Let's Play House

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Guess what my lovely readers. Yap you got it right. For the first time am writing from Leo’s point of view. Hope you hate him as I do.


It was two hours since Prudence left. Her parents must be pious to name her Prudence. A prudent person was sensible and calculative in decision making but not Prudence. Maybe she was in other issues. I could only guess.

She is crystal clear as a mountain water stream. An open book. I tried to be open to her passing hints that nothing can ever grow between us but she is too stubborn and wants what she wants. And that fortunately and unfortunately is me, she wants.

Ignorance is bliss. And this is college, where it slaps the ignorance out of you and shows you how to graduate in life. I was nobody’s teacher but I was the experience that will teach her about life. Till she learns. I’ll continue to enjoy the attention of a naïve stubborn fresh meat.

“You are evil” Edwin slapped my arm. He was my best friend from high school and my partner in crime.

I was evil? Says the devil himself.

He kept replying Prudence video recording. The part where she was standing naked as sin. He would pause and zoom. we had a cam in my room where we would record the girls we brought over. it was fun.

He said, “Damn! Are those mosquito bites on her chest,” he coughed fighting to contain his laughter.

He formed his palms in cups, balled them into a fist and looked up at me, in quizzical manner.

“Can they even fit in one’s hand?”

I found myself copying Edwin and held my hands up. Could they possibly fit in anyone’s hand. Truly, God works in mysterious ways so is his creation.

“I’ll find out tomorrow night” I said in a pretentious cheesiness.

I doubt she’ll let me touch even a single lock of hair leave alone her breast.

We both broke into a hysterical laughter.

“Seriously dude where did you pick this one?”

“Actually it’s a funny story. She picked me up”

“Even better. No hard feelings. Why else would she seek you out, if she doesn’t want the D”

Prudence wore her heart on her sleeves. It was obvious she was smitten by me. But sex was the last thing on her thoughts.

“She doesn’t fit the type. She looks innocent and naïve. Jus’ the type that believe in soulmate nonsense and happily ever after bullshit” i said.

“Just my type. You know i am a smooth talker.” Edwin stated, cheerfully.

“A colorful clown for that matter” I replied.

“Ladies dig lies” Edwin added.

“Not this one. She is shy and somehow insecure. Even if you tell her she looks like Beyonce. Which I think she’s more beautiful than Beyonce. She still won’t believe you”

He did a double look on my laptop, before answering. “Because it’s the truth. Tell her she is curvaceous like Nikki Minaj.”

“That still won’t work” I knew her type. They appreciated when called beautiful not hot. They would melt when complimented on their personal achievements rather than their body structure.

“Is there a bra that can fit on them or her chest be like bra! bra! bra! I can’t hear you?” Edwin jested, devilishly.

“Your parents must be proud of you” i said turning away.

Unfamiliar feeling cut through my chest. I found myself flipping the laptop shut. I couldn’t stare at her any longer. Maybe because it’s because none of her body features interested me.

Who was I kidding?

Instead I changed the topic to something that I found interest in.

“How did the campaigns go? Where you able to convince those second year boys?” i asked.

The second years’ were the toughest to convince. I knew if I wanted to win the elections I needed them. They were the godfathers of all impunity and didn’t mind playing dirty as long as the booze and ladies kept flowing. They really were sucking my finances dry. They better be worthy it.

“I did. The third year’s are proving to be too stubborn. Most especially from the faculty of Education and Arts and you know they are the majority”

“Then that leaves us With your idea” i said to Edwin.

“I thought you initially declined it?” Edwin answered.

Short cut or not. I needed to win this elections. It was a matter of employability and unemployability. If I needed to climb up to the top after graduation. I better start now in school. University presidency was one way to open those opportunities and accessibility to more money provided by the University.

“Let’s make it our last resort. I think we can figure it out. You are the most likeable candidate In this university”

True, I had no difficulty in persuading people and winning them over. But this year I had an opponent who was better than me. He presented a manifesto better than mine. And the applaud from the students was clear enough he had won them over.

Dirty scumbag.

“What if we register outsiders as voters?” Edwin added.

“How?” I asked

“We can make fake student ID’s and assign them fake Admission numbers. The University is never that strict with it’s elections. What do you say?” Edwin spoke out his idea, proudly.

“Brilliant Ed. There is really a brain hidden somewhere in you” i said.

The only head I thought had a brain was the one below his abdomen.

His demeanor changed. What? I wasn’t gonna lie. Edwin was a fucking dunderhead.

“i am your campaign manager. Don’t shit on the same plate you eat from, Pérez.” He warned and Nathan laughed.

“Fine. I get it. So how do we go about it?” i tried to ease the moment.

“I did speak with Python and he will get us more people” Edwin said.

“So you already have implemented the idea. What if I had refused?” i asked.

“I knew it was too good for you to refuse” he says proudly.

“How much is he asking for?”

“Half a million”

“what the actual Fuck. That is a shit load of money. Did it not occur to him this is some stupid university election and i am a student not a shitty stock broker in the wall street?”

“Look, that amount is fair. We did the math-”

“You suck in math. That’s why you do Arts”

“Don’t mock my choice of course”

Anything that wasn’t a science was a bogus choice of career.

“Python will get us at least five hundred people, give them two to three different identities and pay each a thousand. Simple”

“Simple. One person is going to have two more different identities? Don’t you think that is risky if we’re caught?”

“C’mon these are stupid campus elections. They always use manual system not biometric”

He was right. The University would never waste it’s money to fund some lame elections. But it did allocate a lot of money to the elected student council offices.

The elections were three weeks away. I didn’t know how I would raise such amount of money. But I had to.

“Fine. Tell him I just need two Weeks.

“Okay. Now can you let me see her for the last time” He tried to open my laptop.

“No” I was quick to stop it.

“Wow, I have a feeling this girl will flip your life until you are tripping”

“Who is tripping?” Nathan’s scary voice filled my room as he walked in.

We once visited an orphanage, when Nathan said his first word. The poor kids were running and screaming in fear.

We grew up together but weren’t too close.

“Pérez” Edwin answered him.

“No one” i said.

“Open the laptop” Edwin tried to tempt me.

“i am not tripping. And Edwin you have had your share of fun” i tried to hide the laptop.

“Now i am curious. Let me see” Nathan took the laptop away from me and I stood up.

“You people are snakes” Nathan said once he opened it and saw Prudence’s video.

“We only chase but don’t bite.” Edwin smirked.

“Poor girl” Nathan said.

I stood by the fridge watching both of them watch Prudence. My phone vibrated inside my jeans. Maybe it’s Prudence. Throughout the week she would sent countless messages and didn’t despair even when I didn’t reply.

Kourtney: Hi, baby. Just arrived from my field study. I feel stiff need release. Are you in your room?

She was my high school sweetheart. We both messed around but we knew at the end we will end up with each other.

Been waiting. For the last one month. I sent my quick reply.

“Both of you out of my room. Kourtney is on her way”

“Don’t Leave with my laptop, Nathan” I warned Nathan who was already on the door leaving.

He was a sneaky snake, right now I was sure he was planning on how to send the video through out the campus. I would never involve him in my business but he was a reliable as spy.

Prudence’s chest was on full zoom when Nathan handed me the laptop. Part of me felt sorry for her. The other was telling me that this was the closest I’ll ever get to see her naked. Either way I win.

So now you get to see how sneaky Leo is. Full of himself and always looking down on people.

I hate what he did to Prudence by recording her Naked when she was in his room.

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