Let's Play House

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“Prude?” Lydia added to my embarrassment after Leo had disappeared. “What is wrong with you?” she scolded me.

“How do you expect me to think straight, when that sexy god given gift to human beings is staring at me” I threw my hands up dramatically.

Few students that were discussing in groups, turned to look at us. Without wanting to attract unwanted attention, I bent and picked up both my Flip-flops. Such misery, they were only three years old, and now we were parting way.

“If you can’t even talk to him without sounding like a complete fool. How are you two gonna gift the world with Leonettes?” Lydia asked, taking long strides to keep up with my pace.

“Osmosis?” she asked when caught up with me. She then broke into an hysterical laughter to her own joke. What difference did she have with those people that retweeted their own tweets.

I shook my head in disbelief. The guy had not even asked me out and Lydia was thinking about babies. He just scribbled his number on my palm, comfortably. While the simple action of his hand on mine, made my heart stop beating and my legs went in a jumble mambo.

“At least I got his number unlike you who is yet to know the name of that cute guy from Performing Arts”

“Mystery Prudence. Mystery is what keeps a relationship. You keep them guessing” she spoke in a hushed tone, as if it would make it more thrilling.

“Does he even know he is in a relationship”

“It all comes back to mystery, Prudence. One of these days my dear Catholic schooled friend, I’ll give you my famous 101 on relationships—she placed her hand on my shoulder. Then pointed my head. “—It starts from the mind then grows to physical relationship”

“Yeah, I don’t see that happe...” I had to stop mid sentence, when my eyes caught a sight of him walking towards us. He was in a group of two guys and three girls. He looked like he wished he was somewhere else, as his face wore a bored expression. I looked at my bare feet, why did we also meet in queer circumstances. He had not seen me, maybe he didn’t even remember me. However second guessing wasn’t my thing.

“Let cross the road to the other pavement. It’s less crowded”

I didn’t give her the chance to speak, I was pulling her towards the tarmac road.

“Too hot” I winced when my feet stepped on the tarmac.

“That gotta hurt like a bitch” I was sure that wasn’t Lydia’s voice. It was deep and husky.

Let it be a mistake and that in a mysterious way, Lydia’s voice has become deep’ I thought as I whipped my head.

Hi face now wore a smug. What was so amusing?

“Or was that a compliment for me?” he added on the account of my silence. His smug grew deeper.

“Hi” I waved. His group of friends, watched me with interest.

“Why are you walking barefoot?” A girl that her hair looked like it was on fire asked.

“Oh, her religion doesn’t approve of shoes” Lydia spoke in laughter, always finding more ways to embarrass me.

“I have heard of many weird religions, like that which doesn’t allow its followers to go to hospitals or take any medicine but never that denies wearing of shoes” The second girl that had short hair, spoke with interest.

Lydia went ahead inventing her own religion and they bought every single detail and went further to ask questions.

I lifted my head and found Histoplasmosis watching me. I found myself blushing.

” Aren’t you full of surprises?” Mr. Histoplasmosis asked, the guy who answered on my behalf.

I opened my mouth to say something, I couldn’t form any meaningful word.

His eyes held mine, the world around us disappeared and it was only the both of us. I don’t know how long we stared at each other, but am pretty sure time passed before I heard Lydia’s voice. She was chatting with the rest as if she had known them a lifetime.

“Um...we gotta go” I spoke and grabbed Lydia’s arm. I secretly hoped he would ask about my name.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” He asked.

I looked around me to see if I had dropped anything. I looked up to him more confused.

“A thank you or I owe you one” he cocked his head.

“For what?” I perfectly knew what he was referring to, but there was nothing to be thankful for.

“For saving a damsel in distress twice”

Who did he think he was? Some knight in shining armor?

“i am not a damsel in distress, and I owe you nothing”

He smiled and moved towards me. I wanted to step back but my feet would not move.

“Let’s make it, I owe you three”

“What is the third one?”

I was taken by surprise when I felt my body floating. His group of friend gasped in surprise.

“What are you doing? Put me down this instant”

“Do you want to walk around the University in bare feet, like some crazy uncultured jungle girl”

“What makes this less crazy? With your uncultured caveman antic”

“Which hostel?” He turned to Lydia and asked. From the look on her face, she was enjoying this. I warned her with my eyes, also begging her help.

“Abardeas, the ones near the old administration”

Such a traitor! I hope she falls on her face and losses all her teeth.

I narrowed my eyes at her.

“What? This is better than when i am kicking your butt in Fifa”

Just when I was starting to get comfortable and enjoy the free ride my eyes came into contact with other Hundred pair of eyes belonging to highschool students.
I wished I could die, as we walked past the graduation square where the University was holding a career fair and also hoping to convince the highschool students why they should be their number one choice.

Their eyes followed our every movement. Their full attention now on us, the Mc had to also stop talking, to look at what was distracting his audience.

“You see that is what am telling you. We have a strong comrade power. When you break a leg, a fellow comrade is already at your rescue. And they act faster than an ambulance” The MC threw in some sales tactics.

Instead he stopped walking, and did some sort of standing ovation. Before proceeding.

“I doubt they will even consider coming here” I said. Which kind of education oriented person would come to a university where, people behaved like cavemen.

“Believe me, the girls are wishing time could fly by, so that they could be the ones carried by this attractive Gods gift that gives this university a face”

“The face you only give to this university is that of uncivilized”

“Oh frowny face, I bring life to this boring university and make it look good”

Frowny face? Really.

“You really are full of yourself”

“I was hungry, ate my ego and now am full of myself”

“You should learn to swallow your pride and while on it. I hope it chokes you”

Why did the distance to my room, seem longer today?

“Guys as much as I am having the time of the day listening to you two. we just passed the dorms”

When I looked around I realized we were now heading towards the classes.

“It’s because I was distracted by your friend’s well wish on my well-being. Not everyday random people show such deep concern”

That’s it I had enough of his cocky egocentric being.

“I think I can manage to get to my room from here. Please put me down”

“With pleasure” with that he dropped me like a potato sack, I had to steady myself from falling by grabbing on to him.


When I regained my balance, I turned and started walking away I didn’t care to check if Lydia was behind me or not.

“Prudence” I heard her shout my name but ignored her.

“Pru” She was intentionally provoking me. Not gonna cave in.

“Oooh...prude” she knew how much I hated to be called so.

“What?” I asked in annoyance as i turned around.

“Aren’t you forgetting something. What do we say to a nice gentleman for his simple act of kindness?”

She taunted me like a mother sweetly scolding her child for refusing to say Thank you to a stranger that bought her a birthday gift. Never gonna happen.

Gentleman and Kind were two words that would never fit in his character description.

Lydia raised her eyebrow challenging me and I knew if I didn’t say thank you. More embarrassment would follow. At that moment I appreciated sarcasm.

“Thank you. I don’t know what I would have done it. I owe you three”

Satisfied with how honest I sounded. I rushed to my room, once I locked it, I sunk to the floor. let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

"Do you want to walk around the University in bare feet, like some crazy uncultured jungle girl” I think I imagined it, but I heard Mr. histoplasmosis voice, but it sounded recorded.

When I looked up, I found Harriet and Natalie grinning at me. They both held their phone high for me to see.

Lydia has been recording the whole ordeal. She clearly had no boundaries.

“She is so dead”

Don’t we love our crazy friends. We sometimes want to strangle them to death other times hug them to death. They embarrass us, but also stand up for us. We can always count on them in all situations. They will take a bullet for us, but might also be the ones to pull the trigger. You never know. Stick around to the end of the book and you might know.

What is the worst way your friend has ever embarrassed you?

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