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Chapter 6 - Plan Didn't Work On Him! :'(

Elizabeth's POV:

The next day,

I poured a good amount of olive oil on my palm and then applied it on my hair. Then I did the same thrice.

By the time I was done with the oiling, my hair was soaked with oil. Oil was running through my forehead. I wiped a bit of oil from my temple with napkin.

"Damn!" I cursed looking at my hair.

I combed my hair and then made a pigtail.

My hairs laid flat against my forehead. I was continuously chewing blackberries, blueberries for an hour. I flashed my teeth before mirror, and they looked blackish and gross now. It seemed like I hadn’t brushed my teeth in ages.

I wore the shabbiest denim skirt of mine. I was about to discard it, so I took it out a few days ago. Thankfully, I didn’t throw it out yet, or else I wouldn’t get such a good weapon for the date.

After that I wore a bra and another old, shabby shirt. There was a huge coffee stain on the right sleeve of this shirt.

"Goodness!" I couldn’t help laughing at my own appearance.

I looked gross.

My hairs were shining from the oil. I took big garlic and blended it in the blender with a cup of water. Then I sprinkled the garlic juice all over my clothes. For a finishing touch, I ate a clove of raw garlic as well.

My clothes were shabby and dirty, my teeth looked unclean, oil was dripping off my hairs and the garlicky smell of my body- I thought the combination was repulsing enough to bring repugnance in a person.

Even I was feeling repugnant at the sight.

I was sure that my boss wouldn’t take me on a date. He would rather run away having seen me once.

I was waiting for him. My boss was a punctual man; he came exactly the time when he promised to come. He called me when it was 6 pm.

I got in the first floor and excited the building. He looked more handsome and younger in his black shirt and blue denim.

His eyes found me and I said a 'hello' flashing my blackish teeth.

His eyes scanned me from head to toe, and he smiled. His eyes shone brightly which seemed like mischievousness.

"This is for you." He handed me a red rose.

"Thank you." I mumbled receiving the flower.

"I must say while it comes to dressing up, you have a unique taste, Elizabeth." He spoke, the right side of his lips quirked upward.

He was mocking me.

"What? You don't like my dressing up? If you don't like me dress up like this, then you can leave without me. I won't date a person who won’t let me wear clothes according to my choice." I huffed.

"When have I said that don't like the way you dress up? I just said that you have a unique taste. But you look beautiful regardless." He remarked.

You look beautiful regardless.

Was he kidding me or pulling my legs?

"Do I look beautiful to you now?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Are you making fun of me?" I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Why will I make fun of you? Why do you think I would make fun of you?" He raised a brow.

"You are saying I look beautiful even though I am looking ugly. Do you think I am stupid? Do you think that I will believe you and be flattered at whatever you will say? No! That is not going to happen. I am not stupid!" I argued.

"Okay, you are not stupid. You are very intelligent. Now, calm down. Why are you getting so worked up? I just said that you look beautiful and I didn’t lie. Because you really do look beautiful to me. Every girl tries to look beautiful during her date and gets happy if they get complimented. But the way you are behaving, it seems like you worked very hard on looking ugly and whenever I say you are beautiful, you are getting angry because you are feeling that your efforts didn’t work. It's an assumption of mine. Tell me, did you really try hard so that you can look ugly before me?" He jested wriggling his brows at me.

I was stupefied.

"W-what are you e-even saying? Why would I want to look ugly?" I stuttered in nervousness.

"I don't know why you would want to look ugly. If not, then why are you getting angry when I say that you are looking pretty?" He smirked at me.

I gulped. He got me.

"I am not angry. Who told you that I am angry?" I snapped.

"Okay, I admit that you are not angry. Hahahaha. Let's get inside." He gestured me towards his car.

I blinked a few times.

He seriously wanted to take me on a date? Even after seeing my repulsing sight? Gross choice of dressing up and the garlicky perfume?

"You are really taking me on a date?" This time my voice was laced with doubt and confusion.

"Yeah, this is why I am here for. Let's not waste time anymore. Get in, pretty." He said holding my hand.

I stared at his eyes, scrutinized his face searching for if he was really serious or was just joking.

But he was serious, not kidding at all.

"Get in." He said again, opening his car door.

"Wait! How can I go on a date in this state?" I complained.

Then Archer turned to me and asked, "Why not?"

"Can't you see that I look gross? How can I go out looking like this?" I whined.

"You don't look gross at all. It's your unique taste and I respect it. Now, let's go." He said nudging my elbow.

"You can see that I am looking ugly; still do you want to take me with you?" I tried one last time.

"You are not looking ugly. You can look anything but ugly."

"I am! I am looking ugly and how can you take me on a date? You should leave without me!" I stomped my feet on the ground.

His eyes filled with amusement as I threw tantrum after failing to drive him away.

"This is why you dressed up like this? To drive me away? You thought that I would go away after seeing you like this?" He wriggled his brows flashing another self-satisfactory smirk.

He threw his head back and laughed. His chest rumbled from the force. I was standing there like an idiot. After he was done laughing, he looked at me.

"You are so cute! But sorry to disappoint you, baby, you wasted your efforts for nothing. I will sure leave but will take you with me. Now, let's go, we are getting late for our date." He stated in a smug tone.

I looked at him with my pleading, puppy eyes.

He stared at me for a few second before telling me, "This cute puppy eyes won't work on me. Let's get in the car."

My shoulder slumped in defeat. My plan backfired on me.

But the sight of me was really contemptuous. I could never go out looking like that.

"Listen," My fingers grabbed the sleeve of his shirt.

"Can you please wait here for a few minutes? I will be back here soon." I requested.

"Let you go and then you hide inside your room and never get out? Not happening, pretty. We are leaving." He shook his head.

"Please, I promise that I won't hide. I will return soon." I reassured him.

"Okay, ten minutes and time starts now. If you don't come here, I will go up." He said.

I ran inside the building and got into the elevator. I hurried inside my apartment and then into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth quickly and turning on the shower. I took off the smelly, shabby clothes and washed the oil off my hair with shampoo. After washing my body with soap, I wiped my body roughly.

It was the quickest shower I had ever had.

Wearing a shirt and jeans I got out my apartment. I didn’t care applying any makeup; my face was still a little damp from the shower.

I didn’t even get time to dry my hairs; water was still dripping from them.

After showering with cold water my body was cold. When I exited the building, the chilly air hit my skin leaving goosebumps. Archer was inside his car.

"Let's go," I panted, standing in front of his car him. He got out and opened the door for me with a smile.

The air conditioning of the car chilled my body; I trembled as I settled inside. He looked at me and increased the temperature of the A/C. I felt really grateful for that.

He drove the car for about 45 minutes and then pulled the car in before a huge restaurant. A valet wearing a deep blue uniform received the car key from Archer.

"Let's go," Archer stretched his hand at me. Once I thought of ignoring him and pushing his hand away. But ever since he met me today, he had been patient with me and behaved like a gentleman. I couldn’t make up my mind to behave any more rudely.

I accepted his hand and he smiled kindly. Then we headed inside the restaurant.

After entering the restaurant, I couldn’t brush off the feeling how underdressed I was. Every man and woman was in posh clothing around me.

Thank God that I at least washed the gross look off me. Otherwise, I would have to dig a hole right inside the restaurant ground and hide inside that.

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