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Chapter 7 - Only I Can Force You!

Elizabeth's POV:

After entering the room for two, we got seated comfortably. The room for two was comfortable and beautiful.

They put a miniature bonsai tree at the corner of the room.

The waiter was already with the menu book and put before us to order.

I just ordered a seafood pasta while Archer ordered many dishes. The food here cost fortune and I didn’t want to mooch him off. After the waiter was gone, we two were alone. It was not only awkward, but also mortifying for me.

I didn’t look at Archer even once. I wanted to chase him away. So, I dressed up as an insane clown. But in the end, I was the one who got embarrassed.

How could he remain so unfazed even after seeing my horrible dress up. I was smelling so bad as well.

Isn't look the thing every man after? They were after young girls, smart women, beautiful ladies just for their beauty, bodies?

Then why did he still stay? Staring at my lap, I was scrutinizing my fingernails to kill the time and to avoid looking him. My body was rigid and tense. I couldn’t relax at all.

"Ten." I heard him saying all of a sudden.

"Huh?" What was he talking about? I looked at him confused.

"I said that you have total ten fingers in your both hands. I thought that's what you are trying to count. Or else why would you stare at your fingers for ten minutes straight?" Archer spoke, an amused smirk on his lips.

I gulped in nervousness.

"Operation 'spoil the date has been failed completely. Now that we are already here, don't ignore me. I promise, I am not that bad of a company." He remarked.

I sighed looking at my lap.

"I think I have to initiate everything." I heard him mutter.

"Okay. So, Elizabeth, look at me." Archer said.

You were trying to ignore someone outright, but that man was asking you to look at him. And most importantly he was your boss and you were on a date with him.

I looked at him.

"Elizabeth, can you at least answer a few questions of mine? If you look at your lap for so long, your neck may hurt later." He joked.

I pouted.

"Okay, I want honest answers from you." He spoke and his face hardened all of a sudden. The cheerfulness was gone, he was dead serious.

"What do you want to know from me?" I asked.

"Why did you go back to your apartment? Even though it's quite clear from your look, but still I want to ask. You went to the apartment to have shower, right?" He questioned.

I couldn’t meet his gaze anymore. I lowered my head in embarrassment, felt my cheeks tinting red.

"I asked you a question, Elizabeth." He repeated.

I nodded weakly.

"And why? Why did you decide to have a shower in this evening all of a sudden?" He quizzed.

If he wanted the truth, then I would give him. He also should know that how much I wanted not to come here, how much I was trying to avoid him.

"How could I go out looking like that?" I uttered in a low voice, looking at him.

"Looking like what?"

"Looking like a clown, gross. Why are you acting like you haven’t seen me?" I grumbled all of a sudden.

"So this is why you took a shower! Now tell me why did you make that look if you didn’t want to go out with it?" He inquired.

"I thought you would go away after having a look at me. This is why. Now, please stop asking me anymore question about it. It's embarrassing." I pleaded.

How much I wanted the ground to get divided and swallow me up!

"I didn’t know that you were so skilled in doing makeup. If you feel like switching profession, you can easily be a special effect make-up artist." He remarked with a laugh.

I was silent and clenching my teeth, tolerated as he was making fun of me.

"Sorry for ruining your plan, letting your hard-work go on waste." He added.

I bit my lip as anger and annoyance were threatening to burst out at any time. I was controlling myself and looked at the table cloth to avoid his gaze. S

"Don't do it." He spoke. Looking at him, I tried to understand who was he talking to.

"Don't do it," He said again. This time louder in a threatening voice.

I blinked in confusion. I was sitting there silently, I didn't even move a single muscle. Then what was he telling me not to do?

"Don't bite your lip, Elizabeth. Don't," He admonished and his eyes suddenly darkened. He swallowed, his adam's apple bobbed up and down beautifully.

I frowned at him.

"You don't know what happens to me when you do it. So, don't," He asserted.

"Do what?" I was still confused.

"Bite your lips. Don't bite them with your teeth."


"Because if you do, I won't be responsible if I kiss those plump cherry lips of yours until you gasp for air. You have no idea what you are doing to me, Elizabeth." He stated.

My eyes widened at his remark.

"You! What is-" I couldn’t complete my sentence.

What was wrong with him? I was sure if I blushed before, then now my cheeks were resembling a tomato.

Because if you do, I won't be responsible if I kiss those plump cherry lips of yours until you gasp for air.

As his words echoed in my head, I didn’t know why suddenly I felt my cold body was getting heated up. My brain which is normally so wise and calm, was visualizing an image of him kissing me. His lips were passionately moving on mine, he was holding me tightly.


What the hell is wrong with me? I shook my head to brush off the strange thought. And to my surprise, he was still staring at me with his intense gaze.

Like he was trying to see not only me, he was trying to peep into my heart, my soul.

