Let's Play House

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I walked downstairs and found a sumptuous breakfast awaiting me as per my request. I looked at it and smiled satisfied. This time, Ali, our professional chef had outdone himself. It would be the perfect bait and the prey was my father. I had only less than thirty minutes before my mother got home from her shift. That was enough to try again to convince my father to allow me to go back to live at the school hostels. I was not ready to give up, especially since my stay here was coming between the possibility of me and Leo.

Everything was set and wished Ali was here to thank him for his work. I never knew my way around the kitchen. I had never cooked leave alone boil water in my entire existence, never had to clean anything, make my bed, organize my room. None of those chores were encouraged neither were they discouraged they just never seemed important to me nor my parents to learn. Everything was served.

I carried the tray to my parent's room. I could hear father cough so I knew he was awake. He had cold allergies which he got from his childhood. He grew up in extreme poverty where he never wore a sweater until he earned his first salary.

"Daddy..." I called out his name sweetly.

"Come in angel." He answered.

He was seated on his working desk and was busy reading reports. He never rested.

While I slept like I owned the world.

"Daddy I made you breakfast," I said softly.

"You or Ali?" He spoke as his lip formed in a small smile.

"It was my idea. It counts right?" I pouted.

He stopped what he was doing and turned to face me.

"Whatever you want Prudence, I can't afford it." He went back into doing his work.

I placed the breakfast on his already made bed. Just like my mother, my father would pull his weight around the house. He could clean and cook when my mother wasn't around. it is like the help was only paid to serve me.

I walked towards him with a big smile and placed a hand around his shoulder, "What I want doesn't cost anything, I just want to go back to living at the hostels."

"No." He said without a single glance.

"But daddy... I miss my friends." I pouted more.

"You see your friends every day you go to school."

"We don't share the same classes."

"Then make new ones that you share the same classes." He stood and walked towards the bed. "Thank you for the breakfast, my answer remains No."

I knew that meant our conversation was over. I angrily stomped over to his bed before he could take bacon from the tray. I grabbed the tray and stormed out of his room. I could hear him complain about not have had his breakfast yet. I didn't care.

serves him right.


It was four freaking days since my date with Leo. All my communication went unanswered. Somebody should have told him that Communication was the key to a healthy relationship. After my class, I decided to throw away my pride and go to annex and know why Leo had decided to go mute on me when I thought there was a future for us.

Annex was closed during school days and opened on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. It was a small café that served as a club on those days. I knew he was around cause I spotted his truck. I didn't hesitate on knocking on the door altogether shouting his name. I repeated after some minutes of no response then it was opened by an unfamiliar girl. She was stunning and had this aura of confidence.

"May I help you?" She squinted her eyes on me.

"Uhm...Leo, is he here?" I could barely concentrate as her grey eyes pierced through me.

"Why do you want to see him?"

Nosy much?

"Tell him Prudence is here," I said.

she shook her head and called out Leo's name. He didn't take long before he came back with a towel dangling on his shoulders. He looked sexy. His expression when he saw me didn't mirror mine. His mouth fell wide open as his stare grew tense.

"What are you doing here?" He sneered.

"You haven't returned any of my calls, messages..." He cut me short by pulling me along with him from the annex.

"I lost my phone." He said once we were away from the girl's prying ears. "You are not supposed to show up at my work, I was planning to pass by your room later." He said and the last past made my heart somersault. He had not ghosted me as Lydia had put it then I fell again.

"I no longer live at the campus hostel." my voice was low.

"Why?" He asked.

I barely could respond before I saw my father's car pull up in front of us. I had told Annie to wait for me at the Amphitheatre which was few meters away from us. I didn't want Leo to realize how crazy my parents were to have me followed around campus. that would only scare him away.

My father's driver stepped out as Annie did too. Leo was confused. I tried to play cool that I didn't know who they are.

"It is time, Prudence," Annie said and hated her for exposing me this way with Leo.

"I have to go," I said as he remained confused.

I boarded the car as Annie followed and shut the door. As we drove away I could still see the confusion on Leo's face, he did move from his initial spot. By then I could guess he already knew who I was since all my father's cars had custom-made number plates.

"You are not going to tell on me, are you?" I asked Annie. She had been with us since I was born and she covered for me a lot of time.

"Is that the guy you are crazy about?" She asked instead.

I let out a girlish giggle and nodded.

"How well do you know him?"

"I am in the process."

"I hope he wants the same thing you do." She sighed.

"Does that mean you won't tell?"

"As long as you are careful." She warned and I jumped to hug her. There was hope for me and Leo. And as if I hadn't had enough luck, a message from Leo popped.

Found a new phone we can communicate with. It read and I couldn't contain my happiness as I squealed from my seat.

He returned all my messages as I was driven home.

We were meant to be.

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