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Chapter 33 - Seeing Someone New!

Elizabeth's POV:

Twenty days later,

“Impressive, you have quite experience in interior designing. You worked for Johnson Group?” The bald man asked.

I smiled a bit and nodded. Did I say that I was in the middle of an interview in Australia? I applied for a job seven days ago and thankfully got a call yesterday.

“You already were working at a reputed company of the USA, your homeland. What’s your reason to come to Australia and work in our company?” The stern looking lady questioned, scanning my resume.

“USA might be my homeland, but I don’t have any close relative there anymore. I wanted to try how is it in Australia, as I genuinely like this place. I have been here a few times before, and I loved it then. And the reason behind applying to your company is, it’s a well-known company in Australia and there’s a good opportunity for my career growth. I will be able to do my skills proper justice from here.” I told them.

How could I say I was running from hungry wolves?

The lady nodded, and they asked me some other questions, few about my past works and also told me about their upcoming project. They asked my opinion to test my knowledge and skills.

“Well, we want to hire you. Do you have any query or anything in particular?” The man asked.

“I am looking forward. I have a small question, will I get accommodation from your company if I get hired?” I inquired.

It was a silly question, but I asked it because was in need of a secure place. After the incident with Kaden, I was scared of living alone.

“We will not provide any accommodation for you, there’s no such policy. But our company will pay you house rent benefit and medical fee with salary.” The lady answered.


“Best of luck then. We will let you know the date and time of your joining.” She said.

“Thanks a lot.” I stood up, taking my file. A sigh of relief left my lips. I exited the interview room.

How much I wanted to get a stable new job, only God knew! I prayed day and night. A lot of money was already spent on hotel rent, food and others. Finally, I would be able to get a small apartment, live peacefully.

Archer forcefully transferred those money to me, but I observed later how those money actually helped me.


Fifteen days later,

“Sir, I have already emailed you the design. Can you please check it?” I informed the head interior designer via phone.

“I got it. I will check it now. You can go home.” He spoke.

“Okay. Thank you.”

He hung up. I clenched my eyes closed and rubbed her temple. My head was hurting. Even the muscles of my back, waist and hip also felt stiff.

“Oh Goodness!” I muttered, standing up from the chair.

I threw my head back and arched my back and neck, then stretched my arms up. Desk jobs were really tiring. I shut down the laptop and picked up my things.

A cup of freshly brewed coffee would be perfect this time! I got out of my cubicle. Most of the employees already had left.

I couldn’t leave as I had works left to do. I was recruited as senior interior designer and my supervisor was really strict and cavil. He wanted everything perfect.

There’s nothing wrong with perfect, but sometimes he overdid it. He himself also worked a lot.

This new country, this new company, new people - I liked these all new experience.

The salary was higher than any other companies of New South Wales, so were their benefits. But there was immense amount of pressure here,

After starting to work here, I had to overwork almost every day in office. They paid for overtime work, still body sometimes couldn’t take it.

I returned home tired and often couldn’t cook or sometimes couldn’t even have the energy to take a simple bath. I had no way but to depend on takeaway.

But thankfully I could return home a bit early. It was a perfect opportunity to take a long, nice shower and wash my hair. While washing my face, I noticed a few pimples in my right cheek and forehead.

What was it? I could remember rarely getting pimples even in puberty. Why I was getting it now while I was almost 25? My lack of self-care must have caused this.

While eating my chicken Alfredo pasta, my mind drifted to think about Archer. But I brushed my thoughts away. The main reason I liked this busy life was it kept me from thinking about my painful past and empty future.

Archer’s POV:

"So, what’s your other interest besides business?” The brown curly haired woman asked me. Her curly brown hair and pale skin reminded me of someone else.

And it was the exact reason I was still here.

“I like sports. Also go for hiking, skiing sometimes.” I answered. I took the cup and took a sip from the coffee, didn’t say anything. Didn’t even look again at her.

The silence was getting uncomfortably thick. I knew that I was being rude, but I couldn’t help it. This girl couldn’t provoke anything in me. No interest, no attraction. I couldn’t pretend to be interested in her.

It was my father who was annoying me for marriage and nagging me to go on blind dates. Elizabeth left, but I still couldn’t get over her. And working like a maniac wasn’t a solution to me, body couldn’t take it. So, I decided to give this blind dates a try.

Who knew I might get someone I like. But I had high doubt on that. In a whole, I wad here to put an end to my pathetic grief who was weeping over a woman who dumped me even before saying yes to me.

I had met with three women already, and all of them were also from billionaire families. But none of them could keep me here more than thirty minutes. They weren’t inferior to anyone in quality, but my thoughts were so filled with Elizabeth that it was difficult.

I was embarrassed that I was acting like a wimp.

“Wouldn’t you ask what I like?” She spoke a few minutes later.

“What do you like?” I questioned without any interest.

“I like wildlife photography, skating. And I have a charity foundation where I love to work.” She told me.

“What type of foundation?” I looked at her.

“We provide support for dyslexic children and a child who has autism. Although it’s in initial stage. We are working on it.” She replied.

“Women at your age and from the same background are opening new businesses to expand their family influence. Why are you spending time and money on charity?” I queried her.

“I have opened new businesses as well. But I think we, who are influential and have abilities, we have some responsibilities to the society. That’s why I do it. Why? Don’t you like it?” She raised a brow.

"Actually, It’s quite surprising to me that you are saying this. I didn’t expect it. Because to be honest, I had some blind dates before and all of them considered charity works as useless. But you seem different. And I respect you for this.” I genuinely stated.

I might not like her as a woman yet, but if she was saying the truth, then she might be a good person. And I wanted to be sure she was what she was telling. And it was worth trying to be with a good person. She seemed interested in me.

“Our parents set this matchmaking. But they won’t get married. It’s not ancient time when bride and groom couldn’t get to know each other. I personally hate the idea of marrying someone who isn’t my type, isn’t compatible with me. This would ruin both persons’ lives. I would rather stay bachelor forever than marrying a stronger.” I mentioned.

“But Miss Diego, I want to get to know you. If we are compatible with each other, that’s when we should only move further. Not before that.” I asserted.

“Well, you are completely right. How do you want to start if I agree?” She queried, blinking her blue big eyes.

“We may spend some time as friend, and then we may date if we believe we understand each other. If everything is okay, then we will marry then.” I suggested.

“Okay.” She smiled.

“But I have one request, if anyone of us thinks we aren’t right for each other and want to step out, the other person must let her/him go. There wouldn’t be any bitterness or resentment, neither it should affect our family relationship in business. We both are adults here.” I uttered.

“Of course. You are right. Don’t you want to publicize our relationship?” She inquired.

“I have no reason to hide it. Being friend with someone or dating someone isn’t any sin that we need to keep it hidden like a dirty little secret. But if you want to hide it, I am okay with it.” I responded.

“No! I don’t!” She exclaimed.

“I don’t want to keep it hidden.” She spoke. Her both cheeks turned pinked. She quickly lowered her gaze at the coffee cup and took a sip.

“I think your coffee is cold by now.” I remarked with a smile.

“Oh, yes!” She put the coffee on the table.

“If it’s alright with you, I want to visit your foundation someday.” I let her know.

“Sure! You are most welcome!” She smiled ear to ear.

“Here’s my card.” She took out a card from her purse.

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