Let's Play House

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Soulmates! My mother would sneer at the mention of the word. She would call me out for my naivety in believing in such nonsense. She would tell me to get my nose off those brain damaging romance novels and smell the coffee. I would literally smell the coffee pretending not to understand her metaphor. After I’d smile and say, it smells good. I know she secretly smiled.

Then she would start talking about things that do not exist, like love at first love, stereotype bad boy and good girl .......

I would stare at her wondering.

Every time I’d look at my parents, the one question that lingers is. What would they be, without each other?

I have imagined my mother in all kind of situations from being married to a short, tall, poor, middle class to wealthy men with different kind of characters and personalities. At the end i find each of those companionship lacking.

I have also tried to imagine my father married to a cherry face woman, but one that can drain his bank account with a single smile. I have also loved the fantasy of him married to a woman he can control and ‘puppet with’ ,compared to my strong willed mother. Who is disgusted by nonsense and jest.

The problem is i can’t picture one without the other. Their marriage is like a solved puzzle. Every single tiny bit of each of them is like a piece that fits and completes each other. They are perfect. That is what i want. They are my relationship goals. They are soulmates.

* * * * * * * * *
Turn down for what?
Turn down for what?

Fire up that loud
Another round of shots.....

DJ Snake song blasted through the speakers. The song had this trembling effect, it shook the ground like an earthquake.

The DJ did again the screeching sound. The crowd sang or rather screamed along the song.

I stared at the drink on my hand i was yet to taste it. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself, so i waited until the bartender had his back on me. He was serving another person.

I wondered how it would taste. I remembered the bitter disgusting taste of my father’s whiskey. It was during those family get together, when we stole it with my cousins.

I placed the rim of the glass on my lips, there was a salty taste as i swallowed the first sip.

Not bad...

I then took a mouthful gulp. Turning back to the crowd trying to spot Lydia. I did not see her, somehow i was relieved. Meaning more time with the bartender.

Like a fool i stared at him as he mixed his drink, serving other people. Then turned his attention back to me. Embarrassed for being caught staring i looked down at my drink .

He then placed a receipt in front of me. I read it, my Margarita bill.

I thought the drinks were on the house.

He had to be kidding, a single glass that much? My mother has always taught me about value spending. I wasn’t ready to part with such amount. That is my entire week lunch money!

“Excuse me, i thought the drinks were free?” i called him before he could get back at being busy again.

“Yes, those that come with a red cup or the small white ones”

“Then, i would like to transfer my drink to the red plastic cups” i replied mischievously.

“Very funny, but you still have to pay for it” He spoke seriously.

What aloof!

Given another day i would have painfully reached inside my purse, refusing to cry. Continuously patting myself, i would murmur, ′Stay strong Prudence, things are to be used, and money is a thing’. Then i would part with such amount of money.

However right now i was actually enjoying bantering with the good looking bar tender.

“Then at least you should have kept a poster somewhere here” ....i pointed above his head

“.....stating NO FREE DRINKS that way you would not be dealing with a penniless girl ”

He chuckled and i had to stop myself from being swoon. His voice was like it was induced with chloroform.

“You don’t look like a penniless girl” he spoke eyeing my dress.

Again bless you mum for your better fashion taste than mine.

A couple walked behind me, they were laughing at their own jokes. The girl pushed the boy playfully as he ended up knocking me. Making my drink to spill all over my dress.

They didn’t even apologise, they just gave me a pitiful smile and settled on the counter next to me.

"Water with ice cubes and a slice of lemon” the girl ordered.

I wanted to demand their apology. I turned to them tried to open my mouth, my attempt failed.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, on impulse i whipped my head back. A red eyed Lydia was who i first saw and the rest of my roommates.

“We need to leave” Natalie spoke.

“Why, what’s wrong?” i asked disappointed.

I looked around trying to spot her boyfriend but he wasn’t there.

“Harriet is not feeling well” Lydia said.

I looked over to where Harriet stood. She looked pale and very sick. I even noticed, she found it difficult to stand. This didn’t look good.

“We need to take her to the hospital” i suggested.

When she heard my idea, her head snapped at me. With strong resignation, she said No. She said she just needed to rest and she would be okay.

" You need a doctor” i insisted, Lydia and Natalie seconding my opinion.

“I’m a doctor” she spoke vigorously again. I had to wonder where she found the strength.

“You are a medicine student not a doctor.” i corrected her.

“i still am a doctor.”

We all gave up and decided to take her to the hostel. I placed a thousand note on the counter, since the bartender seemed busy.
Assuring myself that we would cross paths again.

Natalie and Lydia helped Harriet to keep her steady. But just as soon as we walked out, Harriet fell down. Then silence followed. The three of us jumped away from her, fear written on our faces. We looked at each other without a word.

“Is she dead?” Lydia asked

Natalie knelt down trying to feel her pulse. The shook her head.

“Nothing” she spoke.

I immediately knelt beside Natalie. What if the girl was dead? How could she be dead? She was okay few hours ago.

“let me check” i spoke.

“I have confirmed”

I checked where she was holding and realised Natalie was checking pulse on the right side of her neck.

“She is breathing” i confirmed.

Holding her chest, Lydia breathed out a sigh of relief and joined us kneeling on the ground.

“I’ll call a friend of mine who is part of student council to help us” Natalie offered.

Lydia brought her face near Harriet’s. I do not know what she was looking at. I pulled her away but did not oblige. Then all over sudden Harriet’s eyes popped wide open. It was like a zombie coming back to life. I stumbled backwards.

Lydia’s scream filled the whole of annex. She fell on her behind. People crowded to see what was happening.

Harriet stood up, straighten her dress and wiped the dust and grass off her dress. Then looked around everyone.

“Did something happen?” she nervously asked.

She had the audacity to ask such a question. Was she pranking us the entire time? She just dragged me away from my soulmate.

She had no apology after taking away five years of my life. God, how i wish i owned a gun.

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