this would have never happened. He was my worst mistake, he ruined my life.

Whatever! I already planned my forever single life. Working well, establishing my own firm, buy a small house.

But it was before I had met Kaden again. He would come for me, and I was sure Oliver with be with him too.

First, I had to hide somewhere safe and land a stable job.

If I asked Archer to help me look for a safe place where no one would find out, would he help me? By now, I knew that he would do it without even blinking.

Even though I wasn’t like him, he would help me his best, if I just asked.

But I wouldn’t ask him. I wouldn’t want him to associate himself with my life again, neither wanted to take his advantage.

After the accidental sex, I didn’t see any regret or guilt in his face. He came forward intending to take responsibility and insisted.

And the sincerity I saw in his eyes and heard in his voice shocked me and warmed my frozen heart. A little part of me wondered how it would be if I hadn’t been so drunk that night and had sex with him sober with a clear. If I were, then at least I could take the beautiful memories of his touches with me.

I knew this was the last time meeting Archer. And I wouldn’t be able to forget this man. Thinking this and that, I didn’t even realize when I dozed off.

And I woke up when a maid called me for lunch. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the wall clock. It was 3.46 pm. Long past the lunchtime.

I was growing a bad habit of sleeping in wrong time. I got out of the bed, and went to the bathroom to freshen myself up. When I returned to the room, I found my lunch placed on the bedside table.

I started eating the lamb stew and rice, that’s when my eyes suddenly fell on a small suitcase by the side of the bed. And when I observed the size and color, it seemed extra familiar to me. It was my suitcase.

The maid standing there saw me staring at the suitcase.

“Ma’am, Sir sent someone to give your suitcase.” She said. I nodded and finished eating. Then I reached to the suitcase and opened it. My passport, laptop, mobile, charger, tampons, few clothes emergency medicines - everything was there, nothing was out of place.

Oh. That’s great. I could finally leave.

But where would I go? Which would be the place where Kaden wouldn’t find me?

After thinking a lot, I chose a place and bought an air ticket online. My life as a nomad would start soon.


The next day,

Last night, Archer didn’t return home. I didn’t know why, but I kinda felt disappointed. I expected seeing him for one last time. Because I wouldn’t see him ever again.

This feeling was strange, wasn’t it? Tonight was my flight.

When I turned on my mobile phone, I got a notification that $30,000 was deposited in my account today. It was a no-brainer to realize who did this.

I instantly dialed his number. Archer didn’t pick up. He might be busy. I didn’t call again.

But half an hour later, I got a call from him.

“Hello?” His voice floated away as I picked up.

“Archer, why did you send me money?” I asked him.

“How do you know it was me?” He asked back.

“There’s no one who can give me so much money at a time.” I reasoned.

“Elizabeth, I brought you against your will, wasted your time and ruined your plans. I am sure you might have landed a good job by now if I hadn’t interfered.” He stated.

It was indeed true.

“So, I sent this amount as compensation. Until you get another job, this money will help you.” He remarked.

“I don’t need so much money. I can handle my life myself.” I uttered.

“I know that you can. But I don’t want to feel that I owe someone something. So, I got the money transferred to your account. I am Archer Johnson and I never requested anyone for anything. But now Elizabeth, I am requesting to you to accept the money. It’s up to you whatever you do with this money later on. If that’s all, then I would like to hang up now. I have a meeting to attend. For your future, best of luck, Elizabeth.” Saying this, he cut the call.

And honestly, it stung my chest how his words sounded. He made it clear that there wouldn’t be any further communication between us.

This was exactly how I wanted. Then why I was feeling like this?

I couldn’t give those thoughts any leniency. My life had no room for such luxuries or delusions.

I took my everything with and set out at 5 pm. When it was 7.30 pm, I could finally board on the airplane. Let’s see what life kept for me this time.

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