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Chapter 9 - Another Disaster Date!

Elizabeth's POV:

"Let's not lose each other." It was his excuse. He wasn’t releasing my hand.

I sighed and walked with him. I usually visited many carnivals when I used to be little but to visit such big fairs like this, it didn’t happen many times.

We visited many stalls. Toys, handicraft items, clothes. Then we reached in front of the circus pavilion.

"Want to see it?" Archer asked.

"No. I am not a fan of circus. People risk their lives to show circus." I grimaced.

"That's true. While it's fun to us, these people need to play with their lives and even sometimes lose too." He remarked. I nodded.

No matter how delicious foods restaurants may serve, the food stalls in the fair had an extraordinary appeal to me. As we came before the section of food stalls, I beamed.

"Let's explore what foods can be found here." Archer spoke.

We saw many kinda food stalls — Tacos, tortillas, desserts, kebab, cookies, breads, ice creams, cakes, fried chicken, candies, pizzas, burgers, Mexican, fast food, Japanese, Chinese and even some Indian food stalls.

Archer asked, "What would you like to eat?"

A mischievous thought caught my mind. He was forcing me to go on a date with him. Then why not return him the same favor? I also should annoy him as much as I could.
"Cotton candy?" I spoke eying the candy shop. There is a long queue already waiting. Children with their parents and teenagers were most of them.

"Okay. Wait here." Archer said. He went to the candy stall and making me shocked, he stood in the line.

One, two, three, four.... I started counting. There were already 33 persons before him.

It took him almost 16 minutes for his turn to come.

"Here you go." Archer handed me the big heart shaped pink cotton candy. The bright smile of his face didn’t wither even a bit.

"Thank you." I forced out a smile. How could he be so energetic and enthusiastic? I hoped to see him scowling at least. I was rich and billionaire people like him hated waiting. Even I would get annoyed waiting here if not hoping to see him in trouble.

I tore a bit from the candy and put it inside my mouth. The candy melted in my mouth.

"Have some." I offered him.

"Thank you." Archer too took some and carefully put it inside his mouth.

"It's too sweet." He grimaced his face instantly.

"It's cotton candy. Of course, it will be sweet." I said taking some more in my mouth. The candy reminded me so much about childhood.

"I didn’t know." He remarked.

"Haven’t you tried it before?" I asked casually, but Archer was silent.

"Don't tell me-" My eyes widened as I realized that he had never cotton candy before.

"I can't imagine that someone hadn’t had this." A laugh escaped my teeth.

"What's so great about this candy, bag of sugar! My mom was worried that my teeth may go bad. So, I rarely ate candies." He rolled his eyes.

We walked and I finished the whole candy. Actually it was quite big. And if someone eats the whole candy alone, it feels a bit weird afterwards.

"I heard it's pretty good. Want to have some?" Archer queried looking at the meatball stall.

"Okay." I replied, hoping I needed to eat something spicy now.

"Do you want spicy or mild?" He asked.


Archer told me to wait for him and returned with two cups of spicy meatballs.

"It's hot." I said blowing a meatball.

"Yeah." Archer didn’t seem to struggle with hot food like me. He already ate three meatballs while I was still blowing.

We ate the meatballs and threw the empty cups in the trash can. I was full. Actually the meatballs were pretty big, and it filled my tummy well.

Next, we reached before ride section.

"Don't we need a ticket for the rides?" I asked Archer.

"No. Actually I bought the VIP tickets; it covers all the rides and shows." Replied Archer.

"Oh. Then it's great." I beamed again.

"Let's ride the Ferris wheel." I proposed him. No matter how much I tried to avoid the date, after I got here, I was enjoying my time with him.

He was acting like a commoner like me. I thought him to act picky or too proud to stay here.

Archer held my hand and we both got in the Ferris wheel.

It was fun, thrilling and exciting. When the wheel started rotating 360 degree and its speed quickened, my heart began thumping fast in the chest.

"It's so scary, yet it's so fun." I giggled as a gush of air hit my face. Now we were exactly on top of the wheel. When I looked down, all the people standing outside seemed like small dolls.

After how many years, I was having so much fun?

I held the railing of the cabin and sighed. It was so refreshing.

My eyes accidentally met with Archer. He was again staring at me. His eyes hold amusement. And another thing if I am not wrong, it was admiration.

"Why are you again looking at me?" I felt myself blushing.

"Elizabeth, I wonder what I have to do so you can be yourself around me. Just like this. Your smiles won’t be forced; your eyes will always shine like this." He remarked. And this time I was sure that my heart wasn’t beating fast because of height or scare. Whatever he said hit me deep inside.

"Just like myself? It's not possibilities to be that self. The previous me is long dead. I am just a shell." Automatically my lips worked as I opened up to him unknowingly.

He frowned a bit but eased his face. He took my hands and held them tightly.

"You are wrong here, Elizabeth. The previous is still there; just hidden under a thick ice wall and I will bring that 'you' out soon." Archer stated, I saw the same determination again. I stiffened.

I took my eyes off him, I was afraid he might peek at my heart though his eyes. The broken heart which I didn’t want to show to anyone.

The ride ended, and we were about to get off. I stood up that's when Archer stopped me. I frowned at him.

