Let's Play House

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My idea about hostels was that i would either get a room alone with my own closet or at least get one roommate. What i wasn’t prepared for was sharing a room with three other people and worst share my bed with bedbugs.

Those pricks could suck your blood as if on payroll.

You see my room comprised of two bunk beds, illegal electrical wiring that we used for cooking. Most of the time you would suffer minor electrical shocks when switching on. We had two large closets that we shared. We just kept our least valuable items there. There was something called trust that we were yet to develop amongst ourselves. This was after one of my roommates new shoes mysteriously disappeared.

“The black stilettoes will match the royal blue dress” Lydia instructed.

I didn’t think i would need the dresses and heels my mother bought for me as i joined college. But now bless her soul. My mother was ′Stacy’s mum’ in fountains of Wayne’s song. She was the fashionable mother who got hit on more than the teenage daughter.

“Here, let me do the magic that is missing” Lydia walked from her bed towards me.

In her hands she was holding a golden buckle belt. Herself she choose a Gothic look, a black crop top which was printed in blood red ‘The Rebel’ and black ripped jeans. Her face was bare of any make, she looked beautiful.

“We will be happening” Lydia spoke with satisfaction.

Finally the most talked about, most awaited, most advertised Freshmen party of the year was here. I just couldn’t wait to have a taste of my first ever campus party.

“What about this dress, does it make me look fat?” Harriet one of my roommate asked as she spined round.

“Terrible. It’s worst than the previous one” Lydia bluntly answered.

That was your everyday Lydia, blunt never sparing your feelings.

I had three roommates, Lydia, already you have a clear picture of her. Harriet was a shy second year girl. I never knew there was anyone more shy than me, until i tried to look straight into her eyes. Don’t think her shyness makes her sweet. She could be unbearable when out of the blues decides to give you a silent attitude. Then there was Natalie also a second year, but her student I.D/ national I.D read Lilian. She was a cool girl though barely slept in her room. Harriet told us she had a boyfriend who was a cadet at the near by military station. The boyfriend had rented an apartment near the campus. Today she was available, her cadet boyfriend will be joining us. Honestly i was curious to have clear picture of his physical appearance.

“What about this Pru do i still look fat?” Harriet spoke again.

Honestly she looked beautiful. It was a black strapless dress that defined all her curves. I felt envious of her curves. My almost flat chest couldn’t accommodate a strapless dress.

“Its perfect Harriet” I stated.

She blushed and looked away from my stare.

“I know i look fat” Harriet whined.

Tell the damn girl, she is fat and let’s keep going before the party runs dry’ Lydia texted me.

“Harriet, you look beautiful” Natalie spoke as she walked in. She held the door wide open to reveal a boy with a firm frame that fitted at the door.

For the first time a mouthy Lydia was silent. We all stared at the stunning species before us. He had small eyes and a delicate nose. His face was weather beaten for being an outdoor person but in all he was very attractive.

“Come on and meet my roommates”

Natalie held his hand pulled him inside effortlessly.

“She is Harriet, Lydia and over here is Prudence, we call her Pru”

I honestly hated my name, i just found it too old fashioned.

“Hi” He was brief. “i’m Edward” he added when he realized were still staring.

He chose to remain at the door. His discomfort was notable, he kept shifting his standing position every minute. He scratched his head, counted the tiles on the floor. Discovered new cobwebs on the ceiling........

“Let’s go” Natalie brought him back to earth.

With a sigh of relief he took her hand and we all followed.

* * * * * * * * * *
I think i overrated my ability to walk on heels. As we arrived at Annex, where the party was been hosted. I was staggering like a new born calf learning how to walk.

Red and small white Plastic cups were littered everywhere, empty beer bottles laid carelessly on the ground daring anyone to step on them. On the background techno music blasted with a promise of till dawn party. At the corner a group of girls and boys each with a hose sat in a circle a cloud of smoke enveloping them. Loud drunken laughter’s would fill the space.

