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Chapter 38 - News!

Archer's POV:

"Elizabeth? You are here!" The words left from my mouth in surprise. She was the last person I expected to see today.

What's wrong with her? I thought she would be happy after dumping me and look her finest. But here she looked so dull.

Her eyes looked puffy, had she been crying?

"Archer? I need to talk to you. It's really important." She spoke in a desperate tone. I heard the urgency in her voice.

Her gray eyes were pleading. Never in the past, she looked so vulnerable, and something inside me was barely resisting taking her in my arms.

What the fuck I was thinking? She might be here for some other reason. I brushed all the unreasonable thoughts.

"Follow me." I said, turning on my heels, walking back towards my office again. She trailed behind me.

After we were inside my office, I intentionally moved to the couch. I sat on the couch first and gestured to her.


She complied and looked at her lap.

Her brows were knitted, fists clenched in her lap. She was visibly tensed.

She took a deep breath and raised her head to look at me.

And then three words escaped, which I never imagined.

"I am pregnant." She announced.

"What!" I exclaimed.

Out of shock, I stood up from the couch.

I stared at her with fixed eyes. She gulped and nodded. Her nervousness was clearly visible, neither she tried to hide it. Her forehead was furrowed in tension.

"Is it mine?" I asked. Her eyes, which were overcast with worry and nervousness, narrowed at my question forming a glare. Her jaw clenched.

"If it was of another man's why would I come here to tell you this?" She gritted.

"And for your information, I am not a whore who sleeps around with men. You were the last person I slept with after so many years." She asserted.

You were the last person I slept with after so many years.

Oh great! It felt nice to know that.

But she told me that she couldn’t give birth.

And with this thought slowly anger engirdled me. Because I recalled how she rejected me again and again for the mere fact.

"How did this happen? You told me that you can't bear a child." My tone became bitter and accusatory as I narrowed my hard eyes at her.

"Even I knew that until I found out about this pregnancy." She defended, her confused eyes blinked repeatedly.

"The chances were very low, almost null. It's a miracle for me." She asserted. A shaky breath left her mouth as she muttered.

I took a deep breath to control myself and sat back on the couch. Anger was never an answer to any issue.

A child, wasn’t it her only concern that stopped her being with me?

"Elizabeth, I wouldn’t beat around the bush. Why are you here?" I questioned, my gaze were sharp at her.

"Um. Archer, I want you to acknowledge the child. A child deserve to know who her or his father. Besides, I didn’t want to hide this from you. It would be a sin." She responded.

"So you are here just to let me know about your pregnancy?" I gritted my jaw how she thought she would be a single mother when, I, the father of the child was alive. No matter how much I wanted to stay calm, her words and her stubborn behavior were making me mad.

I was old enough to have a kid of my own. Besides, this was my opportunity to get her in my life. This time she had no excuse, or even if she gave one, it would be nullified.

"Elizabeth, if you are correct, then you are carrying my child. And you are delusional if you think I will let my child born without wedlock. If the kid is born, he or she will be the heir of Johnson family. And it's tradition of our family, that heirs must be born after wedding. Before marriage, children are considered as bastard in our family." I described, the last line of my statement was a lie.

But Elizabeth didn’t have to know it. It would push her to the right direction.

"But you have a girlfriend now." She mentioned twiddling with her fingers. A slight frown formed in her face.

"I didn’t know about your pregnancy. I am not committed to her. Besides, If I find out about my child, then whom should I prioritize, Elizabeth? My girlfriend whom I know for two weeks?" I queried her.

She let out a deep breath and nodded weakly.

"For now, you are coming with me. We will fly to New York to meet my parents. But before that, we will go to the best gynecologist in the state." I stated.

I couldn’t believe I told her about marriage, and she agreed. I noticed her weak hesitation and confusion. But still she agreed.

What should I say? Her pregnancy was an opportunity for me?

I didn't want to use the child, but couldn’t help thinking this way. That drunken mistake turned out to be such a blessing. I gulped and swallowed the smile that wanting to come out so bad.

"Will you now follow me?" I gave her a look of urgency. She nodded and stood up.

I started walking and stopped before my private elevator. I turned around to see Elizabeth was still a few steps behind me.

She was taking every step very slowly. I pressed the lift button when she was able to come to my side.

Both of us entered the elevator and reached downstairs. The office hour ended already and there weren’t many employees except a few working overtime.

Elizabeth walked with me to the parking and got in my car. My chauffeur ignited the engine and I turned my head to Elizabeth. She was gripping the belt of her purse so hard.

Nervousness was radiating off her.

She took another deep breath and raised her face. She found me staring at her, and I didn’t look away.

"My things are at the hotel. I need to get them." She spoke.

"Tell the address, we can go there and get your things now." I told her. She told the address, the driver drove to the address, Elizabeth got her things and returned to the car.

After that, my car arrived at my place. I didn’t want to go to my villa, I chose to stay at my penthouse.

We entered the penthouse, but I noticed uncomfortableness in Elizabeth's posture. She wasn’t looking at me. She was standing away from me.

She needed time for this, to get prepared. But this time I wouldn’t grant her any more leniency.

"You get fresh first." Even though she had been here once, I showed her the way to bathroom.

"Thanks." Taking out a pair of clothing from her suitcase, she headed towards the bathroom. The first thing that came to my thinking was, Elizabeth wasn’t alone anymore. She was pregnant, and pregnant women required healthy and nutritious food.

I hurriedly dialed my housekeeper's number and told her to come quickly.


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