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Chapter 40 - Risking Life

At the doctor's chamber,

Archer's POV:

I brought Elizabeth to Doctor Helen Smith. She was one of the best gynecologist of the state. Currently, she was looking at the ultrasound report that Elizabeth brought along with her.

"I would ask again if you really want to keep the child. Because it's going to be a risky pregnancy and there's a chance to face complications during the delivery. As an experienced gynecologist, I can say this much." The doctor said.

What the hell!

Elizabeth's pregnancy is a risky pregnancy? But why?

I crinkled my brows at her statement and, turning my head, side glanced at Elizabeth.

"Yes. I want to keep my baby at any cost." Elizabeth declared with finality.

There wasn’t even a fleck of any surprise on her face. She looked all calm and composed, as if she knew it beforehand.

Of course, she knew it. She got the tests done a few days ago. I, was deeply absorbed in my thoughts, that's when the doctor spoke again.

"Your left ovary is damaged and there's a huge scarring in your uterus. Usually this happens when the uterus experiences blunt object trauma. Even the history says here you had a miscarriage before which left you with a damaged uterus. Can you elaborate please?" The doctor questioned readjusting her glasses on the bridge of the nose.


I raised a brow and stared at Elizabeth in surprise.

Her ovary is damaged? Miscarriage? And blunt object trauma? Is this why she thought she couldn’t bear child anymore. The series of shock didn’t end yet.

Elizabeth nodded.

She drew a long breath and started, "Actually, I got pregnant four years ago. That time I had no problem with my uterus. But when I was four months along, I got hurt in my stomach."

"What exactly happened? I mean how? It would be better to understand and plan your treatment if I get the details." The doctor urged.

Elizabeth closed her eyes before taking another long breath. She opened her eyes and started speaking, "I was a-attacked. I fell from the stairs and was k-kicked in my stomach an f-few times."

My jaws dropped opened automatically and eyes widened in disbelief as I kept on staring at her.

Her voice quivered as she spoke. I noticed her face going pale slowly.

After staying like this for a few seconds, I realized that I was making her even more uncomfortable.

I composed myself and, masking my shock, wore an appropriate facial expression as fast as I could. But the shock was so deep that it kept on pressing my thoughts.

Falling from stairs? Kicks?

Goodness! What type of hell had she been through? I took my gaze on her to observe her.

Her hands were trembling.

She told me once that she was abused, but I could never imagine she had been though so much.

It was inhumane. How can someone kick a pregnant woman? No wonder she was so apathetic to have a new relationship.

"I had a m-miscarriage and the doctor before told me that I can't bear a child in the future because something seriously wrong happened to my uterus." By this time, she was breathing hard. Her eyes filled with unshed tears.

"I am sorry. Are you okay?" The doctor asked, her brows knitted in concern.

Obviously she wasn’t!

Elizabeth still nodded her head, almost reaching in the verge of hyperventilating.

I quickly took both of her trembling hands in mine.

"It's okay. I am right here, babe. You are fine." I gave her both hands a soft reassuring squeeze. She turned to me and weakly nodded.

The doctor offered her a bottle of water.

I took the bottle from her and opened the cap, then held it to her lips. Elizabeth took two small sips.

Something horrible happened to her, and she recalled the exact memory. She felt it again all over. She was panicking. The flashback triggered her.

Elizabeth, leaned against the chair and took a few deep breaths until she calmed down. A few minutes passed by like this.

Then the doctor opened her mouth again, "I won't lie or sugarcoat. Your uterus is already weakened and so is your ovary. It's really unlikely for women like you to get pregnant who withstood such injury. It's indeed a risky pregnancy. Every pregnancy is a very happy occasion for the parents, but for you dear, I will say think carefully if you want to keep the child. I would rather suggest you to abort-" But she couldn’t even finish, Elizabeth cut her off.

"I want to keep it! I have thought it over and over!" Elizabeth exclaimed with a straight face, her tone laced in determination.

What the fuck was she ltalking about? She knew the pregnancy was risky, still she wanted to keep it? She was adamant. I couldn't sit there anymore. I needed to convince her changing her mind.

