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Chapter 8 - Second Date!

Elizabeth's POV:

Putting his index finger under my chin, he made me look at him. And whatever I saw in his eyes, it scared me to no end.



And the determination shook me to the core.

"I know what are you doing. You are running. That's all you have been doing for so long. I am glad that you have run all the time but now that you caught my eyes, Elizabeth, I wouldn’t let you run anymore. The ice wall you have built around yourself, I will break it. And believe me, you will be able to do nothing. I will crumble your all resistance, defense and snatch you from yourself." He declared.

I couldn’t tear my eyes off his eyes. I didn’t even blink. Those pool of blue orbs seemed to suck me into them.

The wind blew disheveling my hairs. Archer removed a strand of hair from my eyes and tucked it behind my ear.

"Remember this, beautiful. You are mine and no more running away." He said stroking my cheek with his index finger. And before I could move, he leaned and planted a kiss on my lips.

My eyes widened, it was so unexpected. He winked at me.

"It's getting late. Go inside and take care." He gave my arm a light squeeze before releasing me.

I didn’t say anything. I turned around and went inside the gate.

I entered my apartment

Hugging my body with my arms, I sat on the couch. His touch still seemed to linger on my body, keeping me feel warm, hot.

For a second, I thought how lucky a woman would be to get a person like Archer.

And my entire being thrilled thinking he was into me. I could be the lucky woman.

But then again, I never let that illusion stay longer in my mind. In this lifetime, I was done loving another person, I was done believing another person. Most importantly, I was done with trusting the male species. There’s not a single drop of loyalty in them.

I would never entertain the thought of loving another person or being loved by someone.

To say the truth, there isn't anything called love that exists.

Archer was more stubborn than any other guy, moreover, he was my boss. Getting rid of him would be harder. He even messed with my plan at the very first day.

And he seemed genuinely serious and straightforward. No matter how much I tried to shove him away, he wasn’t having it.

What would I do? I must ignore him more strictly.

Slowly getting up, I entered the bathroom. After getting freshened up, I headed to bed.

I didn’t know when I fell asleep thinking about this and that.

The next day,

I woke up when it was 6 in the morning. But it was Sunday, and I was feeling a bit of stomachache. Wrapping the comforter tightly around my body, I fell asleep again.

Finally, I got up when it was 10 am. After getting fresh, I was frying eggs in the kitchen that's when my phone rang.

When I saw the caller ID, it was my boss, Archer.

"Hello?" I received the call.

"Hello, Elizabeth. Good morning." Mr. Johnson said.

"Good morning to you too, Sir." I flatly said.

"Elizabeth, what are doing? I was wondering if you are free right today?" He queried.

Please don't ask me to go on a date again. I prayed.

"Sir, I am free. But why, Sir?" I responded.

"Great. You are going somewhere with me this afternoon." He spoke.

"I don't want to," I said.

"You promised me five dates. I have four dates left. Do you want to go back on your words, Elizabeth?"

I bit my teeth.

"I told because I thought you would never want to go on a second date." I mumbled.

"As the plan is already failed, I guess we have nothing to do for now. So, is it fine with you if we go on the second date tonight, your highness?" Archer questioned.

Your highness? Oh My Goodness!

"Okay. But please don't take me somewhere fancy. I don't like it. Do everything like common people do, normal dates." I informed him.

"Okay. As you wish, your highness. What kinda place would you like to go to? Yesterday I chose it. Give me your idea on this today." He suggested.

"Hmm. I don't know either. But not anywhere too fancy."

"Okay, okay. I will take care of it."

"Sir, my breakfast is getting cold. May I hang up now? Let's talk to you later." I mentioned.

"Oh. Okay. Bye then." He cut the call.

I cut a piece from the warm pancake and started eating. The soft and fluffy texture almost melted in my tongue. It tasted heavenly with chocolate syrup.

"Woah!" I moaned. It was something I could never be tired of eating. When it was 3 pm., I got ready. Nothing was special. I washed my face and put on a decent white shirt top and skinny jeans. I tied my hair in a ponytail. I still felt like digging a hole, get inside and never coming out whenever I remembered yesterday's event. It was so embarrassing. I couldn’t believe my plan failed so badly.

Who knew where he might be taking me today. I observed my face, it was plain. I never used any makeup. I wasn’t very much expert on that field. But still, I rubbed a little of lip gloss on my lips. Sometimes it felt my lips were weird.

I put my wrist watch on that's when I got Archer's phone call.

"Hello, Sir?" I asked.

"Yeah, are you ready, Elizabeth? I am in front of your building." Archer said.

"I am ready. Please wait a second, I am coming down." I spoke.


I checked the gas stoves if they were off and locking the door, I came out of the building.

