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Written Charm

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Pierson Matthew, a teenager who has a dream to become an author gets the chance to write her own life. She finds a book that allows her to write her fate and maybe even cheat some of her family member. Is the book a wolf in a sheep's clothing? It has one rule that is: Let all that is done be done in fairness.

Romance / Mystery
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Written Charm : Joseph Or Jojo?

I looked at my laptop very dissatisfied with the gibberish I wrote. It belonged in the bin and now I understood why people didn't read my books, they sucked and had nothing interesting.

I honored my time as a reader and I would appreciate it if I read something pleasing. I mean every book reader wants to have a laugh in a humor genre book. This isn't what I was called to do no matter how much I loved doing it, I didn't have the talent. To be honest, I wouldn't recommend my book to an alien or even a zombie to page through, that'd be a sin.

I sighed and closed the laptop and scanned through the ceiling. The white was starting to wear off and that meant I had to bargain with my brother to paint it. The child has to be bribed for him to do anything, nothing that he does is free. He always talks about something called 'child labor' which always makes me roll my eyes.

I stood up from my back and decided to go get paint with the annoying Nathan who I will have to drag for him to go with me to the shop. I knew the first place to look for him, bedroom aka the zoo with wild wild animals laying around floor and some weirdly on the light.

"Nathan." I gently knocked on his door. I also could have let myself in or even kicked the door to find him doing his signature celebratory move after winning a game.

"I'm not here, whatever you want go blackmail dad since he doesn't accept cash transactions." he yelled back. I won't ask how he knew I wanted something but okay, we'll do this my own way.

"oh yeah? So you are telling me that I have the right to kick your door and drag you down the stairs?" I threatened, that was a vivid image when it ran through my head but this child deserved it.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you and besides I know you wouldn't do it." he yelled keeping the door closed, I could hear the sound cars and buzzing. He was definitely playing play station without me.

It made me furious that he would lock me out like that, the lack of respect he had for a fellow gamer." I wasn't go to do that until now Nathan, I can HEAR the cars" I screamed at his door but I knew the receipant heard me loud and clear.

"oh shoot." he cussed after that the sound stopped and there was silence.

"oh shoot is right, open the door." I warned low but very dangerous. The betrayal wasn't like any other, this one rather was like being pricked by needles on your back and not seeing the person who did it only to find out it was someone close to you.

Fine I might be exxegerating but, I always invited him when I played cars. Then, it was only then I knew that I could use this as leverage.

"listen I'm not mad, come out and we talk." I negotiated, it sounded very suspicious but he didn't have a choice now.

"I've heard that before. It definitely sounds like the day mom confronted me about the dishes, I remember she said, " honey tell me if you really did wash them and I will let you go." but after I confessed, she scolded me."

"what does that have to do with anything?" I exesperatedly huffed. I was in the mood to trouble him anyway so that's why I haven't kicked the door yet.

"Everything, it sounds like you would do that, like mother like daughter." I heard his throat clear.

"Nathan, I have a deal open the door before I break it." I tried to make a deal but knowing his curious mind, everything must have went out of proportion... also my skills were not that pleasant. I need to learn how to negotiate better.

"what makes you think I'll believe what you said?" he reasoned, fair enough.

It made me furious at him, now I was rather tired. "Nathan, you better be out in two minutes and inside my car by then because if I leave without you, you will not be getting child labor salary or whatever you call it."

In seconds the door flung open and wow, look who decided to join us. The sixteen year old charming Nathan, the one who always complains about child labor. The same one who will be turning seventeen in two weeks.

He rolled his eyes."I'm here." he raised his hands up in the air and put them in a defensive mode. "where are we going?" he looked annoyed and I don't blame him, I was a bothersome sister who is just older by a year.

"We are going to get paint, my ceiling is starting to wear off and guess what..." I lingered for his response while he just stared at me bored. "I'll be needing someone to give it a little touched and for free."

"And that wouldn't be me would it?" he raised an eyebrow with his arms folded on his chest. I had a handsome brother which I wouldn't admit to him because it would boost his ego. He was popular in his grade and girls swooned over him and that made me roll my eyes everytime it happened.

I shrug leaving him to catch up.

It was minutes of me resting and waiting for Nathan to come back from looking for ceiling paint. I made him do all the work because why not.

I stared at the store, it was very big with a very high roof. Every home necessity you needed was here. I bit my nails bored, I should have brought my phone. The cashiers looked liked they are having a great day but we all know it was all fake, well it depended who the customer was.

"Pierson?" someone called out in front of me.

I jumped scared and decided against leaning on the doors that were hung in a line. I wiped my hands and looked at the person in front of me.

I scrunched my face trying to see if I know him. He looked our age, in his teenage years. His deep dark blue eyes sparkling with joy, his face looked like he was sculptured by a celebrity god - perfect proportions-and not to mention his pinkish lips in a formation I don't think I've ever seen in anyone. Whoever he was, I like the way he looked and he had a bonus, his stature.

I blushed innocently looking like a mess, if I knew I was going to meet someone like him I would have came prepared. My grey trackpants and purple hoodie didn't top that, my messy bun too.

He too wasn't wearing anything fancy but his clothes must be lucky to be on him. He had black trackpants and a red side-opened t-shirt with running shoes.

"Hi..." I stummered not knowing what to say. I could have said his name if I knew who he was so I just lingered in confusion.

"Eliking?Sandlers?" he tried to remind me. I shaked my head to say 'I don't know you' I saw a flick of hurt pass through him. "we go to school together."

"We do?" I pondered if I saw him and his face must have been around. In my mind I said "I missed a face like that?" how would you see him when all you look at is Joseph?

"excuse me?" I saw a smirk it's way up on his face. His eyebrows wiggled. I shrugged. "I heard that"

A tint of red was on my face. I then chuckled at myself not knowing what to do.

"well nice meeting you." He didn't seem to have been fazed at my stupid action rather he seemed amused. He waved and went to the other section.

"Who was that?" Nathan teased pushing the trolley that had the paint. "you look red." he pinched my cheeks.

I glared at him and rolled my eyes. "some guy who goes to our school, I think he said his name was Irkin or something and no, I was not blushing." I denied and it was pointless because I could still feel my hot cheeks.

"Never seen you blush like that when you admire Joseph or should I say Jojo." he teased.

How did he know about Joesph? I don't remember telling him anything about it. "How did you..." and I tried to form a sentence but I was too dumbfounded.

He just chuckled away pushing the trolley.

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