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Chapter 39 - Moving In!

Third person’s POV:

Elizabeth locked the door of the bathroom and stood before the basin mirror. The exhaustion left a clear imprint on her face.

She turned on the basin faucet and splashed cold water on her face. Her nerves were on edge.

She was able to meet Archer, tell him about her pregnancy.

She didn’t expect Archer to mention the marriage. She was still preparing herself for the pregnancy.

I have moved in with him. He even wanted to take me to meet his family.

But how will he react if I tell him everything happened to me in the past. I wouldn’t be able to hide it from him anymore.

Elizabeth couldn’t brush away the worry that was agglutinating inside her, turning into a big lump.

She took a nice warm bath. The ache of the muscles of her arms and thighs subsided a lot. Her stomach growled in hunger.

She came out of the bathroom and walked to the kitchen in search of something to eat. As her feet took her closer to the kitchen, she heard a male voice talking.

"Make sure the fish and pork are thoroughly cooked. I don't want any mistake during her pregnancy."

Elizabeth craned her neck from outside to see Archer was inside the kitchen, standing beside the housekeeper. He was instructing her how to cook.

"Also, don't over boil the spinach or else you will ruin the vitamins. Just stir-fry them. The dishes must be nutritious." He spoke, gesturing towards the basket full of leafy greens.

The lady nodded, chopping the vegetables. Elizabeth didn’t stand there anymore, she quickly returned to the living room and got settled on the couch.

Even though Elizabeth's nerves were heavy with stress, at this moment she couldn’t help the smile that spread on her lips. Her heart filled with an unfamiliar warmth. He was indeed caring.

A few minutes later, Archer came to the living room and stopped when his eyes landed on her.

"Why don't you rest while the food is getting ready?" He suggested. Elizabeth nodded.

"Come with me." He said. Elizabeth got up and followed him to a room. Even though this penthouse wasn’t as huge as his villa, it was still big. And Elizabeth could remember staying here once before.

"Lay down on the bed if you want." Archer said when he guided her inside a big room.

Elizabeth's brows arched in a frown. Archer noticed it.

"What's wrong?" He questioned.

"It's not the guest room." She uttered unsure.

"Because to me, you are no longer a guest. I wondered where should the woman stay who is carrying my child and going to be married to me soon? This room was the best answer my reason came up with. So, get yourself comfortable." He asserted.

Elizabeth couldn’t come up with any reasonable protest. She complied to him without any complaint. Archer still could sense hesitation in her, so he decided to give her some moments.

"I have to make a call." Saying, he marched out. She sighed in relief.

She felt genuinely drained. When she laid her body against the soft mattress, it felt amazing.

She was about to doze off, that's when she heard someone shaking her arm gently.

"Elizabeth, get up! You can't sleep before eating something."

"Open your eyes."

The voice was gentle, she parted her eyelids and found Archer sitting beside her. Moaning, she sat up on the bed and looked at him.

Archer's eyes still didn’t leave him, there was a certain softness and shine in his blue eyes. This type of shine appears when someone is very pleased or content.

While Elizabeth was still staring at him, the housekeeper entered the room with a tray. She smiled at Elizabeth and put the tray beside the bedside table.

Elizabeth let out a chuckle when her eyes landed on the food items. Rice, bread, fruit salad, cooked chicken, cooked bacon, spinach salad.

"I can't eat so much." She uttered.

"You have to," Archer responded.

"This is too much for me." She muttered.

"Of course it's. You aren’t eating for yourself only." Archer reasoned.

"Please, still give me another plate. Put some of these on that plate. If I can, I will finish. But if not, I don't want to waste all these." She told the him and the housekeeper. The woman looked at Archer, Archer nodded, and she went to the kitchen to bring another plate.

Before Elizabeth started eating, she hesitated a bit. She turned to Archer, "Have you eaten?"

Archer, who didn’t expect such inquiry from her, felt his heart flutter.

"I haven't. I am not hungry yet. You eat up. Pregnant women must not starve themselves." He said. It was true, actually, he wasn’t hungry.

Elizabeth was eating and Archer wanted to watch her. But it would creep her out, so he stood up and got out of the room.

Elizabeth, who was already feeling exhausted, couldn’t wait anymore. As soon as she finished her meal, she fell asleep on the comfortable bed.

Fifteen minutes later, Archer returned to the room only to find her sleeping on the bed with the light still turned on.

Isn’t it too early to sleep? He wondered.

She must be really worn out. He thought. His eyes scrutinized her with patience.

She wore a simple t-shirt and pajama. Her wavy long brown hairs cascaded all over the pillow, her plump lips were parted a bit and quivered as she was breathing evenly. Her long eyelashes kissed her cheeks.

She completely let go of her guard against him. And seeing her lying on his bed brought those memories back to his mind.

How soft her body felt against him, how wonderful it was to be inside her. How she begged, how she moaned and orgasmed on his cock.

Archer felt his blood rushing to his south at the very thinking. He shook his head to brush away those thoughts. If Elizabeth could know what was going in his head, she would be haunted. There would be plenty of time to be with her, after all she was going to be his, only his.

Elizabeth's right hand was on her stomach as she lay on her back.

Archer's chest heaved up with a foreign emotion. His child was also sleeping there. And that baby brought Elizabeth back to him.

A small smile bloomed in his face. Turning off the lights, he came out of the room.

The next day,



Archer's brows knitted as the weird sound came to his ears.

Then again he heard the same sound.



His eyelids parted reluctantly. Nerves of his ears got alerted, and he could hear the sounds were coming from the bathroom. He found the other side of the bed empty, where Elizabeth slept last night.

Slowly he sat up and walked to the bathroom instinctively. The sound became louder as he got close. He spotted Elizabeth sitting on the bathroom floor, puking vigorously n the toilet.

A few minutes later, she moved from the toilet. Leaning against the bathtub, she closed her eyes, panting. A few strands of her sweat soaked hairs were sticking to her face.

She didn’t notice his appearance yet.

Archer contemplated if he should enter the bathroom or not. He didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

But instantly, Elizabeth got up from her sitting position and ran to the toilet again. She knelt beside the toilet and threw up mor.


Archer rushed inside, held her long hairs from behind. Her eyes watered as she vomited so hard. He began stroking her back, trying to soothe her.

A minute later, she stopped vomiting, but her body was drained. She would have fallen back if not for Archer supporting her.

She still didn’t even notice that she was leaning against Archer.

Her face paled. Archer's heart lurched watching her condition. She was in no position to work and take care of herself at the same time.

Elizabeth slowly regained her strength, she turned to him. Archer helped her to stand up and wash her mouth.

Then he carried her to the bedroom.

"This happens a lot?" He asked, putting her on the bed.

"It has started for a week." She replied, her voice was barely audible.


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