"Doctor, we would like to excuse ourselves for a moment. We will meet you again; by this

time, please continue with other patients." I spoke, standing up.

Elizabeth turned her head at my direction from the doctor.

"Elizabeth, let's go. Let's get some fresh air." I urged her.

"Huh?" She blinked a few times in confusion, but then slowly got up from the chair.

I held her hand, she looked at me surprised with her big glassy eyes.

"Where are we going?" Elizabeth asked as we both came out of the doctor's chamber.

"Where we can get some fresh air," I answered. Thankfully, she was coming with me without further question.

I took her to the hospital garden. We found a secluded area.

"Sit." I told her, gesturing to the empty bench. She sat without protest, and I followed her.

For a few minutes, I didn’t say anything, I didn’t even look at her. I intentionally kept my gaze on the small hospital church which was a few feet from where we were sitting.

"How are you feeling now?" I asked her, staring at the church.

"I am alright now." She didn’t look at me either. Her eyes were fixed on the green grass of near her feet.

"Elizabeth, what are you doing? You knew everything and still you want to keep this child? Why not reconsider?" I asked.

She lifted her face and glared at me.

"No! I want to keep my baby. It's my decision!" She hissed.

I was taken aback by the sudden shift in her mood. She was behaving stubbornly, and this stubbornness would only harm her health farther.

"Why are you being so stubborn? Didn’t you hear what the doctor said? It's risky, very risky." I reminded her.

"So, what do you want? Just because of that, I, the mother, should kill the baby? Just what the fuck are you guys thinking?" She chided.

Just because of that?

And now I couldn’t keep my cool anymore. We weren’t playing. She was belittling her life, health. Her nonchalance enraged me. I glowered back at her and gripped her shoulders.

"What's wrong with you? How can you talk like this? Which part of this is indecipherable to you that your life is in danger? Don't you care about yourself a bit?" I yelled, shaking her by both of her shoulders.

I was trying to knock some sense in her head.

"I don't care! What do you guys want to do? To kill my child again? That's not going to happen. I will do anything to give birth to my baby! The doctor said it's risky, but didn’t say it's impossible once. I surrendered my fate to God!" She screamed, breathing hard now.

"I know that is a risky pregnancy. But what can I do now? My baby didn’t come itself, we made the life. I might be drunk at that night. But to me, he isn't just a plain lump of flesh and blood anymore!" She uttered, but by the end her voice cracked.

Fat droplets of tear ran down her both cheeks, one after another. I felt like something inside my chest was shattering.

My fingers loosened on her shoulders on its own, and her body slumped against the back of the bench.

She looked so broken, so small, so vulnerable. At the same time, she looked so wealthy, rich with motherly affection. I could never measure the depth of that.

My heart was thumping in erratic rhythm.

"I never thought I would get pregnant, but now after finding out, I can't abort my baby. It would be wrong, it would be a sin. Please don't tell me to get rid of my baby." She covered her face with both palms, breaking into a fit of loud sob.

Her shoulders trembled as she was crying so hard.

She never planned this. The pregnancy must be a bigger shock to her than it's to me. Still, she wasn't ready to abort the baby, even though she knew what might happen to her. She was ready to sacrifice her own health for the sake of that clot of flesh and blood that still hadn’t gotten any shape inside her.

The admiration I felt for her transformed into something intense. More emotions budded in my heart. God mistakenly sent an angel in this world, and evil people spared no stone unturned to break her.

They might have succeeded in some degrees, but they couldn’t break her spirit, taint her innocence.

She was so broken and strong at the same time.

Should I call this woman incredibly selfless or utterly stupid?

I wanted to assure her that nothing would happen to her, coo sweet words that I wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

I stretched my arms and wrapped them around her, taking her in my arms. Elizabeth didn’t resist me, she continued crying, resting her forehead on my chest. My shirt was getting wet by her hot tears.

Guilt sprouted in my heart and spread all over, almost my senses. That night, when drunk Elizabeth asked me for sex, I acted on impulse. A selfish part of me, wanted her to get pregnant. I hoped it might keep her with me. When she returned, I was in cloud nine. But if I knew that my selfish action was going to cost her this much, risking her own life, I would have never done it.


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