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Chapter 4 - Claiming Her As His!

Elizabeth's POV:

I followed my boss inside the elevator. He stood behind me when I was standing in front of him. We just finished a meeting with a company CEO.

Now, we were heading to a land site to visit the land for the company. I was standing inside the personal elevator with my boss.

It was 11 in the morning. Elevator walls were reflective like mirror glass. Suddenly, I noticed through the elevator wall that my boss was staring at me. His eyes weren’t moving away from me. He wasn’t even blinking.

I turned around to see how intensely he was looking at my face. Call him cold or scary, but he was undoubtedly handsome. But his stare didn’t feel good or anything. I was feeling nervous.

"Sir," I called him.

"Yes?" He responded looking at me.

"Um. Is there something on my face?" I spoke nervously.


"Nothing. You are staring at me for so long." I let out a nervous smile.

"You are beautiful, Elizabeth. Very beautiful." He spoke.

This was the first time, he called my full name.

"W-what? I am sorry, Sir?" I said in disbelief. Still couldn’t believe what he just spoke. Did I hear it wrong?

"Elizabeth, do you have any boyfriend?” He questioned me.

"No. Why?" I answered unsure.

"You aren’t engaged to anyone. Are you?" He queried again.

"N-no. B-but why?" I stuttered in nervousness.

"Because I needed to know. From this moment onwards, you are mine. I am claiming you as mine. Never let any man court you." He replied making me freeze.

The same time he was done, heard a ding from the elevator. The elevator door was opened.

He walked out before me. But I was so lost in the shock that my feet didn’t move.

I came out of my trance when a pair of strong hands pulled me out of the elevator. My cheeks blazed deep red and heartbeat quickened.

"Ms. Sanders, you wanted to stay inside the elevator forever?" He said with a smirk.

"S-sir, U-um," I couldn’t understand what to say. His warm hands did something on my skin. I felt a strange type of shiver in my skin after so many years even though I didn’t want to feel anything.

"Ms. Sanders, go to your cabin. I will see you during lunch." Saying, he released my.

Because I needed to know. From this moment onwards, you are mine. I claim you as mine. Never let any man court you.

The words he spoke to me in the elevator were ringing inside my ear. I couldn’t concentrate on works. I managed some calls but couldn’t focus on designing.

He told me that I was beautiful. Was he pulling my leg?

Even if he was serious, I wouldn’t believe him. I knew how the minds of rich people worked. They saw girls as their playthings.

I don't believe any man anymore. During lunch, he called me in his cabin like yesterday. I wanted to say clearly to him that I didn’t want anything more than professional relation.

But I didn’t find any food.

"Do you want me to bring food for you, Sir? What would you like to eat?" I asked.

"Ms. Sanders, I am going out for lunch. You also follow me," He said.

"S-sir, I am fine. I will order a sandwich from the nearby restaurant. You don't have to be bothered." I tried to refuse.

"Ms. Sanders, it was an order." He said, his face was serious suddenly.

But for a reason, I didn’t move. "Sir, which boss makes his assistant to eat with him even when she is unwilling?" I mumbled.

"If it's a request, as an employee, you can at least listen to my request. Can't you?" He asked, his eyes were soft. Sincerity shone in his eyes.

"Maybe?" I responded unsure.


We were sitting inside a Japanese restaurant. The whole restaurant was decorated with traditional Japanese art frames. The mahogany tables and chairs complimented the wooden walls and white marble floor well. The place was small but it was beautiful.

As beautiful the place was, I was feeling awkward. I couldn’t understand what to do.

I took out my phone and pretended like doing something.

But to my disbelief, he snatched away my phone along with my purse. Then kept them on his side of the table.

"What are you doing, Sir?" I croaked in surprise.

"We are here to eat. Always using phone isn’t good. You have to spend a lot of time before computer anyway." He stated.

"The food isn’t here yet." I sighed irritated.

"We can talk by this time." He spoke.
"So, Elizabeth. Tell me about yourself, beautiful."

Beautiful, huh? I scoffed internally.

"I am a very normal and boring woman. There's nothing special about me, Sir. I eat, sleep and work. My life is revolving like this," I said.

"Interesting." He smiled.

"How? How can this be interesting, Sir?"

"Everything you do, I find it interesting." He laughed. What's the point of procrastinating? I asked him what I wanted to ask breaking my hesitation.

"What did you tell me in the elevator? You joked with me right?" I questioned.

"Elizabeth, why do you think that I joked with you? I am attracted to you, I like you. And I wouldn’t like if you see anyone other than me." He stated with his normal expression.

I couldn’t believe what I wad hearing.

"Sir, I just want to concentrate on my work now. Not interested in anything besides work. I hope you understand."

"Yeah. Clearly. I also don't like people who don't concentrate on work. You can concentrate on work during office time. But we can sure see each other when your office hour is finished." He suggested.

"Sir, I just said no. But how can you suggest that we should date?" I argued.

He was frustrating me.

"I am asking you so that you can say yes." He spoke the obvious.

"What if I say no again?" I asked.

"Then I will ask you again. I will keep asking you until you say yes." He flashed me a charming smile. His teeth were white as pearl.

For a second, my heart skipped a beat. The man was sounding like a teenage boy.

"It won't work." I said.

"Why?" He questioned.

"Because I am a lesbian." I answered.

He stated at me with widened eyes. I smirked internally at my ready wit. But to spill water on my plan, he let out a laugh, shaking his head.

The loud sound of his laughter caught attention of some customers sitting beside our table. They looked at Mr. Johnson with amused eyes.

"Oh my God! You are so funny." He stopped somehow, tears threatened to spill out of his eyes, he laughed so hard.

I couldn’t understand what's so funny.

"Why are you laughing?" I asked feeling a bit pissed.

"You are so cute when you lie. Do you take me for an idiot?" He said.

"Do you think I didn’t notice how your cute cheeks turned red when I held your hands, your breathing fastened when you looked straight at my eyes?" He stated making me dumbfounded.

And the fact that he caught my lie and noticed me so closely, it had me blushing again. Harder than before.

I lowered my eyes and bit my bottom lip. It was a habit when I felt embarrassed or extremely shy. I was sure if I look into the mirror, I would see my cheeks turning cherry red.

But whatever, I couldn’t encourage him further. Not once again. It was better to remain single and die alone than getting hurt once again.

"Sir, still I can't say yes." I raised my head and looked at him.

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