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Chapter 37 - Back To Meet Him!

Elizabeth's POV:

Two days later,

I got severely sick yesterday. I threw up a lot and having cramps all over my body.

This pregnancy was already risky for me. The doctor told me to be extra cautious. But ominous thoughts often took over my mind.

Then what would happen to my baby if something happened to me? He or she would have to live a life as an orphan bastard child, moving from orphanages to orphanages. I had to live a life of orphan after my parents died in an accident. I knew how painful the life in orphanages. Often kids were abused there physically, mentally or sometimes sexually.

I never wanted this to happen to my own baby. My hands trembled even imagining things like this. Oh God!

I must inform Archer about my pregnancy. He might have a girlfriend now, but it still didn’t change the fact that he was the father of my child.

I request him, if needed, I would beg to take care of the baby if something bad happened to me. As father, he should do at least this much.

He lied. He told me to contact him if I required any help, yet he himself closed all the channels of communications. Tears rolled down my cheeks.

I couldn’t delay anymore. I would go to States to meet him. I needed to inform him about my pregnancy.


Two days later,

I got out of the taxi and stood before the giant building of Johnson group.

I was wearing a wig of blond hair and a huge sunglass that covered almost half of my face. And the lower half of my face was covered by a mask.

When I was about to enter the security guard stopped me.

"Who are you, Ma'am? Show me your identity card." He asked.

I showed him and he frowned. Obviously, the photo of the card didn’t match my current disguise. However, I took off the glass and after that he was confirmed the woman of the card was indeed me. Then I went inside.

I stopped coming to this company, stopped working. But I never officially submitted my resignation or any document. Neither, I returned my identity card. So, I still could enter using the card.

I didn’t wait, I took the elevator, which led me to the floor where Archer's office was. I was about to enter his office, that's when someone grabbed me from behind.

"Who are you, Ma'am? You can't enter wherever you want. It's our CEO's office." A woman said. I didn’t know her, she might start working after I left.

"I want to meet with Mr. Johnson. I am in urgent need to meet him." I spoke.

"Do you have an appointment?" She asked.

I shook my head.

"Actually, I flew to the States just to meet him. It's really urgent." I mentioned. She bit her lower lip, thinking a few moments.

"Sorry, Ma'am. I can't let you go without any appointment. I could be fired. If your purpose is that urgent, please book an appointment today first." She stated.

"I used to work here. My name is Elizabeth Sanders. Can you please at least tell him about me? Please?" I requested.

"Listen, Ma'am. I am sorry but understand that I can't. Not right now. He is having a meeting now. I don't know when it would end. But I would tell him after that meeting ends. For now, please sit and wait here." She gestured me towards the waiting couch.

I had no way but to wait. I went to the lady for information if the meeting ended in every twenty minutes, but she informed me the meeting was still going on.

Two hours later,

My feet were paining for sitting here so long. My stomach was rumbling, I was hungry too. I felt like eating something and lie down for a bit.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to have something light.

I went to the familiar office cafeteria and got myself a slice of cheesecake and some pasta. I returned after eating that. I met with few of my previous colleagues, they wondered why I left the job.

When I returned near Archer's office, the lady waved at me. I walked to her.

"You better go home, Ma'am. You don't look well. The meeting has ended. I went inside and requested Mr. Johnson's assistant to let you meet him. But he said that you must make an appointment to meet Mr. Johnson." She spoke.

"Why didn’t you tell Archer instead?" I exclaimed in desperation. Her eyes went round for a second as I called Archer by name.

"I mean Mr. Johnson. Tell him about me. I must meet him today." I insisted.

"Ma'am, I can't do that. I first report things to his assistant. I can't meet Mr. Johnson whenever I want." She responded, furrowing brows in annoyance.

"Okay." I nodded.

I sat back on the couch. I wouldn’t leave until I met Archer. He had to surely come out when he would leave the office. I would meet him then.

Six hours later,

My back, legs and the feet all were killing me by now. I went to the restroom and threw up twice already.

I had some coffee to keep myself awake. I was feeling sleepy from tiredness.

By now, even my head was hurting. That's when I noticed all of a sudden the door of Archer's office was opened, and he headed to the private elevator with his long strides. He didn’t even look anywhere.

I got up from the couch, ran towards him. But I couldn’t walk fast, my feet were already paining.

Before he could press the button of the elevator, I screamed, "Archer, stop!"

"Archer!" I called again.

His fingers stopped before punching the button, and he turned around. His eyes found me and they enlarged.

Surprise was written all over his face, he didn’t even try to hide it.

A few seconds later, I noticed him mouthing my name silently.


I walked to him.

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