When You Find The Right One

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"Your life changes when you find the right ones" Don't we all have those periods in our lives when we feel completely useless, out of touch and nothing makes sense? No matter how hard we try to hide those feelings but they just surfaces after a while making us wonder if it's ever going to right, if we would ever be able to overcome these challenges. But then something changes, a new person enters your life and everything starts to make sense. They completely change your life, make you realize things about yourself that you would have figured known yourself. Something like this happened with Niharika Mehta who has recently shifted to Chandigarh for her Post Graduation. She thought she had everything under control before ends up finding 'the right ones' who turns her life upside down but in the best way possible. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When You Find The Right One An Original story by @Miss_worddreamer All the copy rights are refrained to @Miss_worddreamer Writer: Dream No of chapters posted: 0 Status: on going

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

When Your Coffee Spills

The train came to a halt as she stepped down from it, with earphones plugged in, blasting her favourite tracks. She walked, heading towards the exit of the railway station. Her steps matched the rhythm of the song while her lips moved in sync with the lyrics.

She had a baby face, with sparkling light brown eyes that adorned her exceptionally glowing face with a certain rosiness, a small nose, long dark hair that tumbled over her shoulders and well-formed pink lips. Her petite figure looked adorable in the jumpsuit she had put on.

She walked out of the railway station smiling to herself looking around the beautiful city she just stepped in, the place where she was born, the place she had always adored, the place she always wanted to live, Chandigarh.

Chandigarh was her dream city, she was born here twenty four years ago but much to her dismay, her father had a transfer and they had to shift to Delhi.

It is not like she doesn't like Delhi, she does. She had spent whole of her life there. It was the place where she had grown into this beautiful women, where she made so many friends, where she went to college to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor, where she experienced love for the first time, all her firsts took place there. It is close to her heart.

But Chandigarh was special, it was her birthplace, where she never got to live.

She stood outside in the parking lot with her eyes searching for someone in the crowd when she felt a tap on shoulder. Removing her earphones she turned around to see her childhood friend and soon-to-be roommate Ava aka Avantika Ahuja standing there.

"You're finally here" she said as they hugged each other. "Without you the last whole week has been so boring"

Avantika Ahuja, former neighbor of Niharika and now her roommate. An unique person, not interested in norms of the society

She is someone who always thinks out of the box. She is daring and likes to experiment with her life. Her parents wanted her to be a doctor like them because she is a single child and should follow the legacy but she just didn't want to, she had seen her parents struggle (if u want to add-working their asses off) and definitely didn't want to live like that.

This rebellious nature is what makes her different from Niharika.

Niharika and Avantika grew almost together, not just because they were neighbors but also because both their parents are doctors and they get along really well. They spent almost every occasion together. But if you leave just the two of them alone in a room, well then, lets just say it was a disaster.

They do care about each other alot, but they always used to fight as a child because they are just too different from one another. Their views towards life are so different.

One sees the world as full of challenges and competitions, then other sees life as full of fairytales and happiness.

Avantika always wanted to do something unconventional, setting an example for other people around her. She wanted to do something challenging, something artistic. So she chose 'Interior designing'. Though she had a few challenges in the start but now she's settled in her life with a job. The reason why she came to Chandigarh.

Whereas Niharika being completely opposite wanted to follow the legacy and become a 'Doctor'. She always loved seeing her parents work for the society. She wanted to do the same. Her parents have always put others before themselves and help the society in any way possible, and she wanted to carry that forward! She wanted to be just like them.

After completing her MBBS, she gave her PG exam. Honestly it didn't go as good as she expected. She had much higher hopes as she had put in a lot of efforts, as a result she started preparing to give the exam again. When the results came out her happiness knew no boundaries, because she was able to secure a seat in surgery in one of the biggest government college in Chandigarh, Medfield Government College.

When Ahuja's got the biggest news of their lives, that their daughter is going to work for the biggest company for architecture and interior designing Silhouette Facinators Pvt. Ltd. in Chandigarh, both the families were really happy for the success of their children. That's when it was decided that both the girls are going to live together for the next three years.

At this point neither of the two knew, that their lives will never be the same. ALOT was going to happen, ALOT was going to change.

A month back, they came to Chandigarh and rented a flat. It was in a large society containing four high-rise handsome buildings in corners with a huge garden in between. Their flat was on the sixteenth floor and Niharika being this huge nature lover was too excited to finally live there.

Niharika's POV

My eyes gleamed in happiness as I saw what Avantika had done to the house in the last whole week because she had shifted a week earlier than me as her joining was last week.

The house obviously needed a lot more things because one week is very less time, but her interior designing skills had awestruck me. Atleat now I had a single reason to be happy about staying with her.

It's not like I hate her or something.

I just don't like her. I feel like our vibes don't match that much.

It was evening by the time I had started unpacking my stuff, because apparently I took a little nap that turned into a few or maybe we can say many hours.

Come on! We all need rest

Though I'm a little extraordinary who needs rest all the time :P

The room that I chose had an attached bathroom covered in beautiful blue, black and grey combination of tiles and a huge balcony whose floor was covered with fake grass.

