Let's Play House

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Leo pulled the scary guy I assumed to be python away from us altogether avoiding my question.

I stared down at my shows, it was awkward with five pair of eyes staring at me. Only one of the guys looked less scary and a bit decent.

“What do we call you fluffy nugget?” He teased me.

I looked over to where Leo was having a heated conversation with the scariest man to ever exist.

“I am talking to you.” He taunted me further as the other boys whispered something among themselves and turned to look at me as if I was some piece of meat. I looked around nervously ready to ran. This isn’t how I imagined my first date since I was thirteen.

“We don’t bite.” He additionally said as if my fear amused him.

I was relieved when I saw Leo walking back with his friend.

“I was just telling your girl how blessed she his.” The guy that had been talking to me told Leo, he held up his hands in a cup shape and laughed like it was some sort of inside joke.

“Back off, Edwin.” Leo howled at him.

So his name is Edwin. Edwin took a step back with his hands up in the air showing he had surrendered.

Leo bided his group of friend’s bye and I sighed feeling a bit safe. This must be the boys my father warned me about.

“Are they your friends?” I asked once we were alone.

“Do you have a problem with that?” he asked deadpan serious.

Oops, Awkward.

I didn’t reply because I had a problem with it.

He opened the door for me as I boarded inside the car. The atmosphere between us had turned tense.

Probably regretting taking me out.

“I am a very important person as you know by now, I interact with many people and of different caliber. I don’t discriminate.” He finally spoke before bring the engine to life.

“They gave me a bad vibe.” I said.

I should really shut up and stop talking badly about his friends.

“They are harmless.” He said for my peace of mind.

I couldn’t wait to know what more he had planned for our night out. I didn’t want the night to end. I wanted the world to know I was out with LfreakingEO. He chose me over all the girls at the campus, a freshman with no life experience yet still he went out with me. I wish my Cousin; Amy went the same university so I could share with her this unbelievable fact. She was my age mate and had a bet on who would score the first date. This was a win for me and Leo’s good look just a topping on the ice cream. Sweet!

To my disappointed Leo drove me back to the university. I would think he would take out to a club dancing that was the typical date for most students since the boys were also broke to afford a dinner at an average hotel. However, Leo could, his truck looked expensive.

He helped me get off his truck and he walked me towards the hostel footsteps then halted and turned to look down on me.

“it was a wonderful night.” He said and ran his tongue over his lower lip.

I involuntarily gasp and look away embarrassed.

What a pervert, all I think of is how his lips will taste against mine.

He was silent as he watched me while I raked my head thinking of what I am supposed to do. Hollywood movies depicted that by the end of the date, a kiss should seal it. I have never been kissed, I did try to practice it with my pillow and Sister Bertha, back St. Monica Catholic school, found me. I was send to confession and told to say seven hail Mary’s to purify my thoughts.

I was dumbfounded and my tongue couldn’t move.

“I enjoyed it.” I found my speech after saying several hail Mary’s. Maybe my perverted thought was the reason I couldn’t find my speech.

I watched as his face inched forward towards me and my breath stop waiting. I closed my eyes, it was finally going to happen, I was about to experience my first kiss. I thought of my breath, I took some tic tac on our way back.

I waited and waited it never happened. I only felt his warm breath on my cheek and immediately opened my eyes, my face red. He was still close to me I could smell his perfume. I inhaled it, it was intoxicating.

“I will see you around.” He took a step back leaving me yearning for more.

I waved him goodbye as he drove away. Before I could even climb up to the hostels, I saw a shadow approach and as it came to light I recognized the person. It was the Histoplasmosis guy.

“Are you stalking me?” I asked angered.

Why did we always run into each other? The only connection we had is that he just saved my ass by answering on my behalf in class the day I was lost.

“He is not a good guy.” He says.

“you don’t even know me, I don’t know you even your name and why do you care?”

He still stood at some distance.

“My name is Eric. I might not know you but I know his type.”

Why was I even entertaining his nonsense? I had a good feeling about Leo.

“Too bad I don’t care for your opinion Eric.” I rushed inside the hostels.

How could I when he was the one stalking me.

I would not let some strange boy’s word ruin my almost perfect date.

The moment I opened the door to my room, the words I was about to say stuck at my throat when I came face to face with my mother while Lydia and Harriet were all quiet and holding their laugh at their beds.

“You are coming home with me young lady.” My mother stood up and met me halfway through the room.

“Mum, you are overreacting.” I said.

She casted me a hard look that silenced me.

“You are now going out with boys and coming back in the middle of the night? Wait till your father hears of this.” She warned.

The thought of my father finding out scared me.

“Mu..” She raised her hand silencing me.

“Grab your books and leave. I knew it was a bad idea living away from home.” She said as I struggled to find anything I could carry. Harriet and Lydia came to help me pack some books.

After I was done I wasn’t given any second to say bye to my roommates. I found my mothers’ driver waiting us at the parking lot.

“Get in.” she demanded and caught sight of my date dress, “Was that the trash you wore?”

I didn’t answer, it was hopeless. My love story with Leo was now hopeless. I couldn’t see myself being with him. My parents were capable of sending me out the country to keep me away from him. Well, I would miss him.

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