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Chapter 34 - It Can't Be!

Elizabeth's POV:

“Miss Sanders, you need to fix things here. And apart from this, everything is okay.” The head designer instructed me.

“Okay. I will correct it and send you for a check.” I said.

“No need to send me anymore for checking; after correction, send that version as final to the marketing team.” He spoke.

I nodded coming out of his office. I reedited the design and sent it to the marketing team. Since last night, my throat was hurting.

Having a cup of hot coffee would be so nice. I got out of my cubicle and headed towards the office cafeteria.

“Can I get a cup of hot coffee?” I told the woman in charge of taking orders today.

“Yes, please wait a moment.” She said. She gave me a cup of hot coffee straight from the coffee machine. I added a sugar cube in the cup and was about to go.

But as I turned on my heel, my head spun, limbs went insensate. The paper cup I was holding dropped on the floor, the hot liquid spattering all over.

Before my body hit the floor, someone caught me. I opened my eyes and saw it was one of the senior employees from the marketing team.

“Are you okay, dear?” The man asked, raising his both brows in concern. He still didn’t release me.

“Thank you for saving me. I felt dizzy.” I said.

“I think you should go home and rest. You don’t look good. Your face is pale.” He spoke. I nodded and he let me go

The work pressure was getting the best of me.

“Are you sure that you can go by yourself? You look weak. You better see a doctor.” He added.

He might be right. My body felt sluggish and I felt lightheaded.

“I can go myself. Thanks again.” I uttered with genuine gratitude.

Only I knew how hard it was for me to move. I just took a leave from the work and took a taxi home.

I got fresh and retired my body on the bed after eating yesterday’s leftover pasta.

Now I could feel that something was seriously wrong with my body. Being all alone, I couldn’t ignore my health when I knew if my body stopped working, there wouldn’t be anyone to help me.

The work would be gone too. And I didn’t know whether to say it’s coincide or luck, tomorrow was Saturday. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay and even something was wrong, then to make it right by taking meds.

I went to a hospital.

“You feel lightheaded and don’t feel like eating. And your body feels sluggish too?” The doctor in his mid-forty asked.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“My back hurts, muscles of my legs and arms also cramps often. I feel tired frequently. Sometimes arms feel numb. And my breasts often hurt too.” I added.

“Are you married? I mean, are you sexually active?” He asked, making me uncomfortable.

“No, I am not married, and not sexually active either.” I said.

“When was the last time you got your period?” He queried.

I bit my lower lip, staring at my fingers as I thought hard.

When was the date I got my period? My eyes widened for a second, recalling that I still didn’t get period this month. Why didn’t I get my period?

“I got my period in time last month. But this month, I haven’t gotten yet.” I said.

“Do you have irregular periods? Or any history of hormonal problems?” He asked. I shook my head.

“You haven’t been sexually active recently. But your period is late. I am going to give you some tests to confirm if there’s any hormonal imbalance.” He said before writing.

“Wait, doctor!” I exclaimed. He lifted his eyes and raised a brow.

“I am single, not sexually active. But I had intercourse with a man once, it has been more than a month.” I confessed. Slowly, I began to feel sweat forming on my forehead, even being inside a properly air-conditioned room.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier when I asked.” He remarked.

“I am not sexually active. I haven’t had sex in years. And this was a drunken mistake, I can’t recall much of it. Besides, I was injured and have problems in my uterus and I can’t conceive.” I let out.

“Can you please be a bit elaborate?” Saying, he leaned forward, tilting his head while the middle of his brows knitted vertically.

“Actually, I conceived once and that time I was injured badly and hurt my stomach. I had a miscarriage and the ultrasound reports showed that there were some major issues with my uterus and I can’t conceive again.” I explained, sucking a deep breath. The memory still made my blood run cold.

“Oh. Do you still get periods every month after that accident?” He inquired. I nodded.

“Whatever the reason of your sickness. First, go and take a pregnancy test via kit. You can get one in the pharmacy of this hospital. Before I can prescribe you anything or run any test, it’s mandatory to make sure you aren’t pregnant.” He asserted.

“Take a test and meet me when the result is out.” He instructed.

I nodded and got out of his chamber. I bought a pregnancy kit and headed to the bathroom. The entire time, my heart was beating unimaginably fast, like it was battling to come out.

I could feel pulse drumming in my ear.

I peed on the kit and waited for the result. The ten minutes seemed like an eternity.

And when I saw the result, the kit literally fell from my hands.

Two red lines.

“Oh my Goodness!” I cried out. I felt like the walls of the bathroom were narrowing and closing up on me. Tears blurred my vision.

I must be hallucinating or dreaming.

I clenched my eyes shut and shook my head to get back my sense if I was in some sorts of delirium. But when I opened my eyes, nothing changed. I found myself seated on the toilet seat of the hospital washroom.

I was about to hyperventilate. How it could be possible?

Breathe, Elizabeth! Breathe! It may be a false positive too. You need to be sure first.

My subconscious might be right.

I often heard that pregnancy kits weren’t accurate, and they often gave false positive. I wiped my tears and headed back to the pharmacy. I bought five more kits from other companies and waited until I again felt pressure in my bladder. Then tried those kits too.

And to my utter horror all showed the same result, except only one. I felt dizzy.

Breathing heavily, I leaned my back against the flush tank.

It was some sort of cruel joke to me. God, even you are ridiculing me now? Of my state? What so wrong I did to deserve these? I cried there, all events with Nathan, Kaden, Oliver were replaying in my head.

And also about Archer. Sitting here and crying wouldn’t get me any solution. I needed to be sure what’s wrong.

I gathered all the kits in a cotton bag and exited the bathroom. With shaky legs and wobbly body, I entered the doctor’s room.


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