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Chapter 36 - Archer's Date!

Elizabet's POV:

Ten days later,

My body collapsed on the bed as I came back from the bathroom after vomiting my stomach out. I was panting, my face was wet as I rinsed my mouth and face.

It had been a few days that I started experiencing morning sickness. It was so difficult, anything I ate went out of my body after the vomiting. Gratefully, the company let me work from home considering my pregnancy.

I drank some water and resumed my working on the laptop. I finished my works by time and took a break to have my lunch.

I made some chicken and cut some fresh apples and mangoes for lunch.

How could I get in touch with Archer? I thought as I chewed on my food.

I was browsing internet to kill my time, that's when I noticed a news. And it was about Archer, he started dating the heiress of Diego Business International. There were a few images of them captured in public, they weren’t holding hands, but they conversed, laughed together standing or sitting very close.

One of the image was captured when they went to an art gallery, Archer was smiling at her. I felt a sting in my heart and automatically my eyes teared up.

What right did I have to feel like this?


Archer's POV:

"Thanks for the ride. I enjoyed our time a lot." Florence Diego spoke as she got out of my car. We tried going on a few casual dates to understand each other. I even walked her to her doorway.

I gave her a forced smile. I couldn’t tell her the same because I didn’t enjoy much. She was good, but there was something lacking. I unknowingly, always compared her with Elizabeth. It was my fault, not hers.

Florence seemed to be down to earth as a human being, much better than any heiress I met before. She had a genuine helping personality, warm heart. But the main issue was - she wasn’t Elizabeth. And my mind was obsessing over the fact, painfully.

What's so fucking great about Elizabeth that I couldn’t forget her and compared every fucking girl with her?

I wanted answer of this billion-dollar question. But no one was here to give.

"I would invite you to my foundation in the next Saturday. We will organize our annual seminar party for donors and there would be a small cultural program followed in the end by the kids. If possible, please stop by. I would really look forward." Florence spoke in her polite tone.

"Thank you. I will try." I said even though didn’t want to make any fake promise. Her blue eyes shone at my reply, she nodded, smiling.

"Then head back inside." I suggested, I wanted to leave too.

"Bye then." Saying, she turned on her heels. I didn’t wait, I strode to my car and opened the car door.

But I heard my name being called.


I turned my head and saw Florence running to me.

Before I could understand anything, cupping my cheeks, she lowered my face and kissed me on the lips.

"Goodnight," She breathed and after that without saying anything or waiting for a second, she ran back to their mansion.

I was stupefied for a second. What did she just do?

I recovered soon from the surprise and drove to my place.

Was Florence attracted to me? Did she have a crush on me?

If she developed feelings for me, then it wouldn’t end good. Because no matter how good of a woman she might be, I wouldn’t be able to return the same feelings to her.

Elizabeth invoked those feelings out of me, and it's only for her. But cruelly, she left taking all those with her, making me bankrupted and deserted of feelings.

Elizabeth wouldn’t want me. I couldn’t even like someone else. I couldn’t even forget her.

How unfair life could be? I felt unimaginable anger bubbling inside me.

Sometimes I still felt like bringing her here and keep her here without her will forcefully. Given with my power and influence, no one would be able to do anything if I did.

But my heart couldn’t do it. Elizabeth already suffered a lot, she was very much hurt.

I didn’t want to be the reason of any more of her hurt. I knew one thing, she left for her own good. If she ever tried to come before me, I might not be able to resist myself from taking her back in my life.

To forget her, I was trying diehard. I blocked her everywhere- her number, in social media sites, email and even told my secretary never to take her call. I knew she would never contact me, but still I did this childish thing. It was a childish and meaningless way to vent my anger on her.

I should let Florence know that I don't want to continue this with her. I didn’t want to hurt anyone to forget Elizabeth.

Or I should be with Florence and try harder to forget Elizabeth?

Elizabeth was gone and I was left with bitterness. It was fucking unfair. And that's when I decided that I should choose the second.

I shouldn’t have brought Elizabeth when she fled. I rarely acted on impulse, and bringing her to my place forcefully was an impulsive decision. Elizabeth made me act like this.

I couldn’t force her to stay with me. I knew she had been through a lot. But I couldn’t help being angry at her.

The next day,

The project with Mr. Wood's company was running smoothly. Today we had a meeting scheduled on the progress of the project.

My new assistant assisted me during the meeting. He was another efficient worker, just like Elizabeth. But he didn’t have thorough knowledge and skill on interior designing like her.

"I think everything is going better than I expected. I am looking forward to the end." Kaden Woods smiled impressed.

"Me too. The project would be finished earlier than we planned." I stated.

"That's wonderful. I am not seeing your previous assistant today. Where's she? She was quite a skilled designer." Kaden mentioned.

He was referring to Elizabeth.

"My current assistant is skilled too. Otherwise, I wouldn’t keep him." I responded.

"A skilled female assistant is always better when she is an eye candy like her." Kaden laughed. My brows furrowed at his remark.

What did he mean?

"She isn’t my assistant anymore. She resigned. Wherever!"

"Too bad! I was hoping to get her work for me! You recommended her, after all." He spoke. I didn’t know why I didn’t like her speaking about Elizabeth.

"There are tons of better designers than her. You can get anyone to work for you." I suggested.

He shook his head.

"No, I want her. Do you have any idea where she works or lives now?" He questioned me. And I raised a brow at him as something odd he spoke out.

"How do you know she doesn’t live here?" I asked back.

He gulped. Then let out a laughter.

"It's nothing. I thought she might shift her home since she resigned the job. Let it be, she is just a small worker. You said it right. I will get many better designers than her." He asserted.

I didn’t know why, but I felt something fishy. But couldn’t tell what it was






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