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Chapter 35 - Blocked!

Elizabeth's POV:

"Wow! So many test kits!" The doctor remarked as I showed him the results one after another.

"Doctor, so, what's wrong with me?" I asked. My both hands were shaking. My forehead, palms were sweating.

"It's obvious. Out of six kits, five shows two lines. That means you are pregnant."

And that's exactly when the little control I could barely keep on my emotions snapped. I broke into loud fits of sobs before him.

I knew it was embarrassing, yet I couldn’t stop myself. There were so many emotions I was feeling. It was unnerving.

The doctor seemed to feel awkward due to my crying. I was making a scene.

"Hey! Calm down please. It's okay."

"Take this. Calm down." He offered me a tissue to wipe my tears.

"If you are confused or scared, then we have ways to confirm it. Don't get so stressed, please. Every problem has a solution." He said.

I nodded, trying to wipe my eyes. When my sobs subsided a bit, the doctor spoke, "We can confirm the pregnancy by a blood test. It's the gold standard way to find out pregnancy and most accurate. But again, if you are really pregnant, we will run USG, scans etc. to see if everything is okay. Don't panic."

"I am referring you to one of our gynecologist, please go and see her. And tell her every detail."

"D-doctor, it has to be a mistake." I choked on my sobs.

The doctor sighed, "Listen, I am no one to judge you. But why are you being so upset? Are you scared, or you don't know who is the father?" He asked.

"I know the father, but I don't think I can go to him again." I responded as more tears followed out.

"You said you are a working woman. You have a stable job. It may be difficult rising your child alone, but not impossible. So, please be strong and calm down." He consoled me.

But it had zero effect on me. I collected myself and stood up from the chair. I headed towards the Gynecology Department.


Two hours later, inside the Chamber of gynecologist,

"You told me that you had a rough and painful miscarriage which cause your infertility. Even the USG shows that one of your left ovary is damaged. The condition of your right ovary isn’t perfect either. It was highly unlikely for you to get pregnant, but you got pregnant. And there's no doubt here." The female gynecologist stated.

How should I take this?

As a blessing or curse? Or a miracle?

Should I let Archer know about this pregnancy? He was the father. But would he believe me or accept this child as his after I refused him so many times? A child deserved to know his both parents and their affection. And even Archer deserves to know that. During our last conversation, he seemed so cold; not that I could blame him.

But what if he didn’t want to acknowledge this child, and want to do anything with us? Would I be able to take care of my child alone? When I was still running away from Kaden? Oliver? Kaden must be searching for me like an angry wolf, ready to tear me off.

I was walking on thin ice. How could I bring a child alone and keep him safe?

Whatever happened between me and Archer, I should at least meet him and let him know about my pregnancy. Every child deserves to be safe.

"Hello! Miss Sanders? Are you listening?" All of a sudden, a loud voice brought me back from my thoughts.

I looked straight, the doctor was looking at me with a frown, "I was calling you for a minute? You weren’t responding. Are you okay?"

God! I was so absorbed in my thought, I forgot that I was inside the doctor's room. Shit!

"I am okay, doctor. It's just I was thinking. I am sorry. What did you ask me?" I asked

"I am saying. What happened before? Do you have those diagnostic reports, prescriptions when your stomach injury happened? Have you kept it? Can you show them to me? I could get better understanding of your situation and design an appropriate treatment plan." She suggested.

"Those aren’t available anymore." I replied.

I was busy running with my life, was too damaged to care for any reports. My life seemed meaningless to me that time.

"Okay then." She said.

"You are already two weeks pregnant. This pregnancy is risky. Do you want to keep it?" She inquired.

"Yes." I nodded.

"The first trimester is very critical as amniotic fluid still doesn’t develop. You have weak ovary and history of miscarriage, so you must have to be extra cautious. Don't do any heavy menial work, don't bend down or crouch. Don't do something that may cause a fall or hit your stomach. Eat a lot of nutritious foods, drink a lot of water, do light exercise. Don't stress. We can hope things wouldn’t be complicated." She described.

She prescribed some vitamins, zinc supplements. I came out of the doctor's chamber and took a taxi to the apartment.

I took a shower. While standing before the bathroom mirror, my hands automatically came to the lower abdomen. I still couldn’t believe there was a baby there, growing bit by bit.

My eyes soaked. My heart melted in warmth as I imagined holding my baby one day in my arms.

Now, I had no doubt, this child was indeed a blessing to me straight from God.

I wiped my body, dried my hair. Then I made myself healthy spinach, mushroom pasta. The food didn’t taste good, but still I ate it for the sake of my baby.

I got on the bed. Taking the mobile, I braced myself to call Archer. I was preparing myself to face any kind of reaction; be it an insult, rejection, surprise or acceptance.

I didn’t care much about what would happen. Because I already experienced the worst.

I went to the contact list of my phone and dialed Archer's number. But the call was dropped. He blocked me.

It would be a lie if I said it was expected. It was totally unexpected. However, I had the responsibility to let him know about his child. I didn’t want him for money or support. I was fulfilling my moral obligation.

I tried to contact him via telegram, Whatsapp, but he blocked me there too. He never used Facebook. I learned it being his assistant.

I tried to call his office number and book an online appointment with him. But as soon as the secretary heard my name was Elizabeth, she cut the line instantly.

Lastly, I emailed him saying I needed to talk to him badly and the reason was I was pregnant. But I had a strong feeling that my email was placed in his trash.
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