Suddenly, I felt a faint ache straight to my core. I gulped in nervousness and fear. Because my bodily reaction was something I couldn’t control now. I couldn’t stop myself from getting excited. His intense gaze awoke something deep which I thought was died inside me.

And it frightened me. The who was shivering in cold a while ago, I felt hot all of a sudden. I needed to calm down.

I took the water bottle and poured it in a glass. After taking a few sips, I felt a bit calmer.

"You were blushing." He commented.

You have no idea, how scary is it to stay around you. I thought.

"When the food is coming?" I asked as I wanted to change the topic.

"They normally make every dish with fresh ingredients. But still it won’t take more than 30 minutes. We are here only for 15 minutes." He answered.

I nodded. The time seemed to pass slower than usual.

"Interior of this restaurant is fabulous." I commented.

"Yeah, it is."

"Elizabeth, tell me about your likes and dislikes."

"I like to sleep and watch Netflix during the weekend. I dislike being forced by others to go on a date with them." I quipped.

His eyes darkened again, nostrils flared.

"Does it mean people often force you to go on a date against your wish? Name out the bastards who forcefully took you on a date." He hissed.

I was dumbfounded.

"I am waiting, Elizabeth." Spoke Archer.

"No one. I just said it anyway." I mumbled.

"Good for you. Because if it was true, I would have found them out and make their lives hell." He remarked.

"Why? Why would you do that?" I asked bemused.

"Because they would have forced you." He answered.

"You are forcing me too." I taunted.

"I know. And only I can force you, but no one but me can do this to you. I have claimed you as mine. You, your past, present, future, I claimed all of them as mine. If someone hurt you in the past, I wouldn’t let him go." He asserted.

My heart started to beat faster again. What the hell was he talking? He was forcing me, it was okay but when others would do, it wasn't?

"If you force me it's okay but when others force me, it isn't? How do you justify your forcing me? And how are you so sure that you will not hurt me?" I questioned.

"Even though I am forcing you, I am doing it for your own good. I will do everything with you Elizabeth but hurting you. It's my promise." He declared.

"And how so? Please explain." I spoke sarcastically.

"If you say yes to me, I will care for you, I will cherish you, pamper you. I will take your breath away with kisses. I will fill your life with happiness, never hurt you, always protect you." He described.

"I am afraid that any random man would not be able to cherish you the way you deserve." He added.

He was creating riddles though his words.

You will never hurt me, huh? No matter how pleasing it sounded, but I knew better not to believe it. It was just a claptrap. I wasn’t a fool to fall for it twice.

Men are never loyal. I got hurt once and it was enough. No illusion could change my mind anyway.

"How do I deserve to be treated?" I tested him.

"Like a queen. Not only a queen sitting in top of riches, you are deserved to be the queen of the heart of your man." His words this time made my heart skip a beat.

Queen of the heart? A sardonic chuckle left my mouth thinking about my tragic life.

I didn’t believe in sweet words, handsome faces. Looks could be the most deceiving, even after spending so long with a person, we could not see through his heart. When someone shows his true colors, another life gets turns upside down.

The food arrived soon after and we started eating. As soon as I took my first spoonful of pasta, I was in cloud nine.

I must say, even though the date was awkward and forced, the food was fabulous. Archer ordered so many dishes. All of them were traditional Italian dishes, I didn’t even see some of the dishes ever.

"Actually, I missed eating here. So, as I got a chance today, I couldn’t help ordering so many dishes here. Everything is superb. But the problem is, they don't cook in a smaller portion. I don't think I can finish all of these. How about we share these, Elizabeth? Help me finish these, I don't want to waste food." Archer suggested suddenly.

Actually, no matter how much I hated this date, the food here was lovely. And my appetite redoubled as soon as the pasta collided with my tongue. I was curious how the other food would taste.

"Okay." I said.

He shared Ossobuco, Florentine steak, Aranchini, Ribollita, Lasagna, Focaccia and tiramisu with me. I didn’t eat Ossobuco, Ribollita and Florentine steak before. All of these were splendid, I ate little from everything.

We ate everything, not a single morsel was wasted. By the time I was finished, I was full.

Archer was about to drop me home. The car ride in the way back was silent. Archer got out of the car first and then opened the door for me. I didn’t understand what should I say.

"The food was really great. Thank you." I spoke awkwardly after getting out.

Archer gave me a small smile.

I turned back and was going inside that's when Archer grabbed my wrist from behind. Twirling my body in an abrupt motion, he pulled me towards him. A gasp left my mouth as my body collided with him.

His breath hit my forehead as he lowered his head. I paralyzed like a statue. His touch seemed to awake all the dead nerves of my body.

Putting his index finger under my chin, he made me look at him. And whatever I saw in his eyes, it scared me to no end.

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