"Elizabeth, please walk a few steps before me." He said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Do as I say. I need to make sure something." He responded. I got out of the cabin before him. I heard him snapping a picture through his phone.

"Stop!" He called me again. I turned back to him.

"I think you need to see this." Scratching his head, he handed me his iPhone and I gasped looking at the photo. He took a photo of my back side.

I saw three visible red splotches on my jeans. I got my period. Oh, God!! What to do now?

That's why my abdomen was paining this morning. I was an adult woman but how could I forget the date.

My eyes watered in shame. What to do now? Archer already saw this and many people would see me like this. It would take some time to get out of this huge fair. I didn’t have any sanitary napkin with me.

"Hey! Hey! It's okay. Don’t cry." Archer came beside me and patted my head.

"You saw this. Everyone will see now. Today was my day off. I didn’t want to come. You insisted." I was in the verge of tears. Panic and anxiety hit me hard.

Archer rubbed my shoulder trying to calm me down.

"What kinda grown up woman can't remember something like this?" He mumbled but I heard it. It was all what it took for me to break down into sobs.

Why the hell I was being so emotional?

"I am so sorry. Don't cry. I am thinking of something." Archer assured me.

"What will you do now? It will take some time to get out. This place is so big; besides there's no pharmacy nearby." I sniffed.

Archer quickly took off his jacket and holding by the sleeves, tied them around my waist. Now the stain of my buttock couldn’t be seen anymore.

"Now no one will be able to see, baby. Stop crying." Archer again patted my hair. This time, my crying subsided a bit. He called me baby? Maybe I was really acting like a baby. This type of embarrassing situation, I did never imagine it before.

He took his mobile and called someone. It seemed like he told someone to come here.

Before I could understand anything, he picked me up in bridal style.

"What are you doing?!" I exclaimed in surprise. My arms instinctively wrapped around his neck, so that I don't fall on the ground.

“I am not in pain. I can walk.” I protested.
“I know. But if you walk like this without any preparation, things may get messy for you.” He answered making me surprised. How much did he know about it? And he seemed to really care about me.

"Don't worry. I am getting you out of here in the quickest possible time." Saying, he started walking. But he wasn’t going towards the exit.

“But can you walk? I am heavy.” I mumbled. He was going through this because of me.

“You are barely 45 KG. You are not at all heavy for me.” He uttered.

"I am 42 KG actually. Whom did you call?" I asked.

“What! 42 KG?” He stopped walking suddenly. I nodded, confused. He eyed me like I was lying.

“How come you are only 42 KG? You need to eat more and exercise. You are even more underweight than I thought.” He commented.

“And I called my driver. I told him to bring my car. It would be easier if he brings the car." Archer answered still walking. He reached a gate, and it was only for the use of fair arrangement authorities. The security guard there stopped us.

"Sir, you can't use this exit. It's only for the use of arrangement committee people." He said.

"I know and I am sorry. My girlfriend suddenly got sick, and we need to go out of here urgently." Spoke Archer.

"Okay, in that case go out." The security guard felt compassionate and let us leave.
Even though we got out of the fair, to go to the parking area, it would take still time. This place was huge and cars were strictly prohibited to park anywhere but the parking area.

We reached the parking area but Archer's car wasn’t there yet.

"You can put me down. I can go home taking a taxi." I uttered.

"I know. Wait a bit." Distractedly Archer responded, eying the parking area. His phone rang and he received the call. His driver was here already, with the car.

Archer took me to the car and got me settled inside.

"Bill, go to the nearby pharmacy as soon as possible." He said.

Ten minutes later, the car was stopped in front of a pharmacy. I went inside with Archer.

"Take whatever you need. I am paying the cashier." He said. Nodding, I went to the hygiene section. Taking a packet of sanitary napkin, I headed inside the restroom.

I sighed in relief once I got what I need. But again while coming out of the restroom, I was feeling embarrassed. My cheeks were red.

How could I be able to meet Archer's gaze after this shameful event?

I was 24 but whenever I got stressed; still, I couldn’t remember when my period is about to come. I was a fucking idiot. Hope Archer would think the same as me and stop bothering me.

"Are you okay?" Archer asked me once I went out of the restroom. I nodded, looking down.

"I want to go home." I voiced.

"Of course. Let's go, I am going to drop you home." He said. I followed him silently as he exited the pharmacy store. He opened the car door for me and I got inside.

The car ride was excruciating for me. I was grateful as it ended in twenty minutes.

I got off the car and was going inside my building, then Archer held my hand, "Elizabeth, I am really sorry. I wanted you to enjoy the afternoon. I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable."

"It's okay. Let me go fast, I have to get fresh. Let's talk later." Saying, I ran inside.

Even God doesn’t want us to date. This is why our date turned into disaster each time. I thought.

Who knew may be God is trying to show you how caring Archer is since you are too blind to see someone's good side. My subconscious commented.


A/N: Thank you for reading my story. Writing isn't easy. It takes a lot of time and energy to think unique things, events and then write them into something uncommon and fun. But I lose my inspiration to write when I see no response from the readers. I started this story a few months ago but I lost my inspiration to continiue because there wasn't any response from the readers. Let me know what you think about my story and I will try to update faster. I write stories for the readers and if I get responses from them it makes me want to write more frequently.

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