Let's Play House

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"sometimes I wonder what is going on. Inside that head of yours” I could hear my mother’s words as the cold water splashed my body.

In this case I seconded her amazement. My actions always amazed me. What was I thinking when I asked Leo, if I could use his shower?

Then again I could smell my stinky odor for skipping morning shower. Am surprised he couldn’t smell it. Did he? My God I’ll die of shame if did. He would think am sort of an unhygienic girl.

“Prudence” I heard his voice.


“I have left some clean towels on my bed. I’ll be back when you’re done”

“Thanks. It won’t be long. I don’t want to pry on your personal space” I said.

As if not asking to use his shower wasn’t enough. Now I was driving him away from his own room. Well done Prudence.

“Take your time”

I heard his footsteps slowly fade away, followed by a bang on the door. What a gentleman!


Leo peeked at the door his hand covering his eyes. The action made me giggle like a school girl. I was a school girl.

“Everything covered?” he questioned.

“Yeah. It’s safe now”

He withdrew his hand. A smile formed on his face. I had seen him in all shades of emotions except angry. He could shift from seriousness to cheesy. From quietness to storyteller.

“Thanks for letting me use your shower. But I must leave now” I said.

“No problem. Not that any girl has ever used it” he said as a by the way.

“Never. Not even a girlfriend?” I hope he picked up on my bait.

“Are you asking if I have a girlfriend?”

“Do you? not that is my business. Never mind.” I said picking up my jacket and bag.

He moved from the door, towards my direction. My breath was caught in my throat. Again, this marvel marvelous guy was not only was he giving me his time of the day but I was also in his room. In front of me. In person. Body and flesh.

“I don’t. I just haven’t found someone that will make me forget how to breath-

Not even me. From the first day you made me forget how to breathe.

-Someone that will make me shudder in anticipation. Someone that will make me hate myself for not being able to see through her

Prudence you are out. You are like an empty bottle. Anyone can see through you’ I thought.

-Someone that will make me want to rip my heart out for. Someone I’ll love and hate equally. You understand don’t you?”

Unable to find my speech. I nodded. Honestly I didn’t understand anything he said. Everything he said was like he was indirectly kicking me on the boot, telling me to take a hike. Because I was nothing close to what he found desirable. I was the opposite.

“What about you?”


“Who is your ideal partner”

My parents were my ideal relationship goals. I wanted the whole package but any package had its own components that made it whole. If an LG remote was mistakenly packed in a samsung TV. Will the TV function perfectly? Would one control or adjust the features?


“Someone who will make my wholeness whole”

“I don’t understand”

“Neither do I”

I watched his eyebrows quirk, watching me confused.

“I mean I understand it in my head but I can’t explain it”

That has always been my major problem. Understanding something was too easy. In highschool being the math girl I am. I could grasp the concept quick but couldn’t explain it to the other students. They called me selfish and wanting to be the only one who always passed. That explains why I had few friends and few ever helped me.

“Then you don’t know what you want” Leo bluntly stated

“I beg your pardon?”

“If you want or understand something you should have words to explain it”

“Why should I have to explain what I want in life?”

He sounded like my mother.

“You should. You have no idea what people are capable of. Intentions can be misinterpreted”

“What do you think my intentions are towards you?”

“You might find it hard to express what you want in words, Prudence. But you express yourself in actions”

“Still haven’t answered me”

“You are seeking to establish some kind of storybook love story with me”

I looked away feeling embarrassed. I should leave before he rejects me.

“What are your intentions. You still continue to entertain my presence?”

I felt proud of myself. My mother always told me. The first thing I should ask any man, is what exactly they want from me. It’s better to know than being lead on.

“Why don’t you go out with me tomorrow and maybe my intentions will be revealed”

Was he asking me out? Did he just ask me out? LefreakingO just asked me out. I did a victory dance in my head.

“Yes” I couldn’t hide my excitement. I was literally grinning from ear to ear. “I should leave now”

“Sure. I’ll pick you up tomorrow”

Once I was out of his room I stood by the door dancing. Some of his flatmates just shook their head in pity.

Leo was the perfect gentleman and I was going to make sure he falls in love with me.

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