Archer was standing in front of the gate. He was wearing a black jacket over a blue colored t-shirt on top and a brown chino with high neck sneakers. His hairs were combed back, his black sun glass was shining under the sun ray; he looked younger and kinda reminded me of a typical high school bad boy.

I didn’t see his car, rather I saw a cab was waiting. As I walked to him, he smiled at me.


"Good afternoon, Sir." I greeted him.

"I didn’t bring my car, lets have this date like other common people. So the taxi," He spake gesturing to the taxi.

"Where are we going today?" I asked him following to the taxi.

"I am not going to tell you now. But rest assured it's not any overly fancy place." He replied opening the car door for me.

We both got settled inside the car and seated comfortably. The taxi driver drove the car.

I saw the time on my wrist watch. It was 3.09 pm, still early. I looked at Archer and found him staring at me.

It was uncomfortable.

"Sir, why are you staring at me?" I asked.

He didn’t reply. Putting his right knuckle under his chin, he smiled but didn’t move his eyes off me.

"It's getting creepy, you know, Archer?" I huffed frustrated.

"Oh, thank you for reminding my name. I was starting to think that my name is 'Sir'." He mocked.

"Why are you staring at me like this?" I repeated.

"Call my name again, then I will answer." He smirked.

"Archer," I voiced.

"It sounds so good when you call my name. I told you to call me by name whenever we are outside the company. Why do you still call me 'Sir' every time?" Archer asked.

"I am not used to. I still can't believe that I am on a date with my boss." I pouted.

"Get used to calling me by name. Because you have to call me by this name for the rest of your life." He stated.

I rolled my eyes at first, but his stare got intense, he raised a brow. He was serious.

"You aren’t serious, are you?" I queried. My eyes widened in disbelief as I realized.

"Do I look like I am joking?" He queried back.

His handsome face looked scary now. The same determination I saw yesterday, I could see it again. It made my heart thump faster. I gulped loudly in nervousness.

"T-this c-can't be p-possible." I stuttered.

And the serious and scary expression of his face faded, he flashed a smile at me showing his pearl like white teeth. But it did little to ease my nervousness.

"Everything is possible if we want something to be possible earnestly." He said.

No! I didn’t want this. I didn’t want to feel the pain for the second time. I screamed inside my mind.

"Didn’t you say that why I was looking at you? I was looking at you because you are looking beautiful, Elizabeth. Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?" He remarked.

We were in the taxi, here he was speaking such things. The driver could hear us all. I could feel my cheeks heating up in blush.

"Don’t say things like this. Besides, I am not at all beautiful." I argued.

"Okay, in that case we can assume you are just ignorant." He uttered.

I scowled in annoyance. Taking out my phone, I started playing Candy Crush saga, I was in level 331.

Suddenly my phone was snatched away from me. I wasn’t surprised.

"No mobile when we are together." He smiled turning the power of my phone off and tucking it inside the chest pocket of his jacket.

"Then what should I do?"

"You can look at me, talk to me, or we can do even better things." He said suggestively wriggling his brows. I didn’t know why I blushed again.

"You know actually today is my day off, holiday. It's the day I take rest. If I were at home, I could sleep. I am going to take a nap, please wake me up when we reach at the destination." Saying, I closed my eyes. I really felt like taking a nap.



"Elizabeth!" I could hear someone calling my name. It was a deep masculine voice.

The voice got louder.

"Elizabeth!" I opened my eyes and looked around. I was sitting inside a taxi with my boss, Archer.

Oh! I remembered that I came to a date with him.

"Have we reached already? What time is it?" I asked rubbing my eyes.

"We have and need to get out of the car. We can't occupy the taxi for long." Archer answered.

"Oo." We got out of the car and a gasp left my mouth as I looked around.

"Annual fair!" I exclaimed smiling. I could see the huge entrance of the fair welcoming us. I never thought that he would bring me somewhere like this. I liked carnival and fairs a lot.

"I think you like the place this time." Archer spoke.

This time I realized that I was really excited. How many years had it been that I had been to a fair? When I was 15, I visited a fair last time.

"Yeah," I smiled at him. No matter how rude and cold I wanted to appear, it seemed to me that he deserved this much truth from me at least. Visitors were entering inside in two rows.

"Let's go," Saying, Archer extended his hand to me. I stared at his hand for a few seconds and then stared at his face. A warm smile was still adorning his handsome face.

I won't take his hand. I won’t give into any kinda advance he will make toward me. I was determined.

But I didn’t know what happened. When my eyes met his, the glittering hope, genuine warmness in his eyes twisted something inside me. My determination was slipping. I felt like I got to see my home.

Was it something I was looking for all along? I found my hand moving automatically and giving into him.

He held my hand gently and I walked with him to the fair with my crazily beating heart.

But who knew that today's date would be a disaster as well? If yesterday's date had been embarrassing, today's date was going to break all the records.

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