This balcony was the only reason why I chose this room, the other room had a bathtub that I can easily give up for this beautiful heaven.

I'm so excited about the view I'm going to see every morning.

Though I'm not really a morning person, but I would manage to wake up Atleast once to see that beautiful sunrise.

Talking about furniture, I have a big bed. That includes a mattress and just the mattress *awkwaaard*

Actually we couldn't get time to buy anything, so for the timebeing I'll have to manage without the bed. I am really grateful my parents got me this mattress otherwise it would have been really difficult.

I also had a spare mattress that I had put up in one corner of the balcony and decorated it with a few cousins and bed sheet, I also hung some lights above it. I think I did a good job there. It looked beautiful and surreal as I added a small flower basket and candle stand beside it. I brought them for my room but they looked better in the balcony.

The view just complemented the setting so much. I could sit there all day, all night, look at the sky and the beautiful city.

After a few hours, I was done arranging my room with all my clothes in the cupboard, my walls decorated with fairy lights and the pictures of my family. That would keep me close to them.

This was the first time ever I was going to stay away from them. Though I was excited about being independence but I was sure I will miss them a lot.

Apart from the bed, I still needed a few things like a mirror, some plants for my beautiful balcony and a sofa set.

After giving everything the final touch, I went out to see Ava sitting on the ground near the sofa, that she had ordered in the last week.

And trust me it's really beautiful.

Anyways, she had a big chart paper infront of her and a pencil in her hand.

Might be drawing the layout...

Shrugging my shoulders, I went towards the kitchen leaving that weirdo behind.

She is weird af, you'll get to know that in a few days

"Ava! there are no groceries in the kitchen, what have you been eating since last week" I shouted from the kitchen, on not finding anything not even milk.

"Zomato has been helping me" she shouted back, making me cringe my eyebrows.

See! Told ya she's weird.

"I'm going to get Milk from our neighbours" I said as I picked up the keys.

"no one lives there" she replied still focusing her work.

"so that means we are alone on this floor?"

Actually every floor has just two apartments, with their doors infront of each other.

"Yeah I mean the door is always locked, so I assumed no one lives there. But if there are ghosts or witches and stuff over there then I don't know" she answered with a shrug.

"what rubbish!" she chucked at my reply making me roll my eyes.

"there's a store nearby, go get whatever you want"

This is gonna be difficult. Period.


The next day, I joined my university. It had been stressful since then. All the ward duties, multiple cases, operations and what not. I even had night duty on a few day.

I couldn't even understand how the week passed, in the blink of an eye.

I had a break on Sunday, and all I did was sleep.

Of course! Helloooooo, I was sleep deprived since a week

And as a result the Monday came up really soon.

Inspite of sleeping so much I was still tired and forgot to set up my alarm :-!

Oh shit! I AM LATE....

I jumped out of my bed, running here and there trying to complete my daily routine.

Key word: trying

If I would have run with this speed in my running compitions na, I would have been Milkha Singh 2.0 by now.

Haha! I'm so funny...

Niharika! Concentrate, you're late.

My hospital starts at eight in the morning and it was already seven fifty by the time I woke up.

There is no chance I was gonna make it. But still I tried to get ready as soon as possible.

Shouting at the top of my voice, I tried to wake up Ava "WAKE UP YOU IDIOT"

But it was of no use, a kumbhkaran she is after all. I wrote a small note saying that I was leaving for hospital.

I ran to the kitchen as I had forgotten about the milk I had kept on the stove after coming out of the shower.

I. Can. Not. Function. Without. Coffee.

So I had to make it no matter how late I was.

I quickly opened the drawer taking out a coffee pouch and sugar pouches, I had gotten temporarily the last time I went to store, that apparently seems like ages. Anyways, I'll be bringing Jars and other stuff soon, hopefully.

I poured the coffee in a tumbler that I can safely keep in my bag without it spilling over. But as you know problems follows me. I might have kind of forgotten to tighten the lid of the coffee, cause I felt it spill over a little over my hand as I was running to the door, with the tumbler in my one hand and keys in other, hanging my bag over my shoulders.

And I realised that as I walked towards the lift trying to close the lid while walking as fast as I can. And that might have been one of the big mistakes as another disaster followed soon as I collided into a very...Very tall person.

I would have really fallen down hitting my head on the floor probably cause a haemorrhage.

Omg! That's terrifying...

Why did I think that?

I had absolutely no reason to do that to myself....!

Anyways, that person held my waist protecting me. Seems romantic right?

Well, no it wasn't because what followed was, the coffee falling all over us because the tumbler (with the open lid) had apparently flown into the air from my hands.

And what could have been a romantic incident suddenly turned into something, I don't know what to call that because he shouted "WHAT THE HELL?"

"Are you mad or what? I was already late for my office and now this...." He continued shouting at me for a long time as I stood there numb trying to decipher what had just happened.

"So you aren't even going to apologize, GREAT" He shouted loudly bringing me out of my shocked state.

"I...I'm so sorry...I" I tired to say something but I was just able mummers a few words hoping they made sense.

"Forget it!" He said again as he walked inside his home.

Looks like I have a neighbor....

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