The Babysitter

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3 years ago a one-night stand with a married couple was not a good idea but the sparks she felt with them were something she could not resist. But she got a beautiful gift, a daughter. 3 years later broke and homeless she takes a babysitting job for a billionaire couple to babysit their 1-year-old daughter. What happens when she comes face to face with the couple. will the sparks fly or fizzle out. Dominic Salvatore and his wife Megan Salvatore are looking for a babysitter to take care of their 1-year-old daughter. But with a twist of fate, they meet the woman whom they had a one-night stand and there is a special surprise for them. This story contains M-F-F and M-F and F-F erotic scenes

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

3 years ago


The music was too loud and the club was crowded. I was sitting in the bar nursing a drink to drown myself in numbness so I don't have to think about what happened earlier today.

My boyfriend broke up with me on our one year when I found him cheating on me with the town slut because I was not enough for him. When I confronted him he called me a whore and broke up with me.

So here I am drinking my sorrow and trying to forget all about it. I was on my fifth drink when I saw a couple sitting beside me. By the looks of it, they were married. The man was smoking hot and made my lady bits all tingly. I wished he was single so I could have fucked him hard and gotten the sorrow out of my system. But too bad he was taken.


Today was our second anniversary and Dominic decided to celebrate it by doing a romantic dinner and going to the new club that had opened recently. As soon as we reached the club we were taken to the VIP lounge. The Knights held a special power within the community so the special treatment is not a new thing.

After spending an hour in the lounge we decided to go dancing. the music was loud, thrilling, and the adrenaline pumping in my vein was urging me to dance freely. While dancing I saw a woman sitting at the bar looking hot and sexy. I have always wanted to have sex with a woman and share her with my husband and it was a fantasy Dominic shared with me.

So I decided on the gift I wanted to give my husband. I looked for my husband whose eyes were stuck on the same woman whom I was ogling a minute ago. It gave me satisfaction that I don't have to persuade my husband to fulfill my fantasy. Before I could say anything "Do you see that woman there, I want to fuck her while you are watching and fuck you while you eat her up", Dominic whispered seductively in my ear which made my panties soak.


I was mesmerized by the beauty sitting at the bar. She was hot with capital H. I just wanted to fuck her and do every filthy thing that a human mind could conjure. I turned around and whispered huskily into my wife's ear that I wanted to fuck the woman at the bar and I saw lust in Megan's eyes which made me happy that she was thinking what I was thinking.

I led us to the bar and sat beside her to gauge her reaction. I saw her checking me out with lust in her eyes but she didn't give any attention to Megan. So to roll the plan into place I got up and sat on the other side of her seat. Megan scooted to the seat that I had just vacated bringing herself closer. The heat coming out of her body made my cock hard and very uncomfortably painful. I could see her nipples under her dress and her breath hitched when she saw me.


He came and sat beside me and his wife took his place. I was sandwiched between them and the heat they were emitting was doing something to my body making all the right place tingly. I never fancied a woman nor was attracted to anyone but seeing her sitting beside me and her husband on another side, my mind creating all types of fantasy. I sandwiched between them while we fucked each other was so alluring and my panties were soaked.

"Hi, I am Dom and she is my wife Megan and we have a proposition. We both want one night with you no strings attached", he whispered huskily making me wet. Megan was watching me and I could see the carnal desire in her eyes. I thought about my crappy day and I decided this is what I need one night of wild sex. They were watching me attentively waiting for my decision. After thinking for a few minutes I said "ok I am ready for it but it is for one night". They readily agreed and held my hands dragging me to the parking lot.

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