Out of curiosity I nudged Lydia arm, and nodded towards the group.

“You want to join them?” She asked.

“No, just wondering what is that thing they are smoking?”

“Its shisha”

Of course when I joined college I promised myself. I must be adventurous but whatever they were smoking that would not be part of my adventure.

“You can try if you like, it comes in different flavors, vanilla, strawberry, mint, apple whatever your choice”

I shook my head in disapproval.

" Let’s get in, I could use a drink”

“You, a drink?” Natalie scoffed.

“Yeah me, Is it hard to believe?” I asked annoyed. Making me hate my name more. It just gave an impression of miss goody two shoe.

Too bad cause i was a miss goody two shoe and i was determined to break away.

A sting of thick and sweaty air slapped me as i stepped inside where the real party was happening. It was a disappointment to what I expected. It wasn’t close to how they publicized. It was as disappointing as those online products when they arrive at your doorstep. Anyway since when has expectations ever been rewarding?

Tipsy post adolescents trampled upon us, when a new music started. Soon the was empty dance floor was now crowding with sweltering bodies, gyrating of hips and grinding of loins. It took me moment to realize the rest of my roommates were also a part of the crowd in the dance floor. While I stood stranded, confused and alone.

What happened to sticking together?

I tried to look around my surroundings, searching for somewhere I could relieve my back from the pressure of my heels. Two couple sat behind me, there hands were everywhere on each other. One minute they were kissing the next minute the guy jumped up as if he had been stung with puke all over him.

“Yuck, look what you have done?” The guy disappeared as the girl tried to find a place to puke more.

Not the perfect spot to relax.

At the furthest place sat two girls. They both held water bottles and had small plastic cups on their table. I’m sure none of them had even tasted the liquor inside the cups and if they did they hated the taste. They are the type of people when the party ended would pretend were drunk, and walk while staggering.

Definitely not the company I would need.

I checked the dance floor and I couldn’t trace either Lydia, Harriet or Natalie. Across there was a mini bar, perfect spot.

I tried to walk through the sweaty bodies. I would occasionally be caught off guard as someone would stumble on me.

“Where did you disappear to?” Lydia’s voice came through.

“Come, let’s dance” She pulled me closer, she was holding a drink.

“Where is Natalie and Harriet?” I asked.

Using her tongue she pointed where Natalie was. She was seated on her boyfriend’s lap. Such a lucky girl.

“Harriet went to the washroom, she was feeling nausea” Lydia answered.

“Okay, let me get a drink first, don’t disappear again”

“Okay” she shouted.

I started to move focused on my target. The mini bar. As I neared I noticed the bartender, then realised he was staring back at me. I tripped on my feet, when I noticed he was still looking. To hide my embarrassment I pretended I was doing a dance move.

Forget about Natalie’s boyfriend, the guy before me was very attractive. I just couldn’t form the exact description.

“Can I get you anything?”

Sweet lord, the voice.......

My intentions were to get either wine or water. But now I had to ask for drinks I only heard in the movies like Margarita even when I had no idea what it was. Just not to appear as someone who tasted alcohol once in their life.

“Mmh..... Margarita......

What was that term again that follows? I remember it had the word rock. Just couldn’t remember how to put in a context.


He asked waiting for me to finish my order. My photographic memory could not work when his eyes were still focused on me. Think.

“Under the rocks” I mumbled.


I know he heard what I said, just giving me a chance to correct myself.

“Margarita on the rocks” I spoke loudly such that the people around could hear. I was sure this time I got it right.

The bartender gave me a knowing smile. Turned his back to me for some minutes.

“Here is your drink...... By the way.....

I could not hear the next part, since the DJ decided it was the perfect opportunity to turn the volume up. I could literally feel the ground tremble beneath my feet.

I smiled secretly and scoffed at those cheap blogs that wrote, the things you can’t find in your freshmen year. Soulmates.

I’ll continue the next chapter from here. Because this is where Prudence’s story of the rest of her life begins.

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