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Chapter 41 - Wanting Him!

Elizabeth's POV:

Archer and I both entered the doctor's room once again.

He helped me to sit and followed later.

"So, what have you two decided?" The doctor asked.

"She still wants to keep the baby." Archer sighed.

The doctor nodded.

"Okay. This is going to be a risky pregnancy. You will have to maintain harsh rules and regulation and visit me twice in every week. If there's any abnormality, we will be able to act fast. I said about risk, but let's not get totally hopeless. Sometimes early cesarean section helps in this type of complicated situation. Risk is 60-70%." The doctor spoke.

"Everything you needed to know, I have already stated here. As you decided to go on with the pregnancy, then you should be aware of the consequences too." She explained.

"First trimester is extremely important for you. There is a heavy chance of miscarriages. Never try to do any heavy work in first three months, don't take stress. Try to eat homemade healthy foods. No raw foods like sashimi, raw meat, fish or eggs." The doctor mentioned.

"If you want to be sexually intimate, I will advise you both to be gentle and take it slow. During pregnancy, rough sex is highly discouraged." The doctor spoke.

Archer cleared his throat.

I lowered my head in shame. I was pregnant with his child. But we never had any proper sex. That night, sex was nothing but my drunken mistake.


We were sitting inside the car in our way back. I was staring out of the window.

The pregnancy was totally unexpected for me. I was scared, but getting Archer beside me was so much assuring. I felt a strength inside me, wasn’t feeling vulnerable anymore.

Even if I died during delivery, my child wouldn’t be an orphan. He or she would have a father, a family. It was a relief.

Archer seemed shocked when I told the doctor about how I miscarried my previous child. He didn’t ask me any question about that yet. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this much from him.

He seemed too good to be real. And I felt so small, little beside him.

"Do you want to eat something?"

My train of thoughts was interrupted by the sudden question.

I turned at Archer.

"Huh?" I asked.

"I asked if you want to eat something? If we inform the cook beforehand, she can prepare it for us by the time we arrive. You can eat that during lunch." He replied.

"I have nothing particular in mind. Anything is fine." I said.

"Okay, then I am telling her to cook lamb for today." He spoke, taking out his mobile.

I nodded.

But his phone rang at that time. A deep crinkle formed on his forehead and he cursed something under his breath.

He picked up his call, "What?"

He listened from the other side and let out an angry breath.

"Didn’t I tell you not to call me today. I took a day off. Don’t you get what that mean?" He snapped.

He was a completely different person when he became angry. I never witnessed his anger.

"Why the hell Mr. Wood would want to fix another meeting with me?"

Mr. Wood? Was he talking about Kaden?

My throat dried at his thought.

"His personal assistant came and asked about her? What the fuck!" Archer gritted.

"Tell him to fuck off, and you know nothing about her. If Mr. Wood or his any associate calls you or looks for me, tell them I am out of States!" He cut the call in anger.

He turned to me, when his eyes met mine, they became cold.

"Elizabeth, do you-"

But he clenched his eyes shut, stopping in the middle.

"Forget it! We can talk about it when we get home."

I knew what he was going to ask. He would ask me about Kaden.

After we reached his penthouse, the first thing I did was to take a shower. I noticed that the bathrobes weren’t in the bathroom yet. Maids might not have washed them yet.

As I came out of the bathroom, I found Archer sitting on the bed.

His eyes fell on me, and he seemed to be a bit embarrassed as well. I instantly felt myself going red, I was wearing just a towel that even came to my thighs.

He stared another direction and cleared his throat. But he brushed it off quickly, because the next second he turned to me and let his eyes roam all over my body. From my head to toe.

My grip on the towel near the chest tightened. I curled my toes in the sandals.

"D-did you w-want to s-say s-something? I am c-coming after changing my c-clothes." I spoke. I turned on my heels, to go to the closet.

But I felt him grabbing my left arm from behind. I felt him move near me.

"You are carrying my baby. That means I put that baby inside you, Elizabeth. I have seen and tasted everything the towel is covering now. But that wasn’t enough. How long are you going to act like a stranger around me? Even after marriage?" I felt his breath hitting my exposed neck.

He withdrew his hold from my arm and wrapped it around my stomach, pulling me closer to him. My back hit his hard muscled chest.

"Get used to my touches, kisses and more Because you will be getting them all the times." He whispered against my ear.

I didn’t know why, but I felt a strange tingle throughout my body, I bit my lips. His warm fingers moved the wet strands lying on my neck and shoulder.

An inaudible moan left my mouth when I felt his soft lips on my neck, then again on my right shoulder.

It seemed crazy to me, but I felt heat gathering between my legs. My eyes closed, fist tightened on the towel. It felt good.

I stood there like this, his hand reached near my chest and gave my right breast a gentle squeeze.

"Ah" A low moan slipped out of my lips, it felt too good.

A laughter brought me back to the reality. I slowly unwrapped his arm from my waist.

"I must change clothes first." With this, I rushed to the closet.

I stood against the closed the door with my heart pounding. What just happened?

I couldn’t believe myself. If I stood there a minute more, I would come by his touches.

I inspected my face, it was red.

Why was I feeling like this? Why my body liked it so much? I had been living without sex for many years, but never felt like this before.

But now my body wanted more of his touches. Everywhere.

It was so embarrassing.

But again, what's wrong in that if I wanted him? We were going to be married